In the president’s secret service:The vehicles that ensure safety of the president of united state

In the president's secret service

People have immense interest to the US presidents. Newspaper pages are always full of -what they are doing, what clothes they wear, what they are eating, what their favorite things are all about. These are the news of a variety of things. At the same time, their opinions are always viewed seriously on various important issues in the world.

In the president's secret service
In the president’s secret service

President’s life is very important compared to other ordinary citizens. Members of the Special Security Force are always around its surroundings. But when he goes in a car or goes somewhere to a remote area riding in an airplane, then the whole thing reaches a different level. It is necessary to ensure the security of the President as well as to ensure safety In the president’s secret service. US Government made vehicles using high technology.

In the president’s secret service of USA:

Today, the article written regarding US Precedent used high technology vehicles including cars, buses, airplanes, helicopters. Here we are discuss about these feature of high technological vehicles in the president’s secret service:

Cadillac One:

The car used by the American president is Cadillac One. The car is also known as The Best “Limousin One”, “Stagecoach”, “First Car” etc. But in the past cab was used as a vehicle for the American president.

Accordingly many cars serve US precedent. Among them are Lincoln Model (1939), Lincoln Custom (1942), Lincoln Cosmopolitan (1950), Lincoln Continental SS-100-X (1961), Lincoln Continental (1965), Lincoln Continental (1969), Lincoln Continental (1972) , Cadillac Fleetwood (1983), Lincoln Town Car (1989), Cadillac Fleetwood (1993), Cadillac Dwill (2001), Cadillac DTS (2005) and Cadillac One (2009).

In the president's secret service
Source: Business Insider
Source: Business Insider
Source: Business Insider
Source: Business Insider
Source: Business Insider

Highlighted the various features of the latest car, “Cadillac One“:

The car is 18 feet long and its height is 5 feet 10 inches. Steel, ceramic, titanium, and aluminum are used to build this fort. A steel plate has gone down from it to protect the president from a bomb attack.

To handle the biochemical attack, its cabin is completely sealed. Kevlar has been used in the enemy’s attack to prevent tire Puncture.

No other’s window can open without driver’s window, and that’s only 3 inches. If any reason the tire goes through the Puncture, the steel rim is enough to carry the car.

Foam tanks are locked in such a way that even if they hit directly, there will be no explosion. Fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders, and blood of the president’s blood group are kept in the back tanks.

The “Bust is being done with utmost dedication to reaching the president in the right place at the right time. Its five-inch thick bulletproof glass made using the technology is very confidential. Nobody knows how much the actual mass of the car is. All the information available on the Internet is estimated. Tear gas and night vision camera in front of the car.

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With the help of satellite phones in the car, the country’s President can directly contact the Vice President and the Pentagon.

Source: Huffington Post

The thickness of the eight-inch thickness is as heavy as the door of Boeing 757.

Remington Shotgun is in for use.

Each step of the security is so carefully ensured that there is no slightest defect in it.

The first few layers of bulletproof glass can easily prevent incoming bullets. The inside layers of plastic are more effective to prevent bullets.

In the picture below, such a shot is shown outside of the glass. But it is half the thickness of the original glass. Yet there was no harm inside.

Ground Force One:

The Ground Force One bus is specially built for President of the United States. Now let’s look at this bus. The United States Secret Service has designed as 45-foot-long, and this bus colored is full Black.

The United Secret Service bought 2 Ground Force One bus from “Hemphill Brothers Coach” which is a cost (per Bus) $1.1 million. which are uses run-flat tires, armored exterior and a strong window?

There is also fire keeping system, oxygen tank, and blood of the president’s blood group as Like Cadillac One. There is also a phone, radio, television, and internet connectivity for office workers.

All the windows of the car are black, except the driver’s surroundings. So the President needs to come next to the driver to answer the greeting of the public. It is unknown to the public even today, what is exactly look like in the indoor of the bus.

Air Force One:

Air Force One
Air Force One

‘Air Force One’ is the aircraft used for the movement of the American president. The air force entitled as “Air Force One” which Carry the American President. This is done mainly by separating the planes from other planes. Before 1959, there was no such a separate title given to him. Currently, there are two planes, which are entitled ‘Air Force One’.

Both are Boeing 747-200B Jet Plane’s two depreciation VC-25A and their toll number SAM-28000 and SAM-29000

Before going to the wonders of the Air Force, let’s go to see the pictures of its ancestors.

The 27th President of America, Theodore Roosevelt, first flew in the President of the American President. He flew on “Right Fly” on 10 October 1910.

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Douglas Dolphin Amphibious Airplane (1933), Boeing 314 Clapper (1943), Douglas VC-54C, nickname ‘Sacred Cow’, Douglas VC-118, nickname ‘Independence’ (1947), Lockheed Constellation, nickname ‘Columbine II’ (1953), Constellation of Lockheed L-1049, nickname ‘Columbine III’ (1954), Special Air Mission 26000 or SAM 26000 (1962), SAM 27000 (1972), SAM 28000 and SAM 29000 (1990-present)

In the year 2017, the United States Air Force bought a pair of Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Airplanes, which is expected to start as the ‘Air Force One’ date of 2024.

Now let us know about the special features of the two aircraft currently operating in the Air Force One.

Each of the planes is 232 feet tall, the height of the bird is 195 feet and the height is 63 feet.

President’s suite has a nice bedroom, shower, bath, and even small gymnasium for good health! There are also arrangements for refueling in flight.

The enemy’s radar jamming techniques are here, as well as the flares beneath the wings.

While on the ground it is able to withstand a Nuclear bomb injury!

There are about 4,000 square feet of space inside the plane. There are 76 passengers on board.

There is also a ‘Situation Room’ on the plane, where Plasma TVs are required to make teleconference possible. There are a total of 20 TVs in the plane.

There are 85 phones for communication in the outside of the world. Here white phones are used for unclassified work, and brown phones are used as secured lines.

The plane has its own medical facilities. With its own huge pharmacy, emergency room equipment and the foldable operation table, the plane flies on the fly like a bird flying over the sky.

Marine One:

The “Marine Corps” which carries of the United States President is called “Marine One”. In 2009, when US President Barack Obama first climbed Marine One, he said, “The helicopter was very smooth, very impressive. You go right over the Washington Monument and then you know – kind of curve in by the Capitol. It was spectacular.”

Now let’s finish our discussion today by learning about some of the special features of Marine One.

Only four pilots get a chance to fly Marine One from HMX-1 Squadron every year. It can be able to run 150 miles per hour, but the helicopter is able to continue its work even after it becomes a nuisance in its engine.

It includes ballistic missiles, missile warning systems, and antimissile defense systems.

There is also a secure communication system for contact with the White House and the Pentagon. The helicopter has around 200 square feet of space, where 14 passengers can easily fly.





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