Beware of Blue Whale Challenge: Shares Terrifying Details!

Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge is the blue whale. Although it is a blue whale, in the present world it is a terrifying Blue Whale Challenge. Recently, the Dark Web is a tragic challenging game to become viral, Blue Whale Challenge.

This is an online-based suicide game. The death of someone who plays the game is inevitable. But how can a fun take away the life of a man? As long as it is becoming increasingly mysterious to humans. Many do not understand what the secret is behind it? Many people think that this is a false phenomenon which has no reality.

Blue Whale Challenge game
Blue Whale Challenge game

The details of Blue Whale, first of all, are the Hollywood “Saw” movie. This game is very similar to the film. Those who saw the movie “Saw” may know that a serial killer trap enters the main character of the story. Larry “what was the situation. Kidnapped his wife, his daughter, and her personal information;  Those who did not see the movie “Saw” can click here to watch the movie preview.

The Blue Whale game is similar to the “Saw” movie, forced Victim to play all the stops in the game. This is a challenging game, and the game has 50 levels or levels. The game was first created in 2013. A Russian hacker team named “F57” (in many places they also called “Death Group”) created this game.

Philip Budinkin:

Philip Budinkin- The Maker of blue whale game.
Philip Budinkin- The Maker of blue whale game.

Master Mind of the game was a young Russian man named “Philip Budinkin”. He was studying in the Department of “Psychology” at a Russian university. After being expelled from the University, he is known to concentrate on creating this game.


Julia and Veronica:

victim of blue whale
victim of blue whale

According to Wikipedia’s data, there are 130 Russian teenage deaths due to the Blue Whale Game. And more than 50 children have died in other countries outside of Russia. Victim of Blue Whale Challenge, a 14-year-old girl from Greece killed on the train’s line, leaving a 15-year-old girl in Siberia jumping from a 5-storey building to suicide. The first two are named “Julia Constantine Ova” and “Veronica Volk Ova”. At the end of the game, they did suicide by jumping from a 14-storey apartment. In the first case, the cause of their death was not known. Before his death, Julia gave a picture of “Blue Whale” on her Instagram page, and it was written “the end”. And her sister Veronica wrote, “sense is lost”.

A young man commits suicide while playing this game in Mumbai, India, and it becomes very sensational in Indian media. Everyone is advised to stay away from this game through various TV channels and social media of the country. Generally, middle-income children are attracted to this game, but some of the more advanced states are spreading, among them the United States, Japan, and China are notable.

Human embroidery:

Initially, the Blue Whale game was initially released as a single game, but later it became more dangerous with the addition of a killer game “Human Embrace” and spread to countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.


In 2016, a Russian online magazine named “Nova Gazeta” first released several important information about it. According to their survey, playing this game, 130 young men and women were reported to have died in Russia, and various harmful aspects of the game are fundamental. After the release of the news, the game was kept in Russia, and the law enforcers of the country were actively trying to arrest the masterminds of the game.

Blue Whale Challenge:

Dear readers, many of you may have downloaded Google, Yahoo or other web portals to download links. But no one can find the link, is not it? In fact, this game does not exist on the Internet, to tell the truth. Maybe you can say that if you are not on the internet, which has played this game, where did they get it!

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I told you at first that this is a game of Dark Web. The internet portal that we use is called “world wide web” and Google, Facebook, Instagram; Twitter etc are all part of “world wide web”. And we have a huge world outside our Internet world, named “dark web”.

This is a completely different and completely opposite Internet world from “world wide web”. “Dark Web” is utterly a dark world and it is famous for various harmful, illegal and bad things. Its websites are usually created for bad work. 80-85% of the internet world is illegal and various types of criminal acts are usually “dark web”. Usually, google chrome, firefox or opera cannot be accessed on the web. A special browser is needed to access the Dark Web. Anyway, I’m not discussing anything more about Dark Web.


However, the game was created on a special system that you can’t uninstall it anymore later because you do not install it on the device. Once it is installed, the team of this game will begin to track all kinds of personal information, including your IP location and will force you to play the game. So, understand how terrible it is.

I have talked about the extent to which you have been exposed to the outside of Blue Whale, that is, the harmful effects of the people of different countries. Hopefully somewhat got the idea about the game and it is also a killer game that also believes in it. So let’s now know what the inside part of the game is, what is in this game, which is attracting everyone!

It is a challenging game and it has 50 challenge level or level. It is basically this game can’t be played without an internet connection. Before and after each level of the game, the team members of the game communicate with the players and if they can complete the previous level correctly they are given the opportunity to play the next level.


The post is in danger of death. Without modern equipment, living in complete wild ways and surviving in the face of death, becomes the biggest challenge. There are those who accept such challenges. We all know the “beer grills” among them.

Whenever anyone opens the Blue Whale Blue Whale Challenge game, then he needs to be urged to unlock the first challenge. Then the team members of the game communicate with him and if he is a teenager, then there is no word. Then he will be asked whether he is interested in accepting the challenge? If interested, he was given a warning that, to complete all the challenges of this game, it can lead to your death, if you agree then accept it or else it Reject. Then in a teenage way that I will play the game in the house so they can do me such harm, so, I accept it. One sample of this is –

Victim – I want to play the game.
Blue W. team – R u sure? There’s no way to go back.
– Yes. What does that mean? No way back?
– You can’t leave the game once u begin.
– am ready.
– carry out each task diligently and no one must know about it.
when u finish a task u send us a photo. At the end of the game,
you die. Are you ready?
– And if I wanna get out?
– We have all your information. They will come after you.
but don’t worry. The first challenge has unlocked for you.

And unlock the same way the game’s first challenge. The first 10 levels I mentioned earlier are very simple, attractive and exciting. It is commonly said that the more attraction the person has the ability to attract and believe. The game also adopted the same technique. It is very open-minded at the beginning, with funny tips and small challenges that anyone can take. But the ability to attract it is so strong that

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Everyone who played this game, all of them made it a part of their own life after playing its first 10 level. The information they were given in the game believed them without checking the verification and they acted accordingly. Because they knew, whoever made a part of life, he would certainly not betray us.

Tattoo challenge:


After the first 10 challenges were completed, the Gamer was pre-made to play the next 10 levels. As the teenage imagination is strong, so many levels are conceived in these levels. And in this episode, challengeable tactics to get their personal information hand in hand. And a player, without knowingly, gave them all the information.

After this level, the Gamer is taught to draw a picture of a blue whim and on the next one level, it is said to draw the picture with a blade cut hand. It is said that with a blade or needle, you can draw a blue whale (blue whale) picture in your hand, but the wounds of warning are not too deep. And this is the end of ten more levels.

Drug Challenge:

After the first 20 challenges were completed the gamer team changed their strategy at the next 21-30 level. Because they have already taken a small amount of information and personal information of a Gamer. Soon after that, they took the Gamer forward to some difficult challenges. Many of these episode challenges have been done through “Hippies”. Hypnosis is a process of controlling the human brain.

The Gamer is prepared for the next challenge by utilizing this process in a precise way. For example, on a cold night, a light dress woke up all night and huddled all night, quarreled with the family, and banging money from the house, stealing some personal belongings of close friends and uploading one of them as evidence. After 25 levels, the Gamer is made to take various drugs, and the hipness level is increased very steadily to level 30.

Deadly Blue Whale:



Immediately after receiving the instructions, the gamer collected the drug and put it on the edge of a 15-storey apartment and pushed it into his body. Push up a cell phone and upload it to Blue White and its team members confirm it and congratulate him. You said that you have completed all the levels of this game and you do not need us anymore, so from today, you are free! Look down and see, your point is calling you, therefore,

Do not be too late, jump now. And after the Gamer, due to being a drug addict, he lost all sense of insidious knowledge and did not understand what he needed to do. Her eyes closed on the loud pressure, she started to look dull around. Unknowingly, he really jumped up and found his way to salvation. And Blue Whale is also searching for his next victim.


Blue Whale’s more interesting thing is a simple graphical interface. And with every challenge, there is several brainwashed background music. Graphics of the game are very simple, but the whole interface will be preferred by everyone. And music is very important for a person to meditate. Some music plays a special role in hypnosis. This poison has been used very well in Blue whale. Many people may think that how music can bring people’s meditation together. But this is also actually possible.

In the Middle Ages, some pirates of Iran used a special technique for piracy. When a caravan went to a deserted desert, they used to create a rage around them (Iranian musical instruments) that all the people of the caravan would have been overcome with tears and stood firm in their drunkenness.


Guidelines for Kids:


Be careful about your kids about Blue Whale Challenge, do not let them get away with working pressure. Give them time to spend at least one hour every night, and take care of their good times. Do not rule over to rule, Explain them or rule them lightly. If you make any mistake, correct their mistakes in your own duty and awaken social and religious values inside them. Then they will never go wrong, and you too will remain the best parents for them. And in the same way, hope to maintain good relations with the children.

Another thing before the end, many think that the design of Bluehawel has been done, but it is no more a panic. It’s absolutely wrong. Although its creator was arrested, its team members kept the game active from different countries. And since all of this has been known by its horror, it may appear again in a new tactic. So be careful. Do not enter any obscene links or install any attractive apps or games just as soon as they are installed. If you see any friend or friend of your neighborhood, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram #IaminWhale posting, then understand that he is a victim of Blue Whale. Because the player in one of the challenges of this game is challenging.

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