8 Common Items in a First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Whether you’re running a business or want a well-stocked home, having a good first-aid kit is essential in times of need. These kits have everything and anything you may want when an emergency strikes. The kit can be useful in caring for minor issues and wounds, while preventing problems from getting worse until the person is able to seek professional help. For this reason, you’ll want to consider purchasing a proper first-aid kit from Quill Safety for either a home or business.

1. Band-Aids

Band-aids are a must-have for all first aid kits. They help to cover wounds and keep them from getting infected. You should have a kit that has multiple sizes of band-aids to ensure they’re able to cover all types of wounds. These band-aids are especially beneficial on the job site, as they prevent dirt and debris from getting into the cut or wound.

2. Gauze and Wrap

Gauze and wrap can be beneficial when a person has either a larger wound or a sprain. These types of wraps, like band-aids, can and should come in a variety of different sizes. Ideally, they should be long enough so that they can be wrapped around virtually every area of the body. Most are either self-securing or can be secured with a piece of tape or safety pin.

3. Antiseptic Spray or Ointment

Antiseptic spray and ointment is essential in preventing infection. It should be applied to all wounds before gauze or a band-aid is applied. The ointment should be reapplied every few hours until the wound completely heals. These medications can either come in spray or ointment form, but they are all effective at preventing infection and cleaning the wound completely.

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4. Sterile Eye Dressings

There may come a time when you feel as though you’ve gotten something in your eye or when there is an injury to the eye. Sterile eye patches and dressings will help to keep dirt and light out of the eye so that it can heal on its own. Be sure that all eye injuries are checked after applying the dressing to ensure that nothing is stuck in the eye that needs to be removed.

5. Alcohol Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes are essential in cleaning wounds and removing both dirt and debris. These wipes can be useful on all types of cuts, and the wound should be wiped clean before any type of dressing is placed. Alcohol wipes often come pre-packaged and are sterile to use. There should be several alcohol wipes readily available in the first-aid kit at all times.

6. Sticky Tape

Sticky tape is a good option for gauze and other dressings. The tape is easy to customize to length and use when a dressing is needed. Many gauze options and dressings may be self-sticking, but others will need to be secured with this specific type of tape. The tape can even be helpful in keeping a bandage or smaller piece of gauze in place over the skin.

7. Eye Wash

Eye injuries are incredibly common, especially in the workplace. Because of this, sterile eye wash is essential in all first aid kits as a way to remove debris and foreign objects from the eye. This wash should be sterile in nature and should only be used in the eye area. You can then use the eye covering after the wash is used to fully protect and clean the eye.

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8. Antihistamine Creams or Pills

Allergies are common and can be a real problem for people who suffer from them. In this case, antihistamine creams or pills are a beneficial addition to any first aid kit. These can and should be taken according to their directions, and they can be used for allergies and other types of rashes that the person might be experiencing.

Having a well-equipped first aid kit is important whether for the home or office. You should always ensure that your first aid kit is stocked and to refill it as needed when items are removed. Keep the kit in a secure and safe place so that it is easily accessible when it is most needed. In case you are stressed in any work related issue first aid kit can help also.

By: Eric Reyes

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