How does the immune system work: 5 Amazing Immune System

How does the human immune system works

The human body is complex organic chemistry. Several chemical processes are running every moment in the body. There are numerous biological functions inside the body, which is not fully understood yet. Today we will know how does the immune system work?

The brain functions in the human body are essential. It is not quite right to say that one of the body processes is very important. Because everything is equally important. The rest of them except one of them are stagnant. There are 12 pairs of nerves produced from the brain. The nerves are divided into many branches and complete contact with the whole body of the mind.

It is strange to wonder that in these 12 pairs of nerves, four pairs of nerves work only on the eyes. Optic nervous work is performed in the presence of Oculomotor, Trochlear, Abducens, and nerves, in the fact of the elliptic circulation.

How does the human immune system works
how does the immune system work

how does the immune system work?

The immune system (from the Latin word immunize, meaning: “free” or “untouched”) protects the body like a guardian from harmful influences from the environment and is essential for survival. All the functions of the body are equally important. We can be surprised by the more critical things about the works. But we have no idea how does the immune system work? One unique design is the Immune system.

That is, we are taking so much medicine and thinking that medicines will cure us; the idea is wrong. If our body does not help, we will never be able to make perfect drugs for us. Every time we are entering the microbes. Each time millions of microbes enter the food, they are entering the nose with the breath, entering the ears. How many bodies will cope with!

How does the human immune system works

If you had to think about these things, then somebody couldn’t do anything in daily life. If we had to exercise breathing every day, what was the situation? So a second, auctioned, oh well, now a little bit breathing, this may have happened in such away. 

But no, the body is running itself. We do not have to calculate it. One does not have to think about our sympathetic-parasympathetic affair, for these are the Autonomic Nervous System. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves control this nervous system. 

three levels of body defense
Three levels of body defence

There are three levels of body defence. Each class has 6-7 types of the army. If any bacteria want to enter the body (by any entry path, whether it is with mouth, nose, ears or eyes), the first defence will obstruct the level; the skin will resist the germs. Only if the embryo becomes sufficiently small, then only you can dodge this layer. But the skin cannot be cleared, however small it is, it must be entered by one entrance door in the body. And if any part of the skin is cut, then it can enter. So if the skin is cut with anything possible to enter the germ cell, then you should immediately take an ETS injection.

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Now the second defence level will come in all its forces. Only if the germs are intelligent enough, only this level can be crafted. Suppose, by spamming. The third layer will start the destruction without any word. Even if no good material can detect it, it will also run on destroyed. Only by losing this layer is a germ it is possible to infect us.



The attack of the rhinovirus is very easy to flutter us. If we want we can say goodbye to the world as well as the plague. But this has a lot of benefit to us. The chunky body reminds him repeatedly his responsibility in his body. In order to resist it, the body gradually became stronger through practice and strong. 

Our body doesn’t get a fever? The body is a defence system until this fever. When the germ identifier is found in the presence of germs on the body, the brain increases the leaching of the pyroxene throughout the body with the hypothalamus, which enhances the body’s normal temperature. That’s what we call fever. Germs can no longer survive due to high temperatures. All the defence measures we can see from outside are all the first level defenders. I talked about some liquid systems (saliva, tears, semen, cerumen, sweat, stomach acids), all of which are second class antagonists.


And many of the names of the third-class Immune system we cannot recognize, maybe. They are devastating forces, there is no compromise with the microbes. Researchers only react to identifying germs, even if they cannot detect, there is no escape from this force. I’m not telling details here. Phagocytic cells (monocots, neutrophils), complementary systems, killer cells, interferon’s, fever are those that are the third-level defence forces.

The body defence system is very commendable. It’s protecting us every moment from powerful germs. Let’s say about some of the defence systems that we have never thought of being a body defender. And how does the immune system work on the human body?


human immune
Yawning Time

Each of the people don’t know how does the immune system work on the Human body. Getting high is a sleeping pattern, high rise means I’ve got to sleep. The human body becomes tired after working unevenly. High tiredness came out. Sleep can make the body functional again. But the main reason for high withdrawal is the change in some of the activities of the body. Previously it was thought that the oxygen level of the lung decreased, by taking high oxygen through the high lift and bringing equality. But this idea did not take much time to prove it wrong.

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In addition, the two separate areas of the brain control the high and the inhalation. So far it is advisable to say the right information. The high taking process is able to reduce brain temperature. When the temperature of the brain increases or overloaded by normal, then it exposes external signs by taking high.



 A sneeze is a very common phenomenon. But it does not matter how much we benefit ourselves. When our Nose hole is full of dust or germ, we sneeze. The germs are trapped in the Nose hole unless the size is tiny. Sneeze also comes with all the substances that contain allergy. Sneezing is a way of getting rid of these untimely things. There are also more advanced systems after the Nose hole to prevent micro-organisms.

There is numerous flush in the bottom of the airway so that germs are stopping all of them, everything is coming out with sneezing. It is also difficult to imagine how many millions of germs that come out of sneezing can be difficult to imagine. Many of us have hand-covered sneezes. Again, using this hand, I eat the food, it-hold it, handshake. Germs spread among others, unknowingly of themselves.



We have a small life of happiness, sorrow, choice, and dislike. As a human, we know to take pleasure and favourite things to smile. But we cannot accept anything of sorrow or dislike. We do not agree to accept that they are also part of the little life. Because the human brain is born as being very smart, we value our will-unhappiness.  Then the brain made a difficult decision. Some of the memories degrade their responsibilities accurately. Considering psychologically, the brain is protecting us by removing the unpleasant memories.

Goose Bumps:


Goosebumps are created when tiny muscles at the base of each hair, known as arrector pili muscles, contract and pull the hair erect. The reflex is started by the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for many fight-or-flight responses. 

There are numerous small pores in the human skin. Each foil comes out from the decoction. If the temperature of the body is higher than the surrounding environment, then the small tiny pores in the skin stretch and begin to expose the heat very little. In this situation, we used to say, ‘get up with thorns’ or ‘fur standing’. Once the body comes in natural equilibrium with ecstasy, the skin becomes normal.



Although there is the pain in the sorrow (many times more joy), these tears stay in our role as a remote defence during the entry of germs in our eyes. There are tears in the liposome’s, which play the role of a killer against all microbes.

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