Casino paysafecard: the ideal prepaid ticket for online casino

prepaid ticket for online casino

As you can see, paysafecard is a revolutionary deposit method that combines the advantages of other prepaid tickets into one product. Now that you’ve seen the strengths of this deposit solution and know how to use it, you still need to identify a quality casino to use your tickets. In this blog, you will know about Casino Paysafecard: the ideal prepaid ticket for online casino.

In the ranking available on this page, you will find every Online Cricket Betting ID  that accepts paysafecard whose interface we have tested. To make your choice among the great quantity of operators composing this selection, we strongly invite you to read the reviews of each establishment in order to identify the one which will be made for you. It is important to know that online casino sites do everything to keep players loyal, so they offer many payment solutions to secure each transaction. Today, our team has decided to focus on the Paysafecard ticket. Paysafecard, a direct competitor of Ukash or Cashlib, has many features that will make your life easier on an online casino. Find out which ones!

Before you start playing at a paysafecard online casino, find out how to get this prepaid ticket

Accepted in the main European countries – including Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, India and Italy – the prepaid ticket for online casino developed by Wertkarten AG is based on a simple principle: the user buys a prepaid ticket in any tobacconist’s shop, which can be used to pay for purchases on sites that accept Paysafecard, whether they are e-commerce sites or Indian casinos accepting Paysafecard. As of today, more than 250,000 points of sale offer the prepaid Paysafecard ticket. In addition to the card in a Paysafecard tabac, many gas stations, merchants or kiosks offer you to buy a Paysafecard Code. Paying by hand with the merchant not only protects your personal data on the internet, but also provides you with a 100% reliable ticket. Besides, you can pay several times with the same Paysafecard ticket as long as its balance is not exhausted.

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The company’s website gives you concise explanations about the said prepaid ticket. You will be updated on the different values that can be purchased and can even find a point of sale near you to purchase a ticket that meets your needs. We recommend that you take a look at the “Paying with Paysafecard” section, which is very useful for understanding how Paysafecard works at a casino.

By the way, the prepaid card is also available online. Indeed, by registering on the brand’s website, you will be able to buy Paysafecard online. For those who have a smartphone, an application is also available, although we advise you to buy a Paysafecard by phone by sending a simple SMS. A PIN code is sent back to you to register it at the online casino with Paysafecard that you have chosen and have all your credit at your disposal!

Let’s talk more in depth about casino transactions with paysafecard? we explain everything. As explained above, a Paysafecard ticket, even if it is sold in different denominations (€10, €25, €50 or €100) only contains a fixed number of credits. It is therefore impossible to deposit or withdraw cash, or to make a withdrawal from your casino account with Paysafecard: this card has nothing to do with a bank card or a reload card. However, with Paysafecard, you can make purchases on the web without any hassle. Several partnerships have been created on occasion to facilitate your payments on an online merchant site. For example, the affiliation “Paysafecard Amazon” allows you to have access to the whole online store of the American giant.


You should also know that some gambling sites offer you a contest if you use Paysafecard as a deposit method. So if you have a poker game to play at a casino that accepts Paysafecard or you want to share a moment with a live dealer on a live casino game, take advantage of this gift, it will certainly be more lucrative for you than playing at Playstation!

Are there any fees or special precautions at a casino that accepts paysafecard? It is important to know that by using a prepaid ticket of this type at a “Paysafecard casino”, your security and privacy will be respected. There is no risk involved in using this method of payment. There is no need to disclose your private data. You have a single-use PIN code, which greatly limits the risk of hacking. You can also create a personal password for optimal protection. As for Paysafecard fees, you should know that no money will be deducted from your tickets.

With so much freedom, one can also wonder if the support will be there to answer your question. You can, of course, report your question to the customer service, visit their website, the assistance is, in our opinion, rather efficient to give you all the information you would need. The world of easy iGaming as we like it is yours. With such services where you are offered to recharge an account or a card with unique codes (it is, for example, the same operation for Skype, to name only this company), it is difficult to resist, isn’t it?

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