Drive through car wash and with tips  things you should do and shouldn’t

Drive through car wash


Drive through the car wash is necessary when you need to wash your car. It would help if you had it in a short amount of time and don’t have time to clean. Plus, if you want the entire car to wash with creative ways, then drive through car wash. It will be a right choice when you want to save your precious time. Plus, even the best option depending on the situation. You should drive through car wash with your beloved car every two weeks or once a month. It is an automatic facility to clean the exterior of vehicles. 

What is a car wash?

A car wash is an automated technology plus facility. It contains brushes, soaps, and cleaning materials to clean the vehicles. In other words, it is a building or an area where people can wash their cars. It is a tunnel-like area where a car driver drives through the building. Chemicals that are popular as pre-soaks are applied. Different other things made the facility famous. They include touchless washing facilities, machine washing equipment & features. Previous machines had stiff brushes that damaged the paint of different cars. So, owners of car wash use clothes. Plus, rotating brushes are attached with a conveyor belt and soft foams. Plus, at present, a high-pressure rinse arch helps to wash the vehicle. They are safe, cleans the dust and specks of dirt. You have to pay or provide tokens to drive through car wash.

After your payment is complete, you will drive through a place where all cars gather. We know it as a stack line-up or queue. The facility also uses Chemical Tire Applicators or CTA. The unique chemical formulations wash the brake, wheels, tires moreover remove the specks of dirt. It is an overall coverage without any waste. When you wash your car, problems you face that you cannot pass the brakes. You can also see the treads on the total surface of the tires remains dirty. It is because just pouring or sprinkling water into the tires doesn’t remove the dirt. When a car goes through roads, then ground, mud, brick particles accumulate on brakes. You can’t clean the brakes like familiar ways. That is what ‘CTA’ is for every driver. It is safe, tends completely plus in a perfect way. That’s why drive through a car wash once a week.

How does a drive through car wash works:

You may want to know how a car wash actually works. A car wash facility is a combination of machines and engineering. It’s a true engineering wonder. Different sizes of cars go through the machine that enters in a filthy condition but comes out clean. The car wash facility cleans different sizes of vehicles and does the work far better than the human hand. There remain over a thousand components that work in perfect unison. It contains a conveyor belt that can haul over 30 tons. Plus, four or six giant brushes that spin eighty-five to ninety times a minute. Forty or more rinsing jets that deliver thirty gallons of water every minute. 


On the other hand, it consists of eight dryers that provide high-pressure air at 180 miles an hour. Such type of workhorse is designed to do one thing. That one thing is to clean your previous car in less than four minutes. The inside of a car wash is a hot wet chemical tornado. It is a type of most hostile environment that you can ever imagine for any machine. The machine washes the car with soap foams, high-pressure water, air blower. Plus, it uses chemicals that are not harmful to the vehicle. A car moves forward on a conveyor belt, and different machines start the job of washing. After the rinsing, cleaning, wiping and drying within a few minutes, the car comes out from the facility. That is how a car wash facility and machine works. Plus, you get yourself a clean, tidy, and shiny as a new car. 

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Different categories of car wash:

When you drive through car wash, you may see different types of facilities. It is because car wash has categories. We will discuss them in this section. Some of the facilities need employees where some don’t. Again, a few of them are not good and damage the vehicle’s paint, while others are professional. They are good and complete the task of cleaning very well. However, it varies from facilities to facilities. Now different types of car wash are as follows:

Lift car wash: In the lift, car washes the driver parks the car on a platform. The platform is a lift that takes the vehicle to a height, and the cleaning begins. 


Hand car wash: In hand car wash facilities, employees clean the vehicle. That means it is not automatic; rather, humans’ touch will be on the car during the wash. 


In-bay automatic car wash: Generally, it is a type of friction wash that is automatic. Two giant brush rotates on the two sides in the machine that helps to clean the exterior. Besides the washing from two of the encounters, there is a dryer. Both of the materials and equipment rolls back and forth over the car. You can see in-bay automatic car washes near the filling stations and other single wash sites. 


Tunnel car washers: In this type of facility, use a conveyor to take the vehicle and move forward. In the meantime, the moving car gets the cleaning treatment from fixed cleaning machines.


Mobile car washes: It is one of a popular and affordable car wash facilities. When you don’t have enough time to drive through car washes, a mobile car wash is the best option. But remember that hair employees wash the car by hand.

Two types drive through car wash and options that will be best for car wash:

Automatic car wash: They are fully automatic car wash facilities. Automatics use giant brushes, sponges, cloths, and hoses for cleaning cars. The car comes in contact with big brushes that rolls over the car. The problem is that the stiff brushes are bad for your car paint, leave scratches, and damage your car. Though most of them, at present, switched away from traditional brush to foam style. They are more harmless that tends to hang onto less dirt and fewer media. Plus, they are less likely to scratch your precious car’s paint. 


But automatic touchless washers are good. In such facilities, you park your car first. The spraying process occurs multiple times with all different soaps. It is done with high-pressure soap and air blowers. In the end, there remains a air dryer. Touchless automatic wash is much better because no contact of brushes occurs in your car. Some of the facilities are coin-operated, which are also a good option if you want to save some money. 


Self-service car wash: the self-service washing cars are alternatives to an automatic car wash. It is a different car wash style. That is, you have the tools to assist you in washing car in daily basis. Modern self-serve car wash includes newer and better equipment. They will contain higher pressure washers, an animal hair foam brush, heated water, a credit card reader, and a large base. There may be physical contact with the car while washing. But in a self-service car wash, you can check out spots scratches and repair them later. 


Things you should follow in a touchless automatic car wash and things you should not:

The first thing to remember is that, in automatic wash zones, never use their brushes with stiff bristles. They are not soft and really courses that hold a lot of dirt. For this reason, rubbing them on your paint will seriously scratch the body. Secondly, you will go ahead and the machine setup for pre-soak. Because pre-soak helps to loosen the dirt and stuff that remains in your car. All the bugs on the front of your car and everything like mud will get loose through pre-soak. They will come off without having to use a brush or anything else that’s abrasive. Clean them off and soak down every inch of your paint. Then drive through the car wash slowly and let the brush rollover your car. The machine will also pour chemicals and soaps.

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After the machine will pour soaps and water, turn on your wipers. The wipers will clean the glass. Most people complain about brushes that we see in an automatic car wash. The stiff brush destroys the paints, etc. But now they switched away from traditional brush to foam style. They are more harmless that tends to hang onto less dirt and fewer media. Plus, they are less likely to scratch your precious car’s paint. Always keep a towel or a piece of cloth to rinse and soak the water over the car’s body. It is because after coming out from them, water remains. Plus, if you leave them like that, then it will create spots. Therefore, wipe them up as soon as possible. 


Things you should follow in a self-service car wash and things you should avoid:

A Self-service facility is a manual car wash area. You will search for a Higher pressure washer that is useful. You do not need to touch your car and will provide water treatment. Thus, no contact with the car, then no hand spots. Look for an animal hair foam brush, which does not have bristles. Plus, they are soft, and cleaning the car by them with soaps gives better results. When you park your car, please leave enough room for the upcoming cars. It is because to wash the first half of the vehicle, hoods, and others. The well-known vehicle wash facilities will have clips for you to hang your car mats. Then it’s time for observing the control panel, and we recommend using the credit ones. 


They are the simplest way to use; on the contrary, coin-operated needs to observe the washing. Adding coins are important, so, don’t forget them. You can choose pre-soak first to loose the dirt from the car and remove them. However, it will have low pressure. Use the spray wand and inspect the car to find out which are the dirtiest parts. These are the areas where you have to focus more. Starting with the high-pressure, so will immediately remove and work on the heaviest dirt and debris. Plus, it contains high pressure. From top to bottom, use overlapping spray with the wand nozzle about six inches away from the surface. Wash the whole car entirely and after everything is complete, wash it with a cloth. The cloth will soak the water over the surface and won’t let to create spots. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What pre-soak does?

Ans: Pre-soak helps to loosen the dirt and stuff that remains in your car. They will come off without having to use a brush or anything else that’s abrasive.


Which of the automatic car wash are better?

Ans: The automatic touchless ones are better.


How often should I drive through car wash?

Ans: Clean the car and drive through car wash every two or three weeks or at least once a month.


Which of the control panel systems are good in a car wash?

Ans: We recommend using the credit ones, they are easiest to use. 


Drive through car wash is significant and helpful for car owners. Without cleaning, keeping your car for a long time makes the body dirty. Not only that, it lowers the glossiness of the painting of a car. A touchless wash where no physical contact occurs assists in having no spots. Plus, your job of cleanliness or washing will be faster. Paints will remain just as new as before. You want an expert wash, including a quality finish, then choose car wash. Another thing about car wash is it is affordable plus comfortable. Use this technology and get cleaning jobs done.

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