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tab for a cause

Are you looking for great ideas for the end of year gifts? You will find plenty of them in our article Digital Santa Claus: find the best facilities, without breaking the bank or getting tired! So, lets open a tab for a cause.

Today we will find the best Google Chrome extensions and tools.

Despite the beautiful content that the internet offers (like everything influencers do and many blogs do), one of its most significant downsides is that it can also be too distracting. It has ever happened to all of us that we sit down to work and realize that we have not done anything productive two hours later.

Donate for a good cause. An excellent initiative and, unfortunately, there is no shortage of reasons. If you want to do a good deed but don’t know who to give, don’t worry: some apps connect charitable souls and good ideas. What’s more, they guarantee a faster, more convenient, and more secure donation.

Everything is designed to make it easier for the generous donor. You don’t have to take out your wallet: with the click of a button, the amount of your choice is sent to the NGO you have selected. That is how these solidarity apps work, so many small ideas that have grown to become essential levers of humanitarian aid.

Donating has never been easier. What is difficult is choosing between the dozens of projects that need funding. Fortunately, GoFundMe offers an efficient category system. Moreover, the projects are described quite well down to the details, and it is possible to search for those taking place near you. Let’s know more about tab for a cause.


– If you are interested to look for a website that will provide you with all the relevant information like an alarm clock, calculator, weather report and many more, then install google chrome extension. It shows you whether of multiple cities, time & dates of different time zones and live updates on currency fluctuations. It has a calculator, a unit converter.

Some selected apps for tab for a cause

Here we find out some of the best apps for you to donate. Behind their code lines, influential NGOs and large companies have joined forces to endow software with a new dimension, strengthening solidarity thanks to users’ generosity. If you want to contribute to a better world, don’t hesitate.

Charity Miles: turn kilometers into dollars 

Injustices sometimes make you jump. And when our blood turns, we could very well run or walk at a brisk pace. That is perhaps why this app exists, which converts the kilometers traveled into donations. Called Charity Miles ( Miles of Charity ), it is available on iOS as on Android.

How Charity Miles works is simple: after creating an account, you can select a recipient organization and start exercising. If you ride a bike, the app gives 10 cents; on foot or running. It goes up to 25 cents. The principle is based on the patronage of advertising sponsors who display their messages in return.

Charity Miles offers you to run alone or join a team.

The idea is excellent: you are suitable for your body (through exercise) and others. And if you can convince your friends or coworkers to join your team, your miles will add up to make you the most united group of all.

Humble Bundle: You play, and the good guys win

In 2010, someone had a brilliant idea: to sell a pack of indie games, then split the winnings between their authors and a series of NGOs. The initiative, dubbed the Humble Bundle, was a resounding success, and today the list of bundles for sale is enormous. There is currently one new thematic bundle per week.

There is no minimum price: you pay what you want, and you can get a minimum of three games for PC, Mac, or Android, thanks to Steam codes that you can convert at any time. When you pay, you decide what percentage of your money goes to the authors and how much goes to participating NGOs. And if you pay more than half, Humble Bundle rewards you with additional games.

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Tab for a Cause: each open account saves a tree

In our web browsers, we open dozens of new tabs every day, and in many cases, we don’t even look at what’s on them. If instead of blank space, these new tabs displayed advertising, and if they donated the money generated to recipient organizations, these tabs could change the world.

In essence, this is the idea of Tab for a Cause, an extension for Chrome and Firefox that replaces the default screen of a new tab with one that displays advertising. At least half of the profits generated by clicks on the ad go to organizations like Save the Children or Human Rights Watch.

In 2013, Tab for a Cause raised enough money to provide water to 5,688 people and save 73 hectares of rainforest, all thanks to 50 million open tabs. Imagine what would be possible if everyone installed this extension on their browser.

GoFundMe: crowdfunding to help your neighbor

Funding a record, a game, or an artistic project through participatory financing (or crowdfunding ) has become commonplace. But this system can very well be applied to more charitable causes than creative, such as helping a needy person pay their hospital bills or allowing a student to enroll in college.

It is what offers GoFundMe, a platform crowdfunding dedicated to all forms of humanitarian need. The official app for Android or iPhone allows you to create and track projects, while donations go through the official website, a mobile version.

Towards a united operating system?

Even the big software companies are betting on solidarity. Applications like Microsoft HelpBridge or Google One Today show us the enormous potential of smartphones in helping create a better world.

Google One Today & Microsoft HelpBridge

For now, one today and HelpBridge are only available in the United States.

Who knows, maybe Android, iOS, and Windows Phone will integrate a “Help others” function in the future. In the meantime, donating can always go through one of the apps presented to you in this article.

How to search for extensions in Google Chrome?

The extensions in Google Chrome are different from the applications we all know since they are additional tools for your internet browser. To access the catalog, you must first access your Gmail account and use the Chrome browser. 

Once you go to the browser, you can search for extensions within the Web Store (click to access). You can also get there in these steps:

1. Press the icon with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your browser.

2. Click “More tools” and then “Extensions.”

How to access the Chrome extension store?

While the new Tab opens, click on the menu with three horizontal lines (in the upper left).

You will find horizontal menu in Chrome extensions.

Select “Open Chrome Web Store,” located in the lower-left part of the screen.

How to go to the Chrome extension store?

Once you are in the extensions store, It will display some of the most popular ones, but you can also search for the ones you need in the bar, either by name or function such as “calendar,” “productivity,” or “save passwords,” for example.

Chrome Web Store search bar

To add the extension you want, you have to select add to Chrome, and that’s it. Once you have downloaded the extensions you want, you will see and manage them in the administration console. 

Button to add an extension to the Chrome browser

We recommend the 47 extensions that follow, and while we cannot guarantee that they will override the temptation to watch YouTube videos, we hope they will help you make more efficient use of your time online. We divided them into different categories that we present below so that you can go directly to the one that interests you the most:

  • Security
  • Social networks
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • New Tab
  • Content management
  • Blog posting
  • Productivity
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Note:  Although all of these tools are free, some of the services they work with have paid features or subscriptions.

1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is a website protocol that ensures that a site is secure even before you visit it. While you might recognize this tag at the beginning of most websites, it is not the norm on the internet, nor does it guarantee that your browsing site is safe.

The HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension rewrites the request you send to any website you want to visit in Chrome. However, in this way, you can be sure that your browser opens the secure version of that site. You can surf with the assurance that all your personal information is protected and that your computer will not be infected with malware while you are online.

2. Click & Clean

If you search and download work materials continuously throughout the day, it can be tedious to clear your browser history. Not many people can go into the history and manually clear the cache or download log.

The Click & Clean extension for Chrome allows you to clear your cache, URL searches, website cookies, and download history with a button on the browser toolbar. Besides, to improve your computer’s speed, the extension can scan it for viruses and remove applications that you do not use from your hard drive.

  • Click & Clean extension for Google Chrome
  • Image Click & Clean

3. J2TEAM Security

J2TEAM Security is not just another firewall. This Chrome extension offers basic virus protection. That also allows you to customize your website block list and make sure your Chrome browser uses the HTTPS security label on blogging sites. In this way, it prevents you from visiting blogs of users who are considered unsafe.

Also, it offers a variety of Facebook-specific privacy settings; for example, block the tag seen after reading private messages and hide how long you were active on Facebook Messenger.

4. Ghostery

Ghostery is a sophisticated ad-blocking extension designed to remove ads that distract or interrupt you while viewing content from a specific website.

It also hides your browsing data, so ad tracking tools cannot collect the personal information you prefer to keep private. These features help speed up the loading time of web pages and generally improve your browsing experience.

FAQ of tab for a cause

1. What are the Google Chrome extensions?

Extensions are small extra programs or functions that we add to Chrome to get more performance and improve the experience. Furthermore, due to their technical nature, you can also install Chrome extensions without problems in browsers such as Opera, Brave, or Chromium, among others.

2. What are browser extensions?

The browser extensions are a type of software that allows you to customize web browsers. Among these functions is to change the appearance of the browser interface, block advertisements or notifications and even improve our security and privacy.

3. What is the extension?

From Latin extensive, the extension is the action and effect of extending or extending (making something take up more space, scattering or spilling what is together, unfolding, unwrapping). The term can be used to name the size of the area that a body occupies. And the ability to occupy a part of the site.

4. What is the physical education extension?

Movement of certain joints increases the angle between two adjacent bones, such as leg extension, in which the angle between the femur and the tibia increases. Move one segment away from another using the closest joint as the axis. For example, the triceps brachii extends the forearm.

Conclusion of tab for a cause

We promise to spend only five minutes looking at Instagram. And we do not stop until we review all our social networks one by one. Or perhaps, without realizing how, we ended up exploring Wikipedia to find out. That was the first television series in which Gina Rodriguez appeared. In case you want to know, it was in Law and Order. However, it’s easy to end up lost in a black hole of distraction and low productivity.

Many Google Chrome browser extensions are made to offer you various solutions. The Chrome Store provides multiple tools that can help you increase security, act smarter. And save time with just one click.


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