How To Remove Press On Nails: Easy & Effective Guide

how to remove press on nails

We women are eccentric creatures that rely on our instincts to survive in this world. Beauty is a part of our regimen with which we can attain and sustain our self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. Nails are included in the beautification process. Painting them can be fun. But, oh, so tedious to take off. Not to mention sometimes messy. That messiness make you curious about how to remove press on nails with using some easy and effective guides. Then continue to read the article. 

Overusing nail polish and Acetone without proper re-moisturization can dry out and cause discoloration of the nail bed. (The nail is the part of the nail that rests atop your fingers from which the free edge extends.) 

Besides, if you’re unknown but, there exists a whole nail care routine that includes a few steps to take care of your nails if you choose to paint your nails. But no one has neither the energy nor time. Unless you own a nail salon.

Press-On Nails: 

Press-on nails are a great, sustainable, affordable, and quick alternative to layering nail polish. Press-on nails are basically a much easier way to accessorize nails without the risk of damaging the nail bed. 

beautiful designs

The development of press-on nails goes through a painstaking process of research, development, testing, and reviewing. 

So, if you’re looking for a cheap, easy, and quick way to customize, press-on nails are the way to go. Application is quite easy. Select your desired set, and apply adhering nail glue that often comes with the package. And you’re done. 

As easy as the application process is, removal must be taken seriously. In many cases, just ripping off the press-on nail may damage the natural nail. Here are some ways of How To Remove Press On Nails.

How To Remove Press On Nails 

Remember, they’re fairly easy to apply; given the advancement in their design made them easy to apply, removal may become a daunting task. Removal must be a safe and secure process. For which the following steps on How To Remove Press On Nails are to be followed carefully.

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how to remove press on nails

While there are many ways to remove press-on nails, this blog presents some of the best ways to remove press-on nails safely so you may reuse them or replace them with another set of your choice.

1. Soak in warm soapy water: 

A water soak is an excellent way to remove the adhesive glue that adheres to the nail bed. Soak your nails in warm, soapy water for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Check after every 5 minutes by probing the press-on nail with an orange stick or Q-tip (cotton earbud) or toothpick. If the glue hasn’t dissolved or broken down, soak your nail in the water a bit longer till the glue dissolves and the nail practically falls right off.

soapy water

2. Use oil:

One may use any type of oil as long as it provides the required lubrication to break down the adhesive so it slides off the nail bed. Take some oil of any kind and drop a few drops on the nail. Massage the oil in and gently probe and push the press-on nail off the nail. The adhesive will easily break down and let go of the press-on nail and your nail bed. In case a prior case happens. Use a cotton swab wipe, wipe the adhesive residue off, and wash your hands with soap and water. Easy as pie.

how to remove press on nails

3. Warm water and oil soak: 

Soaking your nails is a crucial step in successfully removing press-on nails and glue. Fill a small basin with warm water and vitamin-rich cuticle oil. Then, soak your nails in warm water for at least ten minutes. Warm water will soften the nails and glue, while the oil will moisturize your cuticles and natural nails.

warm water

4. Warm water and Acetone: 

After the oil and water soak, dip your now bare nails in warm water and Acetone. This will dissolve the remaining adhesive residue. The water is the neutralizing agent, whereas the Acetone is the main dissolving agent that breaks the stickiness of the nail glue. After this, it is advised you apply some moisturizer or cuticle oil to re-establish the moisture in the skin and natural nails.

how to remove press on nails

5. Post-Removal:

After removing your press-on nails and nail adhesive, it’s critical to moisturize and strengthen your nails with cuticle oil and moisturizer. Nail glue can be harmful, especially if left on for an extended period. Therefore, you should prioritize returning your nails to their original state. This is especially vital if you intend to apply another set of press-on nails immediately.

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nail polish


If one must, pull off the nail gently and slowly. For faster removal, use some form of lubricant, like oil and moisturizers. Using a probing medium like an orange stick or toothpick, go under the press-on nail and pry the nail off the adhesive. 

You can remove the adhesive by soaking the glue in warm, soapy water or a solution of water and Acetone.

In case the adhesive dries down, you can gently file it off or use an optional nail drill to get it off.

Always pull the nails off slowly. Pulling a press-on off too quickly may cause damage to your nails.

Easy Alternative Press-On Nails In the Market

With advancement and further development, many companies have come up with a solution to press-on nails. Especially focussing on the removal aspect plus the sustainability and many other factors.

You may have come across some videos on different social media platforms where the nail adhesive is a strip of glue that comes with a set. And as easy as it is to apply, it is also peelable.

Some are also formulated to harden upon exposure to black light or, in other terms, upon curing under a blue light.

Such alternatives are available; however, their authenticity is questionable, so it is wise to do some research before indulging in purchases of such products.


Press-on nails are a great way to customize our nails at any time. However, be advised not to be too rash with the removal. The natural nail is extremely important to keep safe and intact. Slight damage to the nail bed may subject you to bacterial infection.

So with that, now you know How To Remove Press On Nails and some more useful tips and advice along the way. 

Hopefully, that was helpful.

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