How does zoom work- Instructions you need to use Zoom

how does zoom work

Introduction of How does zoom work

It is the year 2020. And we celebrated New year’s Eve on 31st December 2019. But we did not know what was waiting ahead for us. 2020 started just like any other year. But in March, it changed its face. The deadly coronavirus infected hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And thousands of people died. And you can be easily infected by a coronavirus. It spreads through respiratory droplets. Thus, you need to maintain a safe distance from the infected person. But time waits for none. As a result, people are required to work from home. And students attended their classes online. Every one of them used the zoom app to do these. And this article gives you a full insight into how does zoom work. So let’s begin our journey with how does zoom work.

Life in 2020

When the year 2020 started, we all hope that this year will be fine. But the spread of coronavirus caused a bizarre situation throughout the world. And no one can trust no one. Everyone has to keep a safe distance from each other. And in some areas, the spread of the coronavirus very intense. As a result, the authority needed to lock down the whole area. So no one could come out of their home. But everyone needed to work from home. And students are required to attend their classes online. 

Regularly hundreds of people were getting admitted to hospitals. And coronavirus is very infective. Hence even doctors needed to keep a safe distance. So treating a patient was hard for them. And those who are not infected were terrified to go to hospitals. Because they can be infected if they go to hospitals. As a result, they wanted to visit a doctor without going to hospitals. And online video conferencing made that possible. 


As a result, they used the internet to do all those tasks. But a problem aroused. How can more than 100 people can join a video conference at the same time? And zoom made that possible. And now we will know how does zoom works? 


A brief history of zoom & How does zoom work

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. And it is a video-based site. Zoom has applications for computers and mobile phones. And you can find these applications on the internet. This application is easy to install. And more comfortable to use. 


Zoom was established in 2011.  And the headquarter of zoom is situated in San Jose, California. A former Cisco engineer Erik Yuhan started this company in 2011. And after that, nine years have passed. But during this covid-19 pandemic, the use of zoom has increased. Both corporate people and students use this app to conduct their video conferences. 


In 2020 students from all around the world attend their classes on the zoom app. Even they participate in different exams on the zoom app. And corporate people conduct their meetings on zoom. But if you don’t know how does zoom work. Then you cannot use this app. 


Hence it would be best if you learned how does zoom work. And only then can you indeed use this app. We will discuss it more in the upcoming sections.


How does zoom work

Zoom is one of the most used applications in 2020: students and corporate personals from all around the world use this application. As a result, the zoom is now a billion-dollar company. So if you want to use it. Then you need to know how does zoom work. 


 Joining a meeting:

Firstly open a browser. Then go to and if you have the room application. Then open the application. 

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After that, you can see the “join a meeting” option. 


Then you will be asked for or meeting ID. A meeting ID can be a 9, 10, or 11 digit number. And if the meeting has a password, then you might need to type that. 


And that’s it. You joined the meeting.


Start a meeting:

Firstly go to If you have the zoom app. Then open the zoom app. 


Now log in using your email and password. And if you don’t have an account. Then create a new account. 


You can find an option labeled as “Host a Meeting.” Click that option. 


Then choose if you want to keep video chat on or off. 


Now send the meeting details. And that means meeting ID and password (if you set a password for that meeting). And invite your friends or colleagues. You can use email, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social networking sites to invite them. 


And that’s it. You started a meeting. Generally, a zoom meeting is 40 minutes long. But you can increase the meeting time for up to several hours.


Special features of zoom

Zoom has many special features. And that’s why zoom has become famous. As a result, it has become more useful in the corporate office and universities. 


Screen share: You can share your mobile or computer screen on a zoom meeting. Hence, you can easily share what you are doing on your computer. And the participants of the meeting can see that. And learn from it. 

Share whiteboard: You can share a whiteboard. And use a pen or pencil tool to draw or write on the whiteboard.  

Share drive: You can share your drive while conducting a meeting. Even you can share your Google Drive or OneDrive while conducting a meeting. 

Share documents: You can share documents. And this can be any document file. For example, PDF, Docx, ppt, and many more.


And all these unique features made zoom handier and easier to use. As a result, we can see the difference. Hence Zoom is being used in almost every sector nowadays.


Zoom and other video conferencing sites

Som is not only a video conferencing site. There are other video conferencing sites also. For example, Google meets, Skype, and many more. But in the year, other video conferencing sites failed to compete with zoom. Because zoom is one of the most used video conferencing sites right now. 


Skype and Google meet both are excellent video conferencing sites. But we can see that zoom is more useful in some places. We talked about the unique features of the zoom app. For example, sharing a screen, sharing document files, sharing whiteboards. And the number of participants that can participate in a meeting is also greater than other sites.


As a result, the zoom has become more famous than any other video conferencing sites. Hence zoom is counting its profits. The stock price of zoom has increased by many numbers throughout the years. 


Whereas other video conferencing sites are struggling to compete with zoom. 


Why zoom has become more successful

Well, as we are talking about the success of zoom, a question arose. And that is “why zoom has become more successful.” Let’s dig deep into the reason behind the success of zoom. 


Time is changing. And so do the technology. We use technology to make our life easy. So, the technologies that are easy to use are more preferable to us. And our requirements change with time. So, all those apps or sites that fulfill our needs to become more famous among us. 


So, when the covid-19 pandemic spread all over the world. And we needed to work from home, attend online classes. Then we need a video conferencing site like Google meet, Skype. But the zoom was something we were looking for. Google meet, and Skype failed to upgrade with times. Hence they could not fulfill our requirements. As a result, people chose the zoom over other video conferencing sites. 

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And that’s the main reason the zoom is more successful in these recent years. 

How can other video conferencing sites compete with zoom?

In 2020, the zoom is being used by most of the video conferencing site users. As a result, other similar sites are struggling to compete with zoom. But if they take some small steps, they can give a fight. 


Zoom offers some of the coolest features. So, if you are planning to beat zoom. Then you must offer fantastic features to your users. And zoom is user friendly for both mobile and desktop users. Hence, other video conferencing sites must take the necessary steps to create a user-friendly environment. And make sure that it can be accessed from anywhere. Zoom made applications for mobile and computer. And its app is very organized. Hence the users are happy with the app. But other video conferencing sites failed to offer its user this experience.  So, other video conferencing sites should make its apps handier. 


All those small steps can be helpful for other video conferencing sites to compete with zoom. 


Covid-19 coronavirus and zoom

Zoom started earning its profit in 2019. But zoom made a massive amount of money in the year 2020. And the reason behind this is covid-19 coronavirus. So here are the facts why zoom on this much money in 2020.


Covid-19 coronavirus is a deadly virus. And this virus spreads through respiratory droplets. Hence people need to keep a safe distance from each other. And in some areas, this covid-19 coronavirus is spreading more quickly. As a result, these areas are getting locked down by government officials. 


But different universities continued their classes online. They used zoom for conducting their classes. And various corporate offices used zoom for their official meetings. And this is the reason why Zoom earned so much money. 


Frequently asked questions of How does zoom work

Question 1: what is video conferencing?

Answer: in the modern world we can communicate with the person from across the country. We can see each other while talking. And when you connect with a huge number of people in a video call. Then you can call it a video conference. Video conference is used in corporate offices. 


Question 2: how can I conduct a video conference?

Answer: you can conduct a video conference using different video conferencing sites. For example, Google meets Skype, zoom, and many more. Even Facebook added a new feature that allows you to conduct video conferences using Facebook. And that is the “create a room” feature. Using this feature, you can video call up to 50 people at the same time.


Question 3: how does zoom work?

Answer: Zoom is a video conferencing site. But it also has a computer application and mobile app. Using a zoom app is very easy if you know how does zoom works. You can find articles about how does zoom work. And if you don’t have the time. Then you can explore the zoom app by yourself. It is effortless and you can find it helpful. 


Question 4: how does zoom work to become successful?

Answer: zoom offers some fantastic features for its uses. And these fantastic features attract benefits. Hence we can see the results. And as this application is handy and more comfortable to use. This makes zoom unique as a result zoom is making more money than any other video conferencing site. 


Conclusion of How does zoom work

2020 has been a horrifying year. Covid-19 pandemic caused many problems all over the world. For example, people are now horrified to go out of their homes. And they are terrified even to get closer to their loving ones. We all need to maintain a safe distance from each other. But the world won’t stop just because of a virus. As a result, people had to work from home. And students had to attend their classes on the internet. And zoom made that possible. There might be many video conferencing sites. But zoom offers some of the most fantastic features out there. And that’s why people embraced zoom. They use zoom to conduct official meetings. Even different universities used zoom to contact their classes. Hence you need to learn how does zoom work. So that you can use zoom when you need to. 


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