How to improve blood circulation: 5 Nutrients

How to improve blood circulation

Are you worried about losing the glow and freshness from your skin in an early young age? Why you don’t even feel good while wearing beautiful Star wars jacket? Most people fail to understand the cause of the dullness and decreasing energy to improve blood circulation

Blood deficiency causes extreme fatigue, weakness, pale skin, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath and many such chronic chest diseases. We can see blood as the communicating medium between all parts of the body, so for proper coordination between brain, heart, hands and all our organs, it is very important to improve blood Circulation and Blood flowing in our body.

How to improve blood circulation
blood circulation

Blood Circulation is very necessary for ensuring the proper functioning of each and every organ of our body. It transports fresh oxygen to all the cells of body while at the same time blood takes away all the deoxygenated and waste out from the body facilitating a fresh detox treatment naturally.

Our body needs iron to produce red cells found in blood, and some essential minerals that help in the absorption of iron to increase the blood in our body. 

How to improve blood circulation: Top 5 Tips

1.    Iron-rich foods:

Prominently Vegetarian people tend to suffer more from anemia as compared to people loving meat in their daily diet. Since our food contains two types of iron, heme iron, and non-heme iron. Heme iron is that which is found in meat, it has a natural tendency to get readily absorbed by our body taking 30 % of the nutrient content from these iron-rich natural sources. Major sources include Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Chicken, Liver, Eggs etc.

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2.    Leafy vegetables

 10 % of iron content is absorbed from the non-hemi iron sources, but they are important to keep our diet healthy and balanced. If we take both of them together then more iron is more likely to get absorbed in our body increasing blood level at a higher rate. Major sources include Spinach, Sweet potatoes, Peas, Broccoli, Collards, Kale etc.

3.    Vitamin c

There are major sources of vitamin c which most commonly include oranges and pomegranates.

While pomegranates bursting out with dark red seeds are rich in ascorbic acid, it is a great source of vitamins in addition to iron, proteins, and fibers. It quickly boosts the iron contents in our body to improve the blood flow.

4.    Folic acid

Nutrients rich in folic acid such as banana, beans, lentils, broccoli, liver etc. not only provides iron but also gives vitamin B12. This vitamin is very necessary for the production of red cells which are a major constituent of our blood. Eating fruits, vegetables and lentils accelerate the development of blood cells without needing any artificial supplements or medical diagnosis.

5.    Dates

As we know the loss of blood from our body causes anemia, resulting in ultimate weakness and shortness of breath. So we don’t understand what to do to recharge our battery instantly and combat our daily routine task with full potential. Dates are the best energy food having intense sweetness and ample amount of iron stored. So we should prefer eating one or two dates anytime we need to have tablets and other bitter medicines.

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These 5 nutrients will surely help to overcome all the deficiencies of our daily diet.