The future of Virtual Reality Technology 2017

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Technology is widely used in smartphones Nowadays. The dedicated device “Oculus” for Virtual Reality has struggled in competition with smartphones. With combine of virtual Reality Headset and smartphone gives a fantastic “virtual reality technology” feature, which is undoubtedly futures proof.

Virtual technology has changed the idea of enjoying video or gaming experience on smartphones. Without having a big screen monitor play video or watch the movie on a big screen or gaming with Real Experience was unthinkable. It’s happening with the help of Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality Technology?

The term is divided into two distinct “virtual” and “reality”. Virtual means something that does not exist, only to get experience through a computer. It is something intangible which can seem real to the Virtual Reality monitor but no existence in reality.

Speak to the truth, there are many types of virtual realities. Suppose you looked at some painted picture, maybe you are lost in the state of the picture or in the story of a book or a movie and create a virtual story in mind, it is also a kind of virtual reality. But it is different from mobile or computer VR.

There are some things in Mobile Virtual Reality, which are different than other virtual reality. First of all, “trust” – you have to feel, you have to believe in your mind, you are in the virtual world. Maybe you are not sitting on Mars, but seeing it in your eyes and trying to feel it, then you can feel the experience of sitting on Mars.

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The second comes in interactive, if you believe you are in the virtual world, the virtual ward will have to move with your movements, that word will be really virtual. Then comes the computer-generated graphics, if you enter the real virtual world and want to feel it as reality.

In that case, your distance from that Word, observing every corner of the Word and understanding the depth or distance of the object, which is completed by computer 3D graphics. The virtual world must be explorable, that is to say, this world must be big enough in order to believe the Virtual reality. So, what is the difference between different types of virtual reality and computer/mobile VR?

Smartphone and Virtual Reality:

smartphone and virtual real
smartphone and virtual real

As we can go into the dream world by closing our eyes, like that we can enter the virtual world after wearing a special headset. But this headset is attached to a powerful ward station or with a supercomputer. Although currently there are lots of consumer-level computers and laptops are offering VR features.

 A smartphone and a portable VR headset can enjoy virtual reality.

Virtual Reality has changed the idea and experience of looking at our smartphone screen. There were also many high-resolution screens used in previous phones, but looking directly at the screen, it is never possible to get the real enjoyment in Movies, video play, VR gaming which is VR giving us.

Whatever your mobile screen size, you will feel like you’re enjoying a movie or video in the theatre. With VR gaming, you feel like I’m gaming in the game. People are now crazy about this technology.

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VR Ready Games, VR Ready Movie, VR Ready Video Content is increasing day by day.

There are currently many types of VR headset available in the market. Starting from Oculus’s professional-grade headset, Samsung’s Gu Vier, Google’s cardboard, has been sold a lot throughout the whole world. Now, in low-end smartphones virtual reality support features are available. So far Google has created and sold more than 500,000 cardboard units.

virtual reality technology
virtual reality technology

The “virtual reality technology” came to the market not too long. This is a completely new project for many companies. If you are a tech geek or tech lover, in that case, you will know about VR or probably used VR headset in the gaming console or PC. But it is difficult for the common man to create interest in VR.

Not just video/gaming, there are more broad uses of Virtual Reality.Regardless of the size of the computer screen, there is also a limit. But “virtual reality technology” does not have any screen limitation. Everything in your 360-degree virtual screen!

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