pro writing aid review VS Grammarly?

pro writing aid review

If you want to create something excellent, flawless, without any grammatical errors and also being a professional editor at the same time, then it wouldn’t be an easy task. Nobody wants to read an article or any messages from their favorite blogger or person, which is filled with grammatical errors—pro writing aid review.

Fortunately, few automatic editing tools can help you to write your content flawlessly. Tools such as Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly were designed to help you to write and edit your text without any errors.

Well, it’s a bit difficult to make a comparison between Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly because they both offer pretty much similar features, which are to correct your grammar and give you errorless content. In this Pro Writing Aid review, we will try to give you all the information about Pro Writing Aid that you need to know.

Pro Writing Aid review:

What is Pro Writing Aid?

People may be more familiar with Grammarly than Pro Writing Aid. There are lots of online grammar checker tools, and this is one of them. It offers you to remove grammar and spelling mistakes to improve your writing skills.

There are various kinds of professional editors, and Pro Writing Aid is one of them. It can’t bring what a human editor can bring to their content, but in this Pro Writing Aid review, I will let you know what Pro Writing Aid tool can bring in your writing.

Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly are competitors with each other. They both provide almost a similar thing. Basically, like other applications, they also have some significant differences.

People can use Pro Writing Aid to help themselves with spelling check and grammar errors on their writing, to find out their poor word choices, to show them hard sentences to read. This tool also helps people to find out duplicate words and phrases. Overall, Pro Writing Aid presents you with the readability of your content.

For whom is Pro Writing Aid work?

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer or a student, spelling and grammar mistakes can be easily formed by you. This Pro Writing Aid is precise for those persons who want their content’s spelling and grammar errors to be excluded from their writing.

People like authors, copywriters, bloggers, students, and professionals can use this editing tool to make their grammar and spelling accurate.

Pro Writing Aid also fits for business work. If you are drafting reports or you want to send someone an important email, or you are making presentations for your office work, then it’s important to present all your information in a clear and accurate sentence. Pro Writing Aid gives big support to business writers so that their public-facing text can easily be readable by people.

Free vs. Premium

There are two types of packages in the Pro Writing Aid. One is premium, and another one is free. People can use the free version as a demo because people get access to a web-based checker where they can check their contents spelling and grammar for the first 500 words online.

Which is good for non-premium users.

However, the premium version of this tool also gives you so many services. Such as a Desktop App, stronger browser extensions, Microsoft Word, a full web-based app, and also Google Docs as well as Scrivener integration. All these services mentioned above are going to be very beneficial for you. You can use these according to your need. You should set your comfort zone first.

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How can you use Pro Writing Aid?

The premium version of Pro Writing Aid can be used in various ways. I will show you how you can use each version of the premium Pro Writing Aid below.

When you type something wrong, Pro Writing Aid will underline those words or sentences. If there are any spelling mistakes in your writing, then it will underline that word in red, grammar errors will underline in blue, and style issues will underline in yellow.

You also can get Pro Writing Aid’s suggestions for your mistakes. Just click on the specific errors to get the suggestion. Pro Writing Aid has an online and web-based editor. After log in to the Pro Writing Aid site, you have to click on “start web editor” to get started. Then you will be able to edit and save articles or copies to your Pro Writing Aid account.

If you are a free user, then this is the only feature of Pro Writing Aid that you will be able to use. But anything larger than 500 words requires a premium account of this tool. Still, this is a great option for those who are curious about how they can use this before buying a membership.

Writing Aid:

If you want to adjust this tool on your Microsoft Word, then you have to download the Microsoft Word plugin. This plugin will adjust your Pro Writing Aid with your Microsoft Word application.

You will find this tool on the “help” option on the Microsoft Word top bar. When you click on the tab to get help from this tool, you will instantly get access to Pro Writing Aid’s suite of reports and checkers; then it will permit you to carry Pro Writing Aid’s editing power tool into your word application.

Having this program accessible directly in Microsoft Word is a vast thing as many people do their day-to-day job on this application. For non-premium users, with the help of the plugin, you will only be able to check grammar and spelling issues, and this is a very good feature.

You don’t want to be caught with a spelling error when you want to work as a professional person! But If you pay for the premium version, then you will be able to get all the editing features that Pro Writing Aid delivers. Mind it; you will get what you will pay for with the premium version.

Cost of Pro Writing Aid

You may think that it would cost high, but Pro Writing Aid costs less than you think.

Pro Writing Aid premium cost is like:

$70 for a year

$100 for two years

$140 for three years

And you know what? You also have the opportunity to buy a lifetime premium account!

Now, If you want to add the tool of a plagiarism checker, then the price will rise a bit. This is called Premium Plus. However, can you believe it? Pro Writing Aid is surprisingly affordable. This powerful and accurate grammar checker only costs $70 for your first year!

The reports: Is there value in them?

The reporting function of Pro Writing Aid is the most lauded feature. Pro Writing Aid just not only stops at a simple green line under your sentence, but it also deploys an array of reports that show you the specific issues.

The first one is the Summary Report of the report function. When you click the Summary Report, a large page will pop up over your document, which means you can’t edit while reading the summary.

The summary report gives you an overall score out of 100, which is designed by four separate scores focused on spelling and grammar check, writing style, and terminology. To keep your score high, it gives you suggestions which you can use to improve your overall “score.”

The True:

It’s a pretty nice tool that gives you a nice and final view of how your document looks. If you want, you can use the other reporting functions from there to examine your writing. Another neater report is “style.” This report checks your writing for passive voice, adverb usage, readability issues, and so on.

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On the other hand, there are two more unusual reports: “sticky sentences” and the “pacing” reports.

The sticky sentence report does not provide corrections for your errors. It only identifies the glue words in each sentence and lets you decide your own editing opinions.

The pacing report is also similar to the previous one. It points out passages that have slow pacing, which means not a lot of action in your text. It only shows you where the slow sections are and lets you decide how you want to edit that sentence.

Pros & Cons of Pro Writing Aid

The pros of Pro Writing Aid:

  • It has many impressive reports tools.
  • There are numerous platforms for access.
  • Provides you with good suggestions for grammar and style correct process.
  • Affordable premium prices.
  • It has a plagiarism checker for you.

Even if Pro Writing Aid offers you so many excellent services, it still has few cons.

The cons of Pro Writing Aid:

  • You can’t use it in Mac for Microsoft Word.
  • You won’t be able to use the desktop version offline.
  • The Style suggestions it has might feel prescriptive and retributive.
  • The free version of this tool has only a 500 words limit.
  • It doesn’t have suggestions for the mistakes of the report.

How Pro Writing Aid stacks up against the competition with Grammarly?

No doubt, Pro Writing Aid is a powerful editing program, but the competition between these two tools is quite inflexible. Grammarly is also a well-known grammar checker for texts. Grammarly also provides powerful options for your grammar checks. Can Pro Writing Aid stand out from Grammarly?

The pros of Grammarly:

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It has an elegant solution for your errors.
  • You can easily use this tool in your browsers.
  • You can download the desktop app, or you can also use the web-based checker.
  • It has mobile integration.
  • Grammarly’s free version is more useful than Pro Writing Aid.

Again, Grammarly has some Cons too.

The cons of Grammarly:

  • Grammarly provides a few style suggestions.
  • The premium version is more expensive than the premium version of Pro Writing Aid.
  • It doesn’t have the option to buy a lifetime membership.

Pro Writing Aid review: Grammarly vs. Pro Writing Aid

When people want to purchase an editing tool, they choose one between these two.

If you’re looking for a free version to check your grammar, then Grammarly is best. But, if you’re looking for a premium version, then Pro Writing Aid is best and more affordable than Grammarly. If you want to make your writing classy and want to know the specific point to Improved through style changes, then Pro Writing Aid is also your best choice.

Grammarly is the simplest, slimmest, and fastest checker. But Grammarly doesn’t have as many as services that Pro Writing Aid has. Also, Pro Writing Aid provides you with a lifetime premium that Grammarly can’t provide.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, there is not much difference between these two grammar checker tools. But they sure do have some specific differences between them. If anyone wants to use a free editing tool, then I would suggest you go for Grammarly. Grammarly has many amazing features in its free version. But if anyone wants to purchase editing tools at a low price, then you’re free to go for Pro Writing Aid.

You can’t correct more than 500 words of your writing in the free version of Pro Writing Aid. But Grammarly will check your long writing grammar for free. That’s why the free version of Grammarly is better than the other one.

In this above Pro Writing Aid review, we have tried to compare both Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid in different terms. Such as pricing, how to use features, and so on. We can say this with confidence that you are gonna find this review quite useful for you. You won’t have such confusion about which tool is appropriate for you.

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