10 wrong ideas to waste your time in using technology

using technology

Today we are writing about the use of tools that we often think or do. The friends have often heard that the battery is spent on the battery and then charging the battery is good.using technology

It is also heard that phone routing or phone firmware changes or jell breaking or illegal. Again, many people wait for the new Intel processor to see the ad, which is a lot faster or faster. We often hear these misconceptions about using . Just do not stop listening. Instead, he also loves to preach among friends. It’s time to waste time, but in some cases, it may also cause damage to your spare device. Below are some ten things that are highlighted.

wrong  Ideas  of Using Technology:

10. The more hardware features, the better the hardware.


Many such ideas are seen in many “Two flashes on my phone, three fingerprints on my phone, four SIMs” and so on. Many are sitting eagerly, when the big processor will come, when more RAM comes in the market, when the phone will get 1080p, etc. The truth is, you’re wasting time. At least today’s hardware features no effect. The processors are designed to do more than you need. And the phone? Today you are not getting your chosen phone, but you will see it tomorrow, in a new and better way, another market is available.using technology

Do not wait a week. Your phone may be lost today, so tomorrow is coming to another market. There will be hope and ambition on the phone, computer. So do not worry and think so. Make sure to upgrade. You can get good things.

9. Lossless Music sounds better than ordinary MP3.


First of all, the Lossless music is, all the effects are incomplete music made by the highest quality. Its size is usually larger than MP3. Although the quality of music may vary due to bitrates, you can catch the difference only if your key is good. Again the musicians can catch the difference well. Because it’s more than just listening. Have good quality ears.
There should be big and good quality speakers. And there are also classical, jazz-type music. If you do not believe you can do a test. Test name ABX test. Test your music files. Seeing results will surprise itself. But that does not mean that you throw those big FLAC files. Later it is necessary to publish in different formats.

8. Task Killer is important for getting better performance on Android phones.using technology

Only Android users are not affected by this message. Many phone companies also recommend using the task killer to keep battery charge and phone fast. But the truth is that it does not play any role in the battery. Rather it creates the possibility of various problems of RAM. Because the task killer itself is an app.

7. Phone routing or jell breaking is totally illegal.


You will lose the warranty of your phone if you route the phone. And people are saying that it is illegal or that is totally wrong. The Copyright Office has officially said that you can root your phone. But of course, it does not have any pirated apps.
The funny thing is that there are very few official apps for phone routing. That’s why it is said that losing warranty And, there are many ways to disobey the law without knowing. So know it before. Then learn and understand.

6. Mac users do not have any reason to worry about malware or viruses.


It is said that Mac is much safer than Windows PC. It is said by Mac users more. Many people also say that Mac OS ‘UNIX’ or some other group is safe from viruses. Many accept it freely. This is because Mac is not seen as a great target for viruses.

In other words, until the virus is spreading widely in Windows, Mac is safe. And it’s not that the world has not seen Mac’s malware. Rather, it has been a long time that Mac had to deal with malicious malware.

If there is a lack of safe browsing system and common sense, then the operating system will not be able to get rid of the malware. Many people think that I bought antivirus CD with 1000-10000, so my PC is safe. But it depends on your skill and care.

Two weeks ago, we removed a popup malware using the Commonsense. Without any virus destroying software. So do not say that there is no restriction for forwarding any email virus to your Windows user friend. There are so many things

5. When purchasing new products, we should purchase long-term products warranty.


No matter how many warnings you have, there is no record that has not been broken. After the childhood, after two days playing the toy car, he broke. And you do not even know the number of times that you have broken the phone in a big deal with the girlfriends.
In reality, the warranty is basically responsible for the responsibilities. When they are working, they hand you over after finishing work.
And due to such random activities, your machine may be more susceptible to damage. Increase your warranty fund instead of an extended warranty. Because most of the time after warranty we cannot use our device as convenient as before or do not feel like the previous one.

4. Laptop charges have to be completed and then charging again.


The battery is very important for laptops. And you can do whatever you want in any way, even if the battery is good. It is a great misconception that you have to charge again every time and then charge it again. Hmmm, some of the earlier nickel-cadmium batteries had to do with memory effects. However, there is no such effect in today’s lithium battery. There is much less service to the current batteries. Do not worry too much.

3. The password is safe from WIFI network hackers.

wify sec

wifi sec

You all know how important the safety of the public network is. But many people rely on some misconceptions about this. Passwords do not necessarily mean safe. In the home case, you can say that it is safe from outside hackers. But in any coffee or hotel, it is very unsafe. Anyone can create many complications by this.using technology
If you do not have a home, then definitely protect yourself. Because, if you are sitting in a hotel or coffee shop or public place, you know less about its security. The less you know about the public network you are using. And you do not know anything about those who are using it.

2. Bit Torrent – Peer Block will keep you safe and anonymous.


Many Bit Torrent users continue to monitor them for various reasons. On the other hand, by enabling encryption and using peer balk, many people want to see their downloads. But to speak the truth, it does not make you anonymous; it only keeps your ISP out of that cover. And peer blocks are not as good in this case.
If you really want to be anonymous, you will need to use a proxy service such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) or BT Guard. You can also use the private tracker if you want. They have more special privileges. But like other methods, it is not so safe one.using technology

1. Twinkling software will speed up the computer.


Our headache seems to be the most. There are many people who use boot up software to increase computer speed throughout the day. The purpose of the use of the twinkling software is to make some minor changes and to keep the computer performance properly.using technology

From that childhood, I have seen many people who refresh 50 times after starting the computer. They think, as much as refresh the computer will be super fast. Upgrade the hardware to increase the speed, take care of the regular computer. Regular care You will not even need to re-install Windows. And Twinkling software cannot make any changes in your device.using technology

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