Taking A Look At Today’s Top PDF Readers For Your Computer

Top PDF Readers

Take a look at some of the top pdf readers and pdf software for today’s computing world. How to find the right programs to fit your PDF needs. This blog will discuss ‘Taking A Look At Today’s Top PDF Readers For Your Computer’.

There’s a reason why PDF remains important long after its initial launch. The file format has taken on a standardized archival role on the internet.

Whether you want to access old records, your W-2, or your favorite books, you need a PDF reader to handle it.

But what company offers the best type of reader?

In this article, we’ll go over some of the top PDF readers available on the market. Let’s get started!

The Top PDF Readers Available On The Market

We assembled the PDF readers on this list by looking at criteria like price, features, and customization. Keep in mind that the services listed aren’t ranked in any particular order.

Sumatra PDF

If you want a free and affordable PDF reader, then look no further than Sumatra PDF. While the reader might not come with much in terms of features and customization, it is remarkably lightweight.

This means that it comes with fantastic speed — rendering PDF pages almost instantly. If you want a no-frills option that doesn’t cost you a cent, then you can’t go wrong with this option

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has a solution for anything PDF related. AS such, it’s one of the more involved products that comes with too many features to list.

For the average person, the reader might seem like a little too much. There is a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and a professional one available for $299.

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If you want a more customizable option, then look no further than IronPDF. The reader allows tweaking things like output quality, paper sizes, Javascript support, content scale, and CSS media types.

It also allows you to convert HTML into an asp.net pdf. You can create and edit any PDFs you want using both C# and VB.Net.


If you use an Apple product, then you are likely familiar with Preview. The service is Apple’s answer to a PDF reader and it’s built into every Mac product.

Because of this fact, Apply users rarely need any other reader — unless they require advanced operations. Despite its simple appearance, Preview is still capable of things like encryption, page extraction, text annotation, and page dragging.

Nitro Reader

The Nitro Reader offers a good compromise between advanced packages and lightweight packages. The reader puts its interface at the forefront of the design. Nitro Reader is easy to use and looks similar to Microsoft Office Suite.

The reader is also ideal for users who need to sign a lot of documents since it comes with QuickSign features.

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