The Best Apps for Tracking Teenage Drivers on the Road

The Best Apps for Tracking Teenage Drivers on the Road

Teen drivers are nine times more likely than adults to get into a serious car accident.

As the parent of a teen, we know you want them to be as safe as possible while on the road. You also want to know if they’re truly going where they say they are, especially since teenagers lie to their parents about 1/4 of the time serious topics are discussed.

The best apps for tracking teenage drivers can encourage your teen to stay safe on the road, and give you peace of mind.

Read on to learn about the top teenage driving monitoring apps.

1. EverDrive

EverDrive has long been considered one of the best apps for tracking teenage drivers thanks to the level of gamification it employs.

The app notes whenever teens use their phones while driving, when they speed, when they take corners or brake too hard, and other key statistics.

Then, at the end of each trip, your teen is given a score out of 100.

Since you can add other drivers to the app, you can actually create a family safe driving competition. We highly recommend a monetary award for the safest driver to keep teens motivated.

The one downside to EverDrive: it doesn’t show you exact trip locations.

2. Life360 Driver Protect

Another popular car safety app is Life360’s Driver Protect Program (you must download the Life360 app to get access to it.)

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It gives you a notification when your teen completes a trip, shows you a map of their trip, and also monitors speed, hard braking, and how often your teen is on their phone when they drive.

Additionally, this app gives you a weekly summary report of your teen’s driving.

When you install this app, encourage your teen to learn more about the consequences of poor choices on the road to help them understand why you’re monitoring them.

3. The Hum App From Verizon

Hum actually plugs into a port in your child’s car and provides the most specific location-tracking information out of the teenage driving monitoring apps discussed in this post.

It also gives drivers a score out of 100, but each driver starts at 100 and gets points taken off based on their actions on the road. Although Verizon created the app, teens don’t need to have a Verizon phone to use it.

Additionally, many parents love this app because it comes with roadside assistance and automatic crash response. This gives everyone peace of mind on the road.

Try the Best Apps for Tracking Teenage Drivers Today

It’s easy to see why the entries on this list are some of the best apps for tracking teenage drivers.

However, remember that as the parent, it’s your job to make sure your teen understands the risks of driving recklessly — and to instill appropriate punishments and rewards for violations.

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