How to plunge a toilet?

How to plunge a toilet

The toilet in your house has been clogged at an inopportune time, and you are frustrated, wondering how to plunge the toilet. Yes, it is a nightmare for anyone. When you finish your natural work and flash it, you see that it is no longer submerged; no one is ready to be in danger. As soon as the toilet becomes unusable, there is water overflowing, bad smell, and thousands of problems.

And if you can’t find a plumber in time, then there is no point. Finding a plumber during this epidemic is like crossing seven seas and thirteen rivers. You need to keep your toilet closed until it is okay. But if you know how to unlock the bathroom at home, then you don’t have to worry much. You can become a professional plumber yourself and learn how to plunge a toilet.

Unlocking the toilet is not a difficult task at all. You can easily clean the most challenging clogs of your bathroom at home. All you need is two tools, a plunger, and rubber gloves. With these two tools, you can get your toilet back to normal. But the first thing to keep in mind is to prevent it before your bathroom is full. In today’s discussion, we will learn how to avoid clogging the toilet.

How to avoid clogging the toilet?

This is an annoying thing for everyone. If we take care of some things before the toilet is clogged, we can easily prevent this toilet from being blocked.

Toilet paper: Toilet paper is often jammed in the toilet. Keeps the clog in the bathroom until the article is completely wet and melts. So it is better to throw toilet paper in the garbage basket while using the toilet.

Tissue: Tissue can also become clogged like toilet paper. So you should refrain from throwing tissues in the toilet.

Napkins / Pads: It is not advisable to throw napkins or menstrual pads in the toilet under any circumstances. It is able to clog your toilet instantly. So you should refrain from throwing these national substances in the bathroom.

Trash: We know that no garbage should be left outside the toilet. This will quickly clog your bathroom and create a bad situation.

How to plunge a toilet?

How to plunge a toilet is a common question for anyone. This problem is usually caused by using too much toilet paper. The mistake that everyone makes when the toilet is blocked or clogged is to flush repeatedly. If you do this, the bathroom will not be clean. Instead, overflowing water can lead to more threatening situations.

Be careful before the toilet bowl is full.

This matter is fundamental. If you notice before your toilet bowl is full, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. If you see water overflowing from the toilet, remove the lid of the flush and close the flapper of the bathroom without delay. Keep one hand close to the flapper and push the flasher with the other hand. This allows you to see if the tank is full of water. If the flush faucet is turned off in time, excess water will not accumulate in the toilet bowl. The flapper basically serves to supply water from the tank to the bowl. So close the flapper as soon as the toilet is clogged and prevent the bowl from being full. Otherwise, it can cause a more lousy situation after the water overflows. So stop when you see it starts to fill with water.

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Plunging correctly by choosing the right plunger

First of all, it is better to choose a good plunger. Plungers are especially good with funnel cups. Plumbers call these plungers good seals. The rubber cups of these plungers can be easily stretched and compressed. This allows an intense airflow pressure to be applied to the toilet pipe. So use this type of plunger to unblock your toilet.

Then pour hot water in the rubber funnel of the plunger for a while. This will soften the rubber funnel and stretch very well to form a good seal with the toilet bowl.

The next step is the most important. You are appropriately planned. Make sure you are able to make a seal correctly with the toilet bowl. Now continue to apply air pressure inwards through the plunger until it is unclogged. In addition to applying pressure to the inside, it is also essential to return some pressure to the other end. Then if you see that the clog of the toilet is clean, then all the dirt will go down through the pipe. Otherwise, you will have to try again until the clog is clear.

In the meantime, if the toilet bowl is full and starts overflowing, you have to turn off the faucet at the back of the toilet and wait for a while.


How to unclog a toilet without a plunger


Use home remedies

If the toilet clog is not clean in the plunger, you can use some household methods. Many times it also works great for cleaning toilet clogs at home. And you will know how to plunge a toilet with home remedies.

Hot water: Hot water softens the dirt and cleans it. First, pour some hot water into the toilet. Pour a few cups of boiling water, but not absolutely boiling water. This is to remove the dirt accumulated in the toilet pipe. Otherwise, you can press to come with the plunger.


Hot water and detergent: If hot water just doesn’t work, pour some dishwashing soap with it. If you do not have dishwashing soap, you can use any other liquid soap. Shampoo, liquid soap, or Epsom salt will also work. Then pour some more hot water, but be careful not to overflow the toilet. Then wait a few minutes. In between, the dirt will be cleaned, and the water will go through the pipe. Many times cleaning clogs in this way is easier and faster than plunger. You can use this method to avoid the trouble of plunger in unwanted moments. It is quite useful.

Vinegar and Baking Soda: Vinegar and baking soda have excellent chemical reactions that are great for cleaning toilet clogs. Mix one cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar and pour it directly into the toilet bowl. Due to its chemical reaction, the dirt will quickly soften and go down through the pipe. This method is more effective than a plunger.

 Right Ways:

Toilet brush: If that doesn’t work, keep gently pressing the inside of the pipe with the toilet brush. This pressure will remove the dirt. If it works, you will see that the water is moving away from the line. Now you can open the back of the toilet.

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If none of these methods work, then you must understand that you will not be able to solve this problem. In this case, it would be wise to call a mechanic or a plumber. But how do you know when to be a plumber? Let’s find out.

Hanger wire: Hangers can be a unique way of doing things when nothing else works. Insert the hanger wire through the toilet pipe and try to get it out by pressing it well to reach where the clog is. This will both break the clog and go inside, or it will go up. Eww, whatever it is, then the work is over only if you flash it well.


When to call a plumber

Even after so many things, when there is no work, you have to understand that there is no benefit in working hard. There is no better plumber to call. Then I will tell you in what condition to contact the plumber. But before that, keep a collection of numbers and addresses of experienced plumbers in your area. Many may not be able to do this kind of work by themselves. But before you call them, you need to know for sure how serious the situation really is. This is the situation. Don’t ask yourself how to plunge a toilet. Just call the plumber.

  1. After using the basin/sink or toilet, if you see that the water is not draining properly, it is accumulating, and then you need to take the help of a plumber.
  2. Basin. Hair may freeze at the sink or water outlet if the water is still after cleaning it.
  3. When the water comes out of the commode without a flash of water, this happens if there is a block or any other problem in the water/sewerage pipeline.
  4. The water tank in the house may be full of water, but the water does not come out properly from the shower or faucet.
  5. Do you have a bathtub in your home? Note that after the bath, water accumulates in the bathtub, or it comes out properly through the pipe. If not, then you will see water in the bathtub like black ink.
  6. Your kitchen basin/sink may have a “waste disposal system.” However, if the dirt is accumulated, it must be understood that it is not working properly.
  7. The stench is coming from the commode; even if you flash it, it doesn’t go away.



  1. Can household item unclog a toilet?

Of course, you can use some effective home remedies, which are really working.

  •   Hot water and detergent
  •   Vinegar and baking soda
  •   Toilet brush
  •   Hanger wire
  •   Drain cleaning chemicals

These can help you to unclog the toilet.

  1. How to choose an appropriate toilet plunger?

Plunger with rubber fennel-cup is the most appropriate for plunge a toilet. Rubber fennel-cup can easily create a good seal with a toilet bowl. It can extend off the ground of the water cup.

  1. How could you unblock a badly clogged toilet?

There is an easy solution, plunge the toilet. At first, add enough water to lay the plunger when the bowl is empty. Then add the dishwasher detergent to the hot water in the toilet bowl. After then push the plunger straight down into the toilet bowl. Pull the plunger back toward the toilet tank to help draw the stuck things out.

  1. Does Coke really unclog a toilet?

Sometimes Coke works too. Take a two-liter bottle of Coke and allow it to stay at room temperature for a while. Now pour it down the toilet bowl, and let it sit and work its extra-strong foaming power for an hour or two. After that run the hot water. 

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