How Tech is Changing the Medical Industry

How Healthcare Technology is Changing the Industry

A few years ago, over 90% of children had a computer at home.

With that only being a few years ago, imagine the influence technology has now on our lives. Even now you’re probably reading this on a laptop or smartphone! One of the main aspects of life technology has had an influence on is healthcare.

You’ve seen it for yourself whether you’ve realized it or not! Between the electronic check-in and fancy equipment clinics have, it’s mind-boggling to realize what healthcare technology has done.

To dive deeper into how technology is changing the medical industry and how jobs in healthcare are performed, make sure you keep reading.

EHR Made Easy

EHR stands for Electronic Health Records, and they are crucial to anyone’s experience at any clinic, emergency room, or doctor’s office. These are your records to keep communication seamless between all visits.

Many offices are moving records over to a cloud EHR system, and this is only made possible by the power of technology. The cloud system heavily cuts down on costs because it lowers the need for an IT team, and it opens up space in the office because you don’t need a huge server to navigate it.

Not only does it bring financial benefits, but this healthcare technology is also allowing easier access to records for staff and patients. Patients are able to have more control over their information in the cloud.

Wearable Healthcare Technology 

Being able to take quantitative data over extended periods of time is important in healthcare. Obviously, a doctor can’t follow you for days at a time to track your sleeping patterns, heartbeat, or blood pressure.

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Doctors find assistance in wearable technology such as sensors and monitors! You may have had a doctor ask you to wear something in your daily life for a bit before they can make an accurate diagnosis.

Many people even purchase sensors on their own. Tons of companies are releasing products such as bracelets to help track heartbeat and weight loss.

Things like this are possible through healthcare entrepreneurs like Dr. Chaffin. Click here to learn more about Dr. Kristofer T. Chaffin.

Virtual Reality

You may think of virtual reality as fancy video games, but it can also be a great tool in healthcare technology. It can be used to enhance not only patients but their doctors as well.

VR is being used to train students with nearly life-like situations, such as surgeries or regular patient care. On the other side, it’s being used to help treat certain cases of anxiety in patients.

It’s a good tool in healthcare because it helps people and lowers costs in training and treatment.

Healthcare Benefits from Technology 

While technology seems like a scary giant at times, it’s also provided us with endless benefits. It allows you to connect with family across the world and helps you get to work every day in your car.

The healthcare system has definitely benefited from healthcare technology, between the EHR cloud and virtual reality. Next time you go in for a check-up, take a look around and make note of it all.

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