Jeffree Stars Net Worth | Earnings & Controversies

While we are thinking about Jeffree Stars Net worth, we need to know how he gets this money and what are major sources to his income. Now that we are going to discuss his Earnings let’s discuss how he manages to always trend on the Internet.

Why is Jeffree Star so famous?

“Jeffree Star”, this name is heard by almost every Internet User, the reason is that he is always in news and has a huge number of followers. He is an Internet Influencer, Makeup Guru, Entrepreneur, Instagram Model, Fashion influencer, Makeup Artist and Musician. The majority knows about him as a Makeup Artist but few know about him being a Musician as he was making music and vines during the early days of career. He signed a deal with Konvict Muzik to release songs but later left the label in 2013. He came back in 2014 with his own Makeup Company “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” which he claims to establish with his own savings. This company managed to garner attention and success. Jeffree would post the trendy video doing makeup with products and it caught the attention of internet users. Jeffree star has 3.8 M Instagram followers and 15.9 Million people subscribed to his youtube channel.

Jeffree Stars Net Worth
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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

This American Cosmetics Company was founded by Jeffree Star in 2014. Its products are vegan and cruelty free. The range of products are mentioned below :

  • Lipstick shades, Lip liners, Eyeliners, Highlighters, Foundation, Concealer, Mascara, Primer, Makeup spray. But his main products are eye shadow palettes which are based on themes like Androgyny, Controversy and Magic star.
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Jeffree Stars Net Worth

According to media sources, Youtuber and Make up guru Jeffree Stars Net worth is estimated to be around $200 Million USD. Being always in headlines and trending on social media platforms, Jeffree Star is indeed a millionaire and one of the richest youtubers.

Sources of his earning

  1.  Jeffree Star Cosmetics: As we have already discussed about the Multi-million dollar Company of Jeffree Star, his main source of income is Jeffree Star Cosmetics and it’s website which is a successful makeup brand. He knows how to market his products and makes a huge revenue.
  2. Youtube channel: Next thing that we know is his active presence on Youtube channel “Jeffreestar”, being a youtuber first, he has been making videos on this platform since the early 2000s and has a loyal fanbase. His videos are monetized to earn him big profits.
  3. Instagram Modelling: Being an Instagram Model is enough to make him money as every post he makes is a paid advertisement or a collaboration with a company for endorsements deals and money is the main priority.
  4. Followers : Having a loyal fan base helps him make money as they are the main reasons for his products being sold out.
  5. Investments : He invested in  property in the US and owns a luxurious car collection consisting of Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Mercedes G Wagon, Audi, BMW, Tesla and McLaren.
Jeffree Stars Net Worth
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Being a popular Internet sensation, Jeffree Star is also famous for becoming a centre of controversy many times. He has been making controversial statement of other people by using racist and sexual slurs. Here are his min controversies which got on Trend list of Twitter as mentioned below :

  • Back in the early 2000s, Jeffree Star and his friend were caught yelling the n-word on Black women walking down the street.
  • Jeffree used to make vines and funny videos during his initial days on youtube. A skit, in which Jeffree and his fellow comedian commented on using battery acid on a woman’s face because she was wearing the wrong shade of foundation on her face. He said that her skin should get burned down with acid. He said that black women should not wear makeup.
  • Jeffree Star commented sexual slurs on a youtuber Tila Tequila. He said that she is whore for showing her body on the internet in 2009.
  • When Jeffree Star Cosmetics products were launched, his fan reviewed how the eye palette fell down as soon as he opened it and tried to contact the management but there was no response. This video got viral as many people commented how Jeffree Star is not working on the quality of the makeup and just wants to collect money.
  • Jeffree star was involved in a Minor girl Rape case, in which Dahvie Vanity a member of the band Blood On The Dance Floor was accused of sexually harrassing underage girls and Jeffree was part of this band during that year. Later he tweeted about the case being true but it led to another discussion on how he was silent about the whole thing all these years and let them assault the minors.
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All these controversies based on Racism and Sexism made him more famous as he was using negative marketing to always stay on Top Trending Pages and this helped him gain more attention which helped him make money.

So this is how Jeffree Stars Net Worth is this big in numbers. He has been actively making money from all the sources mentioned above.

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