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coffered ceiling

The coffered ceiling in our time has a second birth.  You’ll see in many historical films. Along with side luxurious antique locks. Ceiling cassettes of a particular configuration and carved wooden beams. That distinctive form cells and rectangular sections. Well, let’s attempt to revive the caisson ceilings of extraordinary beauty at home?


Why do you have to choose coffered ceiling designs for your interior:


Caisson (lacunar) ceiling – a particular sort of coffered ceiling, which consists of depressions, beams, and cells (“caisson” – polygonal recess).

Coffered ceilings can undoubtedly give a rugged appearance to any room, whether it’s a front room, bedroom, study, billiard saloon, or library. This sort of coffered ceiling finish is additionally appropriate during a prestigious office because it expresses the facility and standing of the corporate. Also, the coffered ceiling looks excellent during a house or a cottage decorated during a classic style.


Such a coffered ceiling allows you to form the planning more accessible and make good acoustics.


Most often, this system is employed in rooms with high coffered ceilings, where the impression of an enormous space. Coffered ceilings are made in places, the peak of which isn’t but 2.5 meters.

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Wooden coffered ceiling design:

Coffered ceilings made from wood are efficient and delightful. Look rich and weird, creating an impact of luxury and coziness in your home. Wood is an environmentally friendly natural material that you simply can use, making repairs, and not worry about the health of individuals on the brink of you. Basically, for the manufacture of coffered ceilings, the walnut, ash, oak, and sometimes materials are far more expensive than the above. The unusual design is additionally created thanks to the very fact that the natural pattern of the tree itself is usually lovely and unique in itself; its texture is exclusive.

Coffered ceiling installation together with your own hands

If you are doing not wish to entrust such employment to professionals, you’ll make the coffered ceiling together with your own hands, carefully following all instructions.

But if you’ve got an enormous desire to make such a coffered ceiling in your apartment, and therefore the height of the ceiling causes you to want the simplest, you’ll still take an opportunity, but choose thin panels and necessarily light colors. When performing on the coffered ceiling, observe the general rule: space is more spacious the more you want to use the beams for its decoration.

Coffered ceiling materials for work

First of all, you would like to shop for blanks, from which you’ll create the development of the coffered ceiling. The only option in making a coffered ceiling is that the purchase of ready-made individual squares (modules which will play the role of caissons) that glue to the coffered ceiling. Over time, of course, they will get unstuck, and this is often an enormous drawback of this feature. Step caissons should be about 80 to 100 centimeters for the quality coffered ceiling height.

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Wood chipboard is suitable for the coffered ceilings of residential apartments, which is simpler to use and process. The frame of supporting beams

Choose a pattern with a little structure or solid color. Glue the wallpaper better together, smooth them with a special plastic spatula.

To begin with, create marks on the surface of the along which you’ll apply a lattice construction.

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Next, make the box bars and place them parallel to the central structure, consistent with the designed sketch.  Wooden coffered ceilings only with careful processing of composite parts that will look solid and festive.



The most thing at an equivalent time is to settle on reliable brands and follow the instructions of its application impeccably.

So, If you’re employed with pre-cooked plates so as for patterns and drawings to return out beautiful and even attach the primary tile within the center of the space, so it’ll be easier for you to orient yourself, to attach coffered ceiling is important with the assistance of mounting glue, at this point, it’s important to not stain the wallpaper. But, Check the proportions of the corners of your room.

Also, Staples fasten with the assistance of staples, and their connection – plug-in spikes.

But, Plug-in pins won’t be strong enough and reliable. The thickness of the slats, which will line the walls,, should cover all the indentations and shortcomings. So, This may help the space to seek out the specified features. But, If you employ gypsum elements in your work, fix them with self-tapping screws, and use cardboard glues for cardboard beams.

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