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Gaming has been an integral part of humans for a long time. With the introduction of computer technology and the internet, human beings have continued to draw lots of their inspiration to create games the resonate with them. Games have resonated with a vast number of people spanning different team fight tactics guide age groups. There are several reasons why people love games, and some of the reasons include; gaming helps people sometimes escape the dull and monotonous cycle of life. This and every other many reasons are why there is a growth in the number of gamers. teamfight tactics guide



When selecting a champion, you have to consider the origin and also the class the winner is in. There are some hidden gems in the game when building a team. For example, if you make a team that shares the same origin or class, you will get some special bonus. There are thirteen classes and thirteen sources, and that means building a team that gets exclusive bonuses is endless.

Also, you can level up your champion in some way; for example, if you have three copies of the same winner, they can combine and level up. When they combine, they will have more health and increase the level of damage. If you get to level two champion combined, you will get a super-powerful omega level three champion. This level three winner will have a high level of increased damage and also health.

Every champion comes with their unique abilities that contribute so much to the team. The gold that you are given allows you to purchase boosters for your team. You can also buy experience points, and the more the number you have it’s the one that dictates the number of champions that you can get.


We have already seen how Teamfight Tactics go as you are required to create a team of fighters to battle other players.  The Teamfight Tactics gameplay is so fascinating when the game begins the player selects his team and puts them in a hexagonal, and the battle begins. These battles are automatic, and the computer matches players automatically. 

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In this article, I will give you the full Teamfight Tactics guide that you can take to your advantage and win most of the battles. The main reason for giving you the Teamfight Tactics guide is to ensure that you are the last man standing in the competition. When entering a fight, the first thing that you will do is get in the shared draft. The shared draft is usually spinning around, and there are a total of eight players in the spin, and you have to choose one. This is the first Teamfight Tactic that I will give you. Some of the Champions include the chain vest, Negatron cloak, and many more items that you need to take note when choosing a champion.     

The second Teamfight Tactic guide is building your team, and this will take some time to get by.  This is vital as you will be able to see the health of your champion, the Mana, and many more things. 

At the top of your screen, you will be able to find everything you need to know what is going on in the game. When preparing for the fight, you will need first to set the time you need to prepare, and when the countdown finishes, the battle will begin.

Different champions have different abilities and Mana, and when you fight, the mana bar can begin to rise. When a bar increases, it shows that your sponsor is taking damage or dealing damage. When you are battling the minions, their items can drop, and you can collect the items when they are dropped.


After your first fight, you now start getting the formidable side of the game, and that is making decisions about constructing a team. The next Teamfight Tactics guide is what you need to focus on when building your team.  In round two, you will have several choices of champions that you can choose from. There is some gold that you have that you will need to use to buy the winners. 

It’s crucial to ensure that you select your team well. I would advise you to build your team using synergies; that’s the class and origin, which you will note all the champion has its own. The reason why it’s so good to use similar synergies is that you will gain more health. Therefore, the best Teamfight Tactics guide I will give you is ensuring that you use classes and origins that work together correctly.

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The other Teamfight Tactics guide that I have for you is that of ranking units. This game gives you the ability to combine identical units, which will make you stronger. You can rank units from one to the other, and the result of this rank can be so impressive. 

The other Teamfight Tactics that you will need to be aware of is how the rewards in the game go. This game gives you income free each round you play, and this is the passive income. You can get from 2gold to up to 5 gold. 


In this article, we have focused on the Teamfight Tactics guide so much, but I would like to highlight some excellent features in Teamfight Tactics.


The one thing that stands out in Teamfight Tactics is the excellent graphics that the game entails. One thing that gamers like most in games are to ensure that the game that they are playing has a top-notch graphic. Graphics are essential as they ensure that they elevate your experience. The battle looks so real, and there is a considerable photo-realism that increases your immersion into the game.


The good thing about the Teamfight Tactics is the simple user interface that the game offers you.  


Sound effects are significant too in any game, and you must get the whole experience when gaming. If you love gaming, you must get a good pair of headsets and enjoy the full experience you get from gaming Teamfight Tactics.


We also did talk about some of the remarkable features in the game that make it stand out. Therefore, if you want to start playing the game, then I bet you are well equipped to do so. If you happen to have a friend that needs the Teamfight Tactics guide, be sure to refer him to this guide.


What is a Teamfight Tactic guide?

A Teamfight Tactics guide refers to the guide that will guide you on how to play the game from the first round to the last. Therefore, it’s essential that you can use the guide to know how to get around.

What is Teamfight Tactics?

This is an auto game battle that allows you to select a team, and you will be paired with other players to battle.

Is Teamfight Tactic free?

Yes. The game is available to download for free, but you will need to do some in-purchases.    


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