word combiner tool- 5 uses of the tool

word combiner tool

A word combiner tool takes multiple individual words as inputs and provides all possible combinations in return. The use of this tool is quite simple. It is used to generate different varieties so that maximum user searches can be attained. When users search for something on the internet, they choose word combinations according to their individual preferences. For example, consider that two people want to search for leather shoes online. One user may use the “best leather shoes” phrase while the other may use “quality leather footwear.” Thus, every user would have his preferences to search for the same product type. The maximum possible word combinations have to be included in the web content to match the search requirements.

word combiner tool

Here are five uses of the word combiner tool:

Match more user searches

Every user has his preferences when he is searching for something on the internet. One user may not use the same combination of words as the other. If one user uses the phrase “best cheap shoes,” the other may use “cheap quality shoes” or any other similar term for this purpose. A website will get a good count of searches if the web content contains all crucial keywords. Thus, to include all possible keywords, a word combination tool comes in handy. It helps you in retaining the maximum word combinations.

Enhance the rate of traffic

A website is termed as successful if it has a healthy rate of traffic. If people are not visiting a website, it would not be counted as a successful venture. Websites usually have a low traffic count when all potential keywords have not been included in the content. Word combination is a good option for SEO professionals. Using this tool, they can get hold of all potential word combinations used by users. This results in an improved rate of traffic. Website owners should remember that business is earned through traffic. If a website does not have a reasonable traffic rate, it will not get good business results. A word combiner tool helps you in improving the quality of traffic.

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Keyword Enriched Content

Intelligent SEO professionals always focus on embedding the content with the correct keywords. If your content has the right keywords, more people will view the website against their searches. This means that more people would end up on your website.

• From a business perspective, this is quite important. If the website’s content does not have the correct keywords, it will harm the traffic rate. Through a word combiner tool, SEO professionals can get the right keywords for their websites.

• Users may use similar keywords to search for something on the internet, but the combination can differ. If you do not have all the content varieties, all users would not be able to view your website against their searches. Let us go through an example to gain more understanding. Consider that two users want to search for online clothing options. One user may use “best online clothing options,” while the other may use “quality clothing online” as the searching keyword.

• Now, as an SEO professional, if you have not included both these keyword combinations in the content, only specific users would reach your website. Thus, the rate of conversion would not be according to expectations. It is evident that if four people visit your website instead of 6, the probability of sold would be lesser. Thus, having all possible keyword combinations is essential.

  1. Better SEO ranks

Websites have to fulfill specific requirements to get high SEO ranks. Having updated keywords in the content is essential if you want to get a high SEO rank. This is where a word combiner tool helps SEO professionals. A word combiner tool provides you with all relevant combinations of the keywords.

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• According to Google’s policies, having the correct keywords in the content is essential to get a good rank. If you look at the top-rated websites, they have updated keywords in the range at all times. This is important if you want to get a high traffic rate on the website. If your website does not have relevant updated keywords, the traffic rate would not be up to the mark. Along with that, the website would not be ranked highly by Google.

A website is termed successful only if it gets conversions. The rate of conversion depends on the traffic a website has. When more people visit a website, the chances of getting more conversions increase; let us go through an example to gain more understanding. Consider that you are running a website dealing with laptops. If your website has five visitors, the chances of getting conversions would be lower than when your website has ten visitors.

But, The more relevant keywords you have, the greater would be the chances of getting conversions. Thus, a word combiner tool helps in improving business results.


A word combiner tool by Prpeostseo combines few keywords and provides the user with all possible combinations. For SEO professionals, these tools work well. This is because SEO professionals get to know about all keyword combinations which should be embedded in the content. This practice offers various benefits to the user. This increases the probability of generating sales.

Smart SEO professionals use the word combiner tool so that essential keyword combinations are not missed. Using this tool is a much easier option than manually creating combinations.

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