How does sweating burn calories

does sweating burn calories

Many people exercise with the goal of “sweating sweat”. They believe that more sweating means more exercise and more calories burned but does sweating burn calories?

First of all, you need to understand why you sweat. “sweating” is a way for the human body to prevent the body from overheating. When you exercise, the body temperature will keep rising, and sweating can lower the body temperature and cool the body. But each body does sweating burn calories is not the same. Some people are prone to sweating, while others are not. Generally speaking, people who are prone to sweating indicate that the healthier the body. The faster the temperature system will change.

Whenever we exercise, sweat always comes out unconsciously, and when we do more intense training, it flows even more violently.

Many people use sweating as the goal to lose weight, but is it true that more sweating means more exercise and more calories? Not. Sweating is related to temperature and humidity, and the calories consumed during exercise are mainly related to how much oxygen is ingested because most of the energy-generating process requires oxygen to participate, so they are evaluated by oxygen consumption. Calories burned by exercise.

Sweating is a manifestation of the body to prevent the body from overheating. When the body is in motion, the body temperature will keep rising, and sweating can lower the body temperature and cool the body. However, each body is not the same. Sweating, some people don’t.

Generally, people who are prone to sweating indicate that the healthier the body, the faster the temperature system will change.

But we often associate sweating with the amount of exercise and even think that the two are related, but this is not the case. Even a lot of sweat does not affect the number of calories burned by the body, because sweating only discharges water. Salt and old waste materials, as well as minerals, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, etc., these nutrients will also be lost, so a lot of sweat does not mean a lot of calories are consumed.

In addition, the accuracy of weight after a lot of sweating is not high. Because it is only a relationship between temporary loss of water rather than reduced calories, once the water is added in a timely manner, the weight will immediately rise. Does sweating burn calories?

Does sweating burn fat?

No, it doesn’t matter if you sweat or not. If sweating is equal to fat burning, then you sweat when you don’t move in the summer, and that is also burning fat, so there are still so many people in the world struggling to lose weight. Whether the fat is burned or not depends on exercise intensity and heart rate.

Science has proven that fat is burned and converted into heat when the human body reaches a certain intensity, and then it is discharged from the body through sweat to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Of course, the heat emitted by exercise sweat will promote more fat burning, thereby achieving better weight loss.

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It can be said that if you meet the standard of exercise to lose weight, such as sufficient exercise intensity, training for at least half an hour, and so on. Then, sweating during exercise can naturally lose weight, and the sweat emitted from practice will promote more fat burning.

Not before, a drop of sweat running one hour even if you are not streaming burn 600 calories. The effect is the same. Conversely, if you do not meet the standard exercise to lose weight. Yet the physical sweat easily. It has lost a lot of work, that is of no use. At the most lost loss of moisture, fat, and not burning, oh.

I am not sweating as much as possible.

Sweating during exercise is not a rigid indicator of activity to lose weight. In addition, normal sweating may be more beneficial to human health, but if you sweat too much, it may lead to dehydration, which causes dizziness, abdominal pain, and other symptoms.

In addition, the process of sweating is mainly to radiate excess heat from the body, but a large amount of sweating will cause the body to be in a state of dehydration, which can only temporarily reduce weight, and it is also bad for health. The real weight loss should be to reduce fat, exercise correctly every day, and consume a certain amount of calories, so as to effectively lose weight.

How does burning fat feel

The most important thing to lose weight is to let the fat burn up. Only in this way can you really achieve the effect of weight loss. The best way to make fat burn is through exercise. After a lot of practice, our body will start to sweat, and then the fat will begin to burn. So, what does it feel like to burn fat?

1. Increased body temperature

The first feeling of fat burning is that body temperature is gradually increasing. Of course, the body temperature and height referred to here are not caused by the outdoor weather and how much clothing, but the body temperature changes from the inside to the outside after a series of exercises. Only there when the body temperature rises after the fat burning rate will be gradually increased, so daily routine to feel body temperature, most of them in burning fat.

Muscles feel tired

The real fat-reducing exercise intensity is tremendous. During the exercise, fat will start to burn because of the high-intensity training of muscles. At the same time, you will feel muscle aches and feel very tired. But this kind of tiredness doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable, it just makes people feel smooth. After all, fat burning means that a part of the fat body will be more relaxed.

Evidence 1: Sweating is not because of fat burning, but cooling

Sweating is a way for the body to regulate body temperature automatically. Heat can stimulate sweat gland activity, and sweat gland cell metabolism produces sweat when the body temperature is too high. The human body’s water will appear in the form of labor. The evaporation will be used to cool down so that the body temperature is maintained within the normal range.

The normal physiological function of the body is guaranteed.

Therefore, in the summer, when the temperature is high, the human body will sweat a lot to lower the body temperature and prevent heatstroke. In the winter, when the weather is low, the sweat will be less, and the volatile heat will be less.

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In addition, there are many types of sweat, probably can be divided into warm sweating: mental sweating, gustatory sweating, and movement of a work. Warm sweating is caused by an increase in external temperature, mental sweating is caused by mental excitement or painful stimulation, taste sweating is caused by eating particular irritating food, and sports sweating are literally Sweating caused by exercise. So, don’t say that sweating has nothing to do with reducing fat. Your sweating may have nothing to do with training, but you are doing it yourself.

Evidence 2: The “water” of sweat does not matter

98 to 99% of the work is water. No matter what type of work is, the source of “water” is free water in the blood and combined water stored throughout the body. Rarely is water produced by oxidation of fat.

Cuba Zhizhi may say that fat is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. What is the water produced by a series of chemical reactions? And isn’t fat just under the skin? It feels logical to “penetrate”… no! Oxidation of fats will increase the body temperature, and it will indeed generate carbon dioxide and water after complete decomposition, but this part of water will not directly become sweat and be excreted from the body. Instead, it will enter the human body’s circulation and participate in life activities. Mostly, it is expelled from the body through breathing.

Suppose you take part in the marathon next time. You might as well observe the people around you in the first half.

You will find that there is no regularity. Men may not sweat more than girls. People who are not thin may sweat less than fat people. This is because of the degree of sweating. The amount of sweating is not determined by fat. But by the number of sweat glands. The fluid body content, body fat, and the ability to withstand water loss. Does sweating burn calories?

Although fat is consumed systemically when you exercise, you may feel that sweating is most likely to occur in the forehead. It is around the neck, under the chest, palms, etc. or it is particularly sweaty. This cannot be interpreted as your burning fat in these places. ? What about the mermaid line, vest line, and legs that can be played for a whole year?

Evidence 3: Lose fat instead of sweat

In order to achieve the purpose of fat reduction, it is necessary to make people consume more calories than intake, which is the highest criterion for fat reduction. Only when the calorie consumption is greater than the information, the body’s fat will start to be metabolized, and the excess fat will be broken down and discharged out of the body.

To speed up fat metabolism, exercise is a right choice. But everyone’s metabolic rate is different, so don’t blindly copy other people’s recipes or training programs. In addition, you can also use the diet or intake of enzymes and coenzymes required for fat metabolism to accelerate fat breakdown.

I believe there have been more or less reduced-fat experiences of people have experienced a rebound, especially in the beginning when the reduced-fat, demanding to exercise every day, and a strict diet, the initial weight change obviously, but did not last long, “metabolic compensation “Come out of the mess. Does sweating burn calories?

You feel hungry at all times, especially a craving for sweets and fried foods. If you can’t control yourself, you will start eating crazy and gain weight gradually; if you are very disciplined, manage your mouth, but “adapt “Thermogenesis” has come out again, and your basal metabolic rate has started to decline … you will find that neither of these results is what you want.

Tips for does sweating burn calories:

Only when you feel the feeling of fat burning during exercise can you think that this exercise is meaningful, and only then can we persist. If there is no feedback at all, it will be very dull to exercise. In the following solution to the feeling of burning fat, we can usually pay more attention to sports to fully appreciate the joy of reduced-fat, so weight loss no longer becomes so meaningless.


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