Best True Crime Youtube Channels for Crime Fiction Lovers

There are numerous channels based on crime fiction on YouTube, if you like to dive into the world of suspense, plot twists, mind triggering situations that intensifies the thrill of a real or fictional crime story. Here we will discuss the best true crime YouTube channels which will take the excitement to a whole new level.

True Crime Fiction

Seeing these words “True” and “Fiction” together is a juxtaposition in itself. While both are contrary to each other, the crime genre needs both of them. The movies, shows, books or channels based on true crime narrates the story of a crime that has happened in real life with actors role playing the real people. Now Crime fiction is an imagination or inspiration from a real incident by the author or narrator. When we put both of them together, we get a story based on a real crime scene but with some modified elements of adding imaginary characters with real ones, using metaphors, narrating the true story in a fictional and artistic way and starting the story with POV of one specific character. And this is how we get one of the most exciting genres to watch, read and explore.

Anything that our mind thinks actually exists, ever existed or might exist one day.

YT Channels for True Crime Stories

Nowadays when the internet is the leading force, everyone is watching their favourite movies or series on podcasts, radio, OTT platforms, and YouTube channels. There are many YouTubers whether solo or a whole team who have niche channels for Crime stories. These Creators either narrate the stories with use of videos or pictures or play the character themselves. You must have seen POV vertical YT shorts where everything is happening from your perspective. This is a new way to make videos and impact the audience by making them feel like they are actually a part of it. We will discuss the best True Crime Youtube Channels for you to find a new perspective to see the world.

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Top 7 Best True Crime Youtube Channels to explore

In these true crime fiction stories are narrated or shown by YouTube channels are based on murders, serial killers, abusers, rapists, pretexts, horror, plot twists, suspense, unresolved cases, suffering, vengeance, heartbreaks, hatred, disgust, envy, greed, infidelity, legal issues, fake identity, manipulation, gaslighting, psychological issues, bullying, insecurities and so on. These mentioned things happen everywhere and then we get these best true crime YouTube channels to know the things in detail.

1. Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae has been active on her YouTube channel based on True crime stories since 2016. She has started this channel to alert people about the heinous crimes that are happening around them and to help the victims of these crimes by raising the funds from her followers. She makes videos by narrating the crime and discussing it with her featured members. She also makes podcasts about true crimes.

Best True Crime Youtube Channels

2. Heidi Wong

Heidi Wong not only narrates the true crime stories but also illustrates the scenes by adding her own element to it. She began to make short vertical clips on Tik Tok, later getting noticed by the users which led to full length videos on true crime fiction. She is famous for using dark stories with two sentence twists and letting the audience interpret in their own way.

3. Reddit Unsolved

This is a popular YouTube channel where you will find true crime stories, documentaries, unresolved mysteries, conspiracy theories and hideous people who did dark things.

Reddit Unresolved is famous due to its name and association with the Reddit app where you will find all these crime stories and theories.

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4. BuzzFeed Unresolved Network

BuzzFeed Unresolved Network YouTube channel posts the videos about true crimes, fictional crimes, conspiracy theories, mysterious circumstances, supernatural events and psychology behind criminals. A team is operating this channel with many featured experts, professors, researchers which gives details about the crimes.

5. True Crime Daily

Based on investigations, theories and mysteries behind the unresolved crime cases, True Crime Daily is a YouTube channel where you will explore the most famous historical crime cases.

6. Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale  is a YouTuber who narrates the true crimes and stories of each victim in her videos. She has made many popular videos about the crimes which went down in history.

Best True Crime Youtube Channels

7. EWU Crime Storytime

To experience the most haunting true crime stories, watch the videos of EWU Crime Storyline YouTube channel. From unresolved mysteries to unknown circumstances in which people went to never come back, you will definitely love this channel.

Not only these true crime videos from above mentioned channels will entertain you, but trigger your mind to think about life in a new way. You might feel more alert and cautious after binge-watching these true crime based videos.

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