How to write essays about technology

essays about technology

For all students, essay writing is an important task they cannot escape. As a result, it is essential to prepare yourself to handle various kinds of essays. Essay writing on technology comes in different types. Your writing could be an argumentative essay about technology. It could also be expository or analytical. The main idea is to know how to structure your message and prove your argument. This is why you should equip yourself with the essentials of writing a technology essay. This blog is about how to write essays about technology.

We have the following tips to help you structure your technology essay.

  1.       Pick a Topic

Technology is a broad field with thousands of things to write about. As long as you can do research, there is nothing you cannot write about. Be sure, however, keep your topic simple and relevant to technology. You can choose to write on the influence of robots on the manufacturing industry as an example. This is a modern technology essay sample with plenty of resources online. 

  1.       Do Your Research

The secret to having a good essay is research. Interestingly, there are many resources available for you online. You can watch YouTube videos, download journal articles, and lots of blog articles on the topic. Finding resources like this will go a long way in helping to develop your essay. Besides, you also enlighten yourself about the impact of technology. 

In writing an essay about technology, it is important to understand the topic. This is important as it affects your interpretation of the essay. For instance, writing about the advantages of a robot in an essay titled “the influence of robots on the manufacturing industry” is wrong.

  1.       Prepare Your Outline
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This is the framework of your essay. It is the skeleton of your essay that you build upon. It gives your essay a map that guides you when you start writing. It is like a rough overview of what you want to write. It is essential as it simplifies the entire writing process. You need an outline because it will help structure your point to avoid mixing it up when you start the writing of the essay body.

  1.       Create Your Introduction

The introduction is the chance you have to glue your readers to your essay. It is the first paragraph that introduces the central point of the essay. It also contains your topic statement, which others refer to as the thesis statement. It is the sentence that holds the central idea of your essay.

You might be writing on how technology makes life easier essay, for instance. You can make bold claims in your paragraph like: life will be meaningless without technology. You can use the remaining paragraphs to develop this point.

  1.       Develop the Essay

We want to assume you already have your research. The body of your essay is your chance to support your thesis statement with strong points. This is where the research you made comes in. It involves a detailed explanation of the points that supports your topic statement.

In developing the body, make sure to use transition sentences and grammar relating to technology. It gives your modern technology essay a technical feel.  Also, the more evidence your essay has, the more authentic it is. Evidence gives your essay vital support, which will improve your grades. Also, it points to your readers and lecturers that you know what you are doing.

  1.       Conclude Your Essay
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Your technology essay might be to inform your audience about something, argue out a point, or shed more light on an issue. Your concluding paragraph is your chance to leave a lasting impression on your readers. Besides, it also contains a rewriting of your topic statement. You are not bringing in a new point in this paragraph. Instead, you want to summarize and conclude your points.

  1.       Edit Your Essay

Submitting your essay without editing is a recipe for disaster. Even if you have brilliant points, your grades will likely be reduced significantly. Mistakes and errors in writing are normal to humans. As a result, it is vital to proofread your essay.

There is software like Grammarly that can help you. You can also give it to another person, maybe your roommate to help you go over it. Some prefer hiring an assignment writing service. This will help reduce the errors available in your piece so that you develop a good essay.


There are times you might not be able to pay for essays online. This means you need to develop your essay writing skills. We have provided tips on how to write essays about technology. This piece can guide you in creating the perfect essay. The next time you need to write a technology essay, just keep in mind that there is our guide.  

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