starry night sky:The World’s Top 12 Stargazing Spots

Starry Night Sky

The Starry night sky is a time machine. The billion of stars has made man the viewer, the thinker, the lazy traveller, the seductive artist from the prehistoric times. From almost all parts of this universe, we see the presence of cosmic stars. Yet there are some places in the world, which have been famous for the Stargazing for hundreds of years.

Famous Places For Starry Night Sky:

"Starry Night Sky

Atacama Desert, Chile:

Thousands of patrols in South America Located on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean, in the west of the Andes Mountains, this desert are one of the driest places on earth. Here annual yearly rainfall is less than 15 millimetres. But as dry as its air or its air, its red rocky heights, the eighty-eight desert is beautiful in its night. The planet Earth is famous for the night sky in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

The Atacama has 66 high capacity antennas of 12 meters in diameter.

Hunter Valley, New South Wales:

Hunter Valley

Brooke, a small village in New South Wales. The village of 636 residents is located in Singly, Australia. The people of this village, about 157 kilometres away from Sydney, do not know whether they are surprised by the starry night sky, but tourists from all over the world come here to see Hundreds of millions of stars in the Valley of Hunter Valley.

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Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal:

Sagarmatha National Park

A reserved place on the edge of Mount Everest is the Sagarmatha National Park. The park is located in the Salu-Khumbu district of Nepal, covering a huge area of about 1, 24,000 hectares. More than two and a half thousand Sherpa, this Place was established in 1976. In 1979 the park was listed as World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

Canary Islands, Spain:

 Canary Islands

The islands of the Atlantic Ocean are called the ‘heaven’ of hiking and starry philosophies. San Miguel de la Palma (briefly La Palma) is one of the Canary Islands. The island covered with greenery is the beauty of mine. That is why the island’s other name is ‘Isla Bonita’, Spanish Isla Bonita meaning beautiful island (Beautiful Island). ¹

Mauna Kea, Hawaii:


A dormant volcano on the island of Mauna Kaya, Hawaii. This volcano is 13, 803 feet high above sea level, and Hawaii’s tallest place, as well as its atmosphere, is very dry. Because of these features, a famous place to watch the Starry night sky of the island of Hawaii is Mauna Kea.

Nambung National Park, Western Australia:

Nambung National Park

It would seem to be a fictional film or a fabulous world of fiction. The Nambung National Park, about 240 kilometres north of the city of Perth, is the capital of Western Australia.

The Perinatal Desert, a huge reservoir of thousands of limestone pillars ‘Pinakal’, is located in this garden. In addition to camping for the star night’s enjoyment, tourists came here to see the surrounding biodiversity.

Mount Bromo, Indonesia:

The volcano Mount Bromo, located 2,312 meters high in East Java, Indonesia The active atmosphere around this volcanic mountain, which has been active in different times, gives a gift to the moon at night with billions of stars starring in the sky. It is rarely seen or seen in metros.

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Alqueva, Portugal:

Think of it, people are protecting the darkness of the Starry night sky from industrial pollution and urban pollution! The area adjacent to the Alqueva Lake in the Alenthecho region of southern Portugal is just such a place.

The tourists here have teamed up to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Alcatel is located in the area of three thousand square kilometres, the Dark Sky Reserve.

Meteora, Greece:

The mutineers have been famous for the starry sky of the night since ancient times until today.

Uluru-Kata National Park, Australia:

Century ancient Anangu indigenous heritage, culture, and they are bright in the south of the sky – this is the 1987 UNESCO World Heritage Site, Uluru-Kata National Park, Australia.

Nubra Valley, India:

Nubra is the northern valley of India located in Ladakh. For the high mountains around and the expanses of the vast sky, it will make people think. The Starry night sky light of the Nubra valley appeared in front of everyone in a different way.

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