Animated video: 10 Tips That Will Make You Influential In Animation

Animated video

When talking about a great animation, then each factor plays an equal role from its content to its graphics to its energy. The Animated video is not a child’s play; it requires real struggle, expertise, and pure skills to create something that can do both stand out from the clutters and, at the same time, appeals to the target audience.
If you want to create such an animation that can reflect your unique style while fulfilling the purpose, you have to stay focus and follow the guidelines mentioned below. This article will guide you from the very beginning about forming the foundation of your video first and then adding the essence to complete its effectiveness. So, let begin the read:

Animated video


If you get the project to make a website video animation for a brand, you have to carry out the company’s extensive research. You have to learn about their rivals’ techniques and know the brand values completely to incorporate that identity in your video.


Building up a strategy in an animated video is crucial because it lays the foundation of the primary purpose you plan to achieve. You must know the aim as to what you need to generate it be brand recognition or sales. For both of these purposes, you have to follow a distinct set of instructions.

Animation Type

When making an animated video, among the many things you have to consider comes the animation type that takes up most of the time. You must carefully delve deeper into studying the many animation types you can choose. For instance, if you are going for an explainer video, you can put your hands on the whiteboard animated videos or video scribing. Similarly, 2D and 3D animated videos are essential and help capture the viewer’s attention efficiently.

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Design Features

The next big thing is the design features. Your video must have an appealing theme and color combination. If you are making promotional video content, then you must strictly follow the brand’s color palette. Do not confuse the viewers by adding irrelevant color shade. Uniformity must be intact throughout the video. You can add some music too. FL Studio 12.5 is the best music production software system for animation videos.


Among the many aspects of an animated video, plot and storyline assist creators in adding the video’s appeal. If you manage to keep a smooth flow of an exciting story, you can generate maximum outcomes through your video. Your plot must unfold gradually, revealing creative sides that can sustain the viewer’s attention.


Characterization is imperative to ponder when making an animated video. Your characters should depict realism. From their expressions to their body movements, postures to gestures, there must be a subtle realization of practicality and a healthy balance. Often, animators spend most of their time choosing the right manner of creating their characters, as they are the prime factor in adding interaction and appeal in their videos.


Finishing and detailing are the two most important things that define your work and its level of professionalism. You have to create shadows, curves, wrinkles, lines, and add realism factors into your video. It’s good to play around exaggeration in animation, but keep a balance between scientific approach and imagination. It would be best if you did not offer something drastically opposite to the laws of nature.

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Duration of Frames

The animation is divided into different frames. These frames and their timing decide how your energy will perform. You must make sure to adjust the right duration between the appearances of other structures. A delay or poor timing will make your animation look poorly created and produced.

Buyer’s Persona

In your animated video, whether promotional or non-promotional, you need to incorporate the buyer’s persona. You are making the video that people love to watch, so it becomes imperative to add that essence that can attract the audience to it as well. Make it targeted to your target audience.


The last thing you must do is evaluate your video and its performance on various platforms. You must check its functionality from the appearance of characters to the display quality before going live. Your work will speak volumes of your expertise, so strive to keep it perfect and appealing.

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