Taylor Swift’s Net Worth in 2019

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Taylor Swift is a big name in the music industry. She is one of the youngest singers to attain great success in the field. With years of struggle and determined work, Swift now holds a whopping net worth of millions in her bank account. The song ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ might be written by her but her net worth speaks she can absolutely afford all the nice things in the world. She is known for her generosity and loved by millions of fans, not just in the US but across the world.

Recently, Forbes released its annual Celebrity 100 with the list of all the highest-paid celebrities and Swift found the top place. Notably, her Reputation Tour alone made $266.1 million!

Read on to know more about the singer-songwriter – her total net worth and success story is something that will inspire millions.

Taylor Swift’s success story

Taylor Alison Swift was born on 13 December, 1989 in Reading of Pennsylvania. Her parents knew about her talented and moved to Nashville for her career. She started with ‘Tim McGraw’, her first ever single in the year 2016. After 3 years of her first single. Swift was one of the favorite singers of the United States. She was only 19!

She was a poet before turning into a professional singer. She used to write poems and even won a poetry contest of national level when she was just 9. When she first tried turning her poems into songs, she was only at a young age of 12 years. A surprising fact about Taylor is that she is the only artist in the country to bag the MTV Video Music Award.

When she was 14, she moved to Nashville from Pennsylvania and started playing her demo CD for anyone who was interested to listen. Her consistent efforts finally paid off. She released her first single after two years at 16 – Tim McGraw.

For her first album, Swift signed with Big Machine Records and was the youngest music artist to sign with ATV Music/Sony publishing house. Her debut album in 2006 was tagged as the longest-charting album of the decade in the United States. She became the youngest singer to write and perform a song which was on top of the Hot Country Songs list with her third single of the album, ‘’Our Song’.

Fearless, her second album, got her 4 Grammy Awards, making her the youngest winner of ‘Album of the Year’ award. She had also sung singles like ‘You Belong with Me’ and ‘Love Story’ which got her a lot of popularity in the music industry.’

She believes her success is the result of her persistent determination to make her dreams come true. She gives all the credit behind her success to her fans who have always been supporting and she shows her love towards her fans by sending them gifts and organizing parties for them.

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Taylor Swift’s Recent Work

Taylor Swift has always been known for her singles and her latest album ‘Lover’ is doing great heralding a new era as it breaks a music record! Every single on the album got a place in the Hot 100 of Billboard. With the increasing popularity of “You need to calm down” and “Me!”, her album went platinum in a short time of 4 weeks from the day of release in August end.

Alongside Lover, Taylor has also signed a deal with Alibaba, the reputed Chinese e-retailer as she will be seen performing at the Singles Day party night organized by the Alibaba Group. Singles Day is an extraordinary holiday in China that celebrates singlehood, a complete anti-thesis of the globally popular Valentine’s Day. Singles Day encourages single people to celebrate their lives.

In 2018, Alibaba made around $30 billion from Singles Day as per the reports by The Hollywood Reporter. Now, this suggests, Swift’s lucrative fees can be easily managed by the Alibaba Group.

In 2018, she signed a deal with Universal’s Republic Records after ending her collaboration with Big Machine Records with whom she spends the entire course of her career. This $20 million deal as claimed by Variety would allow her to have all the rights and masters to her songs which were not the case with Big Machine. She is feuding with them regarding selling her masters to Scooter Braun, a Hollywood super agent.

Another big break for Swift is Cats, a movie whose filming has been wrapped recently and it is believed Taylor will bag great appreciation and awards soon after the movie premieres.

Taylor Swift’s net worth

The total net worth of Taylor Swift is over $400 million as of 2019. In the year 2018, she bagged $2.4 million from streaming, $5 million from record sales and $2 million from her publishing royalties. This doesn’t include her earnings from the record-breaking Reputation Tour last year.

Taylor Swift’s property and investments

Swift’s major earnings contributing to her net worth comes from streaming, albums, promotions, merchandise and tours. As per Business Insider reports, Swift owns a real estate portfolio of $84 million with various properties across the globe. She has got two Nashville mansions, one $3 million worth and the other around $2,5 million. This is Taylor’s least expensive property of all she owns.

In 2018, Taylor sold her Beverly Hill home for $2.65 million. Again, it was one of her homes in Beverly Hills! Her main mansion in Beverly Hills costs over $30 million. It was once the property of Samuel Goldwyn, the legendary movie producer and has also been declared as a historic landmark.

Swift owns a property in the popular Manhattan neighborhood which is approximately $40 million worth. It includes a 4-story townhouse and duplex penthouse. She is often spotted by the paparazzi leaving her Manhattan penthouse.

Her superfans are also aware of her Rhode Island home worth $6.65 million where she hosted her Fourth of July party with swan floats, squad shots and her ‘I heart T.S’ t-shirts.

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Not just property, she also owns two Dassault private jets which can be almost $58 million worth based on the model. Additionally, she also has big sponsorship contracts including teeth whitening kits. She has partnerships with Diet Coke, Keds, Cover Girl and Apple.

Taylor Swift’s most successful tour

Taylor Swift has done several tours throughout her career, of which the last year’s Reputation Stadium Tour was recorded to be the highest-grossing tour in the history of the United States. To believe the reports, initially the tickets were not selling quite well but later on, she proved to stay consistent with her major-selling power.

The tour included 53 concerts across the globe from 8 May, 2018 to 21 November, 2018 collecting 345.7 million dollars. The tour started in Glendale and concluded in Tokyo.

Sing Fearless Tour in 2009, Swift has earned over $700 million alone from tours which are a lot more than U3, Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney.

Taylor Swift’s worth as compared to Beyonce and Ariana Grande

The 29 years old singer, Taylor Swift, has unbelievable numbers in her bank account as compared to leading singers of the industry such as Beyonce and Ariana Grande. Beyonce has a total net worth of almost $355 million but she too doesn’t tour as much as Taylor Swift.

In 2018, Forbes listed Swift as the second-highest paid singer across the world with $80 million of income that year alone. She is not far below Katy Perry who is estimated to have grossed $83 million including her American Idol contract of $20 million.

Talking about Ariana Grande, she didn’t even stand for a competition with only $45 million in 2018.

By the time she turns 40, it is believed that she will be in the same net worth club as David and Victoria Beckham and Kylie Jenner, counting herself in the top list of billionaires.

Taylor Swift’s spendings

Swift spends a lot on her fans! She is known to be one of the richest singers but not someone who boasts of her wealth. Unlike many social media influencers and celebrities, Swift takes good care of her fans, having a personal and intense connection with the Swifties. She hosts private parties for her millions of followers which also includes the popular ‘listening parties’. She doesn’t own much expensive jewelry or luxurious cars, rather sends exclusive gifts to her beloved fans. Some of the gifts were gift cards worth hundreds of dollars, expensive bath products and clothes, candles, throw pillows and more. Some were very special as she sent handwritten notes.

Not just this, Swift also invests for her fans in hard cash. She has paid for hospital bills and student loans to name a few. SHe might have had clashes with fellow celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian but when it comes to her fans, she has always been a sweet superstar with the biggest heart.

Taylor Swift also spends for charitable organizations supporting music education programs, natural disaster victims and a lot of GoFundMe campaigns.


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