Types of Animation – the Ultimate Guide for Beginners

types of animation

The cartoon images on the Tv commercials, ads, movies and music just keep you glued. Have you ever thought about how to create these images? Remember that it is the work of animation. The rapid changes in the images and trying to keep a rapport with each emotion makes you wonder. Thus, today let’s get into vivid detail on the types of animation.

What is animation?

Before, you delve to research more on the types of animation. Do you need to understand what is animation? Well previously, the animation was the work of hand drawing on papers. But with the advent of the computer, three dimensional, two dimensional popped up offering stylized effect.

On top of that, the bandwidth is also very much less. Additionally, it offers a real-time impact on the images. The elementary techniques animators majorly used are the clay- figurine, puppet, cutouts of paper and stop motion.

Today the animation is predominantly ruling the feature and short films, televisions. In fact, you can find its glorious trace in the motion- videos, video games, visual effects, and interface of the user.

The animators use mechanical techniques to move the images physically. Also, they used the mechanics to manoeuvre 3d puppets. Moreover, animatronics is a popular name in one of the reputed cartoon hub, Disney.

Features of animation

The features of animation are the trajectory to understand types of animation. Therefore, go through the following list to understand that at once:


The first thing you need to consider is the movement timing. That means the animator has to understand the difference between the timing both in the real and duplicated world. Hence, based on that, he can change the emotion of the objects.

Slow out and in

According to this, the animator has to expertly deal with the movement of the objects. He should use the art of making it move slowly. And gradually pause its movement.

Moving arcs

An animator has to step into the shoe of the images to understand how a person moves. For example, if you want to take something you will reach the place in an arc because you have joints. Therefore the same is applicable for the animated objects as well.

Secondary movement

The animator has to take real-life examples to understand the secondary movement effect. Suppose a person is standing on the bus stoppage, but he will indulge in some other activities as well. These small types of movements are the secondary movement.

Stretching and squashing

The animator has to use the trick of incorporating the squashing and stretching effect. However, it is difficult to address in reality. Only trained eyes can understand that.


A skilled animator will hone the craft of exaggerating the images. That means he will have an extraordinary talent to take a simple animation to a hiked level.

He will try to create eye-catching effects with secondary movements and overlapping. Additionally, he will club the exaggeration with the second movement.

10 Types of animation

Animations are the power source as they can bring life to anything you see in computer graphics. The animation assisted with computer and animation generated with a computer is entirely different. Therefore, today let’s learn about the types of animation software and about types of animation system in computer graphics

Animator Adobe character

If you want to catch up with real-time cartoon mates, then have to embrace the toon family of Adobe Character.

The software is fast, reliable and simple to understand. You only need to input the mic and the camera. And you will see that it offers automated syncing of lips. Also will perform other animated facial gestures like lifting eyebrows, eyes and changing mouth.

The adobe uses an imported form of animator known as the puppet. Using the preset functions you can improvise the characters. That means you can make them move, have objects and perform other expressions as well.

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Additionally, you will get a real-time streaming option as well. In addition to that facilitates taking the snapshots of the screen. It can seamlessly integrate to offer live chat option as well.

Studio stop motion

Being a naïve are you looking for a starter video creating animation app. Then stop motion will give you the desired animated effect.

It allows you to blend the 2-dimensional drawings directly with the 4k animation. You can expect to get the high definition videos. It is ultra-handy because it allows you to frame edit bit by bit.

You will also have the liberty to experience both automated and manual regulation of the white balance, ISO, exposure as well as the Focus. The animated software also provides back up for the DSLR type cameras.

You can use the reasonable and powerful sTop motion for your windows, Android, macOS, I pad and I phone.

Additionally facilitates you to import snaps both video and audio files. The software leverages you to use the library and options like greener screen.  You will also enjoy the gridding and skinning onion feature.

Animator 4 cartoons

The underlined 4 cartoon animator designed to fit the bill of both professional and beginners. It entails offering high quality and extensively engaging animations.

The congenial animated software supports the 4K video at once. Besides that, you can use the library for including the pre-designed templates pertaining to the motion and character.

One more advantage is that you can create two-dimensional animated characters with the help of bone and rigging tools.

Other high-end tools permit the animator to create the bouncy, curve and elastic edits. On top of that, the automated lip matching and flawless facial expression are noteworthy indeed.

Some specialized tools also allow 360 degrees spinning of the head. Along with that helps to design talking mouths which later they can use on any type of character.

The best about the animator software is that it allows the importing and exporting of the PSD files.

Moho pro and debut version

Are you looking for having particular types of animation software for both kids and professionals? Then Moho Pro and the Debut will be the desirable catch.

Each of its cutting edge features will let you convert your dream of relishing the world of animation.

Talking about the tools, each one of them is easily comprehensible. The programming of the debut version is so easy for a beginner kid as well.  If you look for the professional version then you can opt for the pro.

You will love to use it as it supports all types of operating systems like macOS and Windows. In addition to that, this particular one is available in multilingual languages. It lets you dig into more detail with high-end tools like the rigging, pinned bones etc.

You can create various animated shapes and layers with the software. It also supports PSD layered images.

Besides that, includes other options like the auto freezing, vector-based tools, realistic blurred motion that will seriously draw your focus.

Overall allows you to control various channels at once.

Harmony Toon Boom

Are you exploring to create different types of animation? If yes then Toon Boom Harmony will satiate you from every aspect.

It offers arrays of animating styles right from flash cut out style to simple conventional drawing animated features.

On top of that, you can try hands at creating amalgamated effect 3d and 2D animations. You will also be able to create the effects of particles as well.

Talking about the marvelous tools, it includes both painting and pallets. Additionally, let you have full control over the color and texture.

You can also use the special animation effects with lightning, volume and integrate automated toning.

Animators will have the freedom of posing the camera from various angles and regulate the composition. It easily unites with other software, like bitmaps, PDF, illustrator, PSB and PSD files.


Being a budding animator are you looking for the open-sourced software. Then you can have a look for this typical one called the Blender.

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It is a 3D animated software suite, featuring arrays of powerful tools. Various contributors designed to make it run conveniently on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The inbuilt tracer path-engine offers the real-time preview, renders the GPU as well as the CPU. Additionally offer lightning supports like HDR.

Essaying about the robust tools, it has excellent UV, sculpting, and modeling equipment. Don’t worry the rigging and animated tool will also compel you to compliment.

Expect to enjoy the best visual animated effect. It incorporates the tracking both manual and auto, reconstruction of the camera. In addition to that offers a preview of the 3d footage of the scenes.

The all-inclusive animation assistance includes the coloring, layering, skinning of onion.

2D Pencil

Do you like to draw the animated picture in a traditional way? Then the software Pencil 2D will let you cherish that full-fledged.

Indeed, you can get this for free designed to run flawlessly on BSD, Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.  You should that you can use this software for both vector and raster graphics images. Thus, allowing you to conform to types of art without a doubt.

Being open and free source software it permits users to modify the features. Also, make a useful contribution to that. At the same time can avail the source of the codes as well.

Remember you can use the software while commuting because of the super handy features. In addition to that, the light and distortion effects are enticing. You can both export and import in the form of the GIF.

Studio Synfig

Working in a flash is a challenging experience for any designer. It would be an icing on the cake when you get a chance to explore flash-based animated software.

It includes the vector editor, which you can use it automatically to calculate the frames. The overwhelming factor is that you can discover layering tools like the distortions, filters, gradients, transformations, geometric and many more.

Additionally, you will have access to regulate other characters like the intricate deformation and boning system.

The animated leverages the user to create other stupendous volatile structures. On top of that, it privileges in creating puppets.


When you think of the best types of animation systems in computer graphics, surely Animaker is there to put an end to your thought.

Animaker satisfies both enterprise and individual. You can conveniently use different styles of videos including typography, whiteboard, handcraft, infographics, 2.5d and 2 D.

Additionally, show you full expertise in dealing with both vertical and horizontal layout of the video. On top of that, it offers high definition video assistance.

The infographic-animated creator can cover 3000 maps, 1000 icons, and 100 charts.

This animated software will let you break the daily grind and create animated characters with cutting edge features. For that, you can use the curve, multimove, record, entry/ exit, transition effects etc.

To create challenging projects you can resort to both deck and audio attributes. It allows you to control the text, speech, background sounds, record voice. Also, you can customize that as you need.

On top of that, you can access the library stocked with pre-set templates.


Do you want to explore your passion for animation with an easy to move animated software? If truly, the Vyond will make you feel content truly.

The animated software with super useful tools like drag and drop is the right key to show up your professional touch.

The inbuilt templates permit you to etch your animated thoughts without any inhibition. Importing images and the MP4 is no more a big deal here.

The auto lip matching is a super cool attribute of this software. Additionally love to incorporate the entry-exit effects for any stationary images.

The library full of characters allows complete customization. Use the camera equipment conveniently right from altering angles to zooming

Therefore, use this software to create an exciting visualization effect.

Final thoughts

The animation is an artwork of illusion. It uses tricks to create mysticism. The shifting from static to moving images gives a jaw-dropping sensation. Animation reveals the true artistry of passionate animators. Their toil and enduring effort have taken animating to several notches farther.  Thus, the above content gives a detailed sneak peek on the types of animation for both experienced and newbies.

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