Best Strategy Game XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Receives a New Free DLC

Best Strategy Game

Xcom2 is the most wonderful and best strategy game in 2018. Firaxis presents a new free downloadable content for all those, who acquired the War of the Chosen expansion for such a celebrated sequel. The usual players of the great XCOM 2 are in luck; and that its makers, Firaxis Games, have announced a new free DLC for all those users who have already acquired the War of the Chosen expansion.

It is a new downloadable content called Tactical Legacy Pack that will connect the events of the original delivery, the no less brilliant XCOM: Enemy Unknown, with the sequel that concerns us. This page provides detailed cheats and console commands of xcom 2.

Best Strategy Game

The Tactical Legacy Pack Arrives Now:

Thus, this new downloadable content will come full of contents, with up to four totally unpublished stories, new game modes, a total of 28 classic maps of the franchise totally remastered. New weapons and equipment new personalization options and new musical themes inspired by XCOM: UFO Defense. But it is also that this new DLC will allow us to play more than a hundred challenges of the expansion. War of the Chosen in offline mode, extending, even more, the life of a title already very extensive.

Among the Best Strategy game modes, we find Resistance Archives, where we will have to overcome different missions with a difficulty that will stop increasing, Legacy Ops, with consecutive tactical missions, or Skirmish, that will allow us to play our own missions that we can create through a complete map editor.

The so-called Tactical Legacy Pack was available to Steam, on October 9 to be more exact, available completely free on December 3 for all those who already have War of the Chosen; from that day on you will have a price of 7.99 euros, so if you are interested in meeting them, do not lose sight of the calendar.

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Best Strategy Game:

Adaptation to the console command did not worry anyone, since it was inherited from Enemy Unknown with a control system that was very well suited to these versions to the point of almost missing the mouse, especially in the most difficult: the battles.

It is true that the navigation through the base can be somewhat less fluid in some operations, but given that it is a tactical game, where we have all the time in the world to think about what actions to take in each moment, the game does not suffer in absolute.

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Only in some situations will it cost us something more to fix the exact square where we want the troop to move, but beyond this, the control works perfectly. Interestingly, and although the original PC version of the previous XCOM came with the possibility of using a console pad, even with the arrival of the game PS4 and Xbox One have received an update of these features. So the only option using a command on computers goes through mapping the pad or using the Steam Controller, with which game was promoted at its launch.

The same war but with a different collar, a bestial collar:

This new release is still suffering from some of the failures of the first delivery, such as bugs, a camera that sometimes does not show us. The action as it should or a fairly normal technical section that, in addition, is marred by too many slumps in the frame rate. In addition, we also miss the mods of the PC version, and more now that other companies have shown. That it is very possible to offer them in consoles.

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But do not let these devices distract you, XCOM 2 is the best strategy game of recent years. Each playable element is measured by heart and its high difficulty itches without ever being unfair to the player. But, perhaps, the best is the amount of strategic and playable options offered, making the development of the missions is always unpredictable and, in addition, an experience worth repeating a thousand times.

Features Of XCOM 2:

Recruit resistance at the command of the Avenger, an alien ship converted into XCOM headquarters, you must increase the ranks of the resistance. You will have at your disposal five classes of soldiers, each with its own skill system with which to create specific units for all types of missions. The new system of phases. Now more open than in the original leaves in your hands. The course of the XCOM 2 team or what enemy aggressions deserve to be counterattacked.

Improve your base. Expand the rooms of the Avenger ship to have new improvements in the battles and use the scientists to develop your offensive and defensive capabilities. The most tactical and best strategy game.

The classic turn-based system and Best strategy game of the original XCOM 2 become even more tactical with new challenges and missions. Infinite maps. you will defend humanity all over the world in infinite combinations of maps, alone or in multiplayer.

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