Is It Worthwhile To Update Your Business Processes to JD Edwards?

JD Edwards

JD Edwards is a cloud-based ERP and supply chain management solution that provides applications and tools for many business functions. This includes finance, human resources, consumer goods and distribution, among others. There are a wide variety of reasons why it’s prudent to update your business processes to JD Edwards. For starters, it’s incumbent upon every business to pursue a competitive advantage, which is why many companies choose JD Edwards consulting services. Check out the reasons listed below concerning why it’s worthwhile to update your business processes to the JD Edwards ERP System.

New Features and Functionality

JD Edwards offers news tools and applications each quarter for the purpose of optimizing the capabilities of ERP platforms. As a result, you will have the most recent software and tools available on a regular basis that includes the integration of new features. You won’t have to worry about dealing with disruptions caused by the adoption of new functions.

User Experience Optimization

JD Edwards offers many beneficial features that result in an optimal user experience. This is facilitated by customizing tools by workspace based on the needs of the user. There’s a potential to build forms, incorporate websites and even embed applications from third parties. You can better manage your workload when you have a workspace that’s organized and tailored to your needs. What’s amazing is that you can accomplish all of this without the support of IT.

Continuous Delivery

By providing software updates in small cycles instead of large releases, JD Edwards provides continuous delivery. As a result of these incremental updates, you don’t have to worry about a lot of disruptions. This also means you’ll have quick availability of enhancements and the features you need to optimize your effectiveness. There are often situations where upgrades are not made because of the time and money it takes to facilitate the process. Not only does JD Edwards mitigate this issue, but there’s also less risk with continuous delivery.

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Mobile Capabilities

There’s no way around the fact that mobile applications are critical these days. JD Edwards offers mobile access to applications that are comprehensive. In fact, you can check inventory, enter work order information, authorize expenses, process service orders, document a safety incident and gather contact information, among many other functions. The capabilities will depend on your unique business needs.


Another benefit of JD Edwards is being able to use the cloud for the purpose of upgrading. By migrating your current applications to a cloud environment that’s secure, you can keep legacy configurations and customizations so that you don’t risk the loss of the existing functionality. This mitigates the initial concerns that some companies have when considering a move to a new system.


Another benefit of JD Edwards is being able to quickly scale capabilities. This is often necessary as industry changes occur. Specifically, you may need to make changes to your products and services without any delay. The use of a hybrid cloud gives you access to new development, production, functionality and storage systems. As a result, you can get your products and services to the marketplace much faster than you would have been able to otherwise. The best part is that you’ll likely be ahead of the competition.

Since every business has unique needs, it’s important to assess the capabilities that are available and how they will enhance your business. Regardless of your industry, an update to JD Edwards can increase business value, enable new capabilities, reduce operational costs and optimize business continuity.

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