Best Keyboard App Download for Android [Guide 2019]

Best Keyboard App

Supplanting the keyboard is something that makes Android so incredible. In a blink of an eye, you can totally change the look of Keyboard through Best Keyboard App. There are plenty of Keyboard App accessible in the Play Store. You don’t need to stay with the keyboard that came pre-introduced. Here are probably the Best Keyboard App you can download.

For some individuals, the default keyboard that goes ahead of their gadgets is acceptable. It usually is either the Keyboard App Download or the OEM Keyboard from Samsung, LG, and so on. However, those are not your only choices.

There are assortments of third-party Android keyboard apps that have a wide range of highlights. Some keyboard apps emphasis more on fun and customization. Others focus on better composting. Some even do both! Nowadays, Microsoft’s SwiftKey and Google’s Gboard sort of rule the market.

Best Android keyboard app for you

It’s unquestionably not the dominant piece of the application business nowadays. But, There are still some great choices, however. We should investigate the Best Keyboard App, Keyboard App Download!

SwiftKey Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: SwiftKey
PlayStore Rating: 4.5/5

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey isn’t just a solitary a standout amongst the most popular keyboard apps; however, it’s likely a standout amongst the most popular Android applications by and large.

Swiftkey has been around perpetually, and it just continues showing signs of improvement. It has extraordinary predictions and autocorrects, numerous themes to browse, customization alternatives, account match up, with many more features.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard

Category: Personalization / ProductivityFile
Type: APK
Publisher: Google LLC
PlayStore Rating: 4.2/5

2. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Google has an official application for everything, so it’s nothing unexpected they have a Keyboard application. Gboard is simple to use and exceptionally quick. It doesn’t have a huge amount of highlights like some other Keyboard apps, but that’s what people like about it. Regardless you get Themes and customization choices; besides, it has the intensity of Google for prescient content.


Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: ai.type
PlayStore Rating: 4.1/5

3. ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard

AL Type Keyboard Pro has been around for quite a while, and it’s a reliable keyboard choice. It accompanies a ton of the standard highlights, including expectation, auto-complete, emoticon, and keyboard customization.

There are thousands of themes that are available in AL Type Keyboard through which you can create customization. The free version is a preliminary trial that goes on for 18 days, and after that, you need to fork out the $3.99. You can remain on the free version, yet a few highlights will vanish.

It’s additionally one of only a handful couple of Android Keyboard with a number line. The AL Type Keyboard App had a minor security issue close to the finish of 2017; however, it has since been redressed.

Fleksy Fast Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: Thingthing Ltd
PlayStore Rating: 4.1/5

4. Fleksy: Fast Keyboard + Stickers, GIFs & Emojis

Fleksy cases to be the “quickest keyboard in the world.” While we can’t verify or refute that guarantee, it is a speedy keyboard. Fleksy has brilliant auto-correct, predictions, and vast amounts of convenient expansions. This is one of those console applications that has everything and the kitchen sink.

Chrooma Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: GameLounge
PlayStore Rating: 4.1/5

5. Chrooma Keyboard – RGB & Chameleon Theme

As the name suggests, Chrooma is a bright and colorful Keyboard app. The most refreshing element is the capacity of this Keyboard app to change shading dependent on the application you’re utilizing. It likewise mixes in and looks incredible. Chrooma is lightweight and quick; in addition to you can use an additional column for emoticon, numbers, and recommendations.

Flash Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: Flashkeyboard Team
PlayStore Rating: 4.0/5

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6. Flash Keyboard – Emoji & Theme

Flash Keyboard – Emoji & Theme complete significantly more than give you a chance to type content. The console can be utilized to look inside a full determination of administrations.

Stuffed with a huge number of emoji, stickers, emoticons and personalized themes, you will never feel bored. It helps you to type fast accurately and it learns your writing style automatically.

Ginger Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: GingerSoftware Inc.
PlayStore Rating: 4.1/5


7. Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs, Themes & Games

Ginger Keyboard has something for every type of keyboard users. It has emoticon, stickers, GIFs, subjects, and even amusements. Overall, Ginger uses Artificial Intelligence to examine the message and get familiar with your composition inclinations. The Ginger keyboard app really gets more astute as you use it more.

TouchPal Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: TouchPal
PlayStore Rating: 4.0/5

8. TouchPal Keyboard-Cute Emoji, theme, sticker, GIFs

TouhPal has the most remarkable Feature is the contextual prediction. While you’re composing word expectations for the following word will show up on the letters you’re destined to tap straight away. TouchPal additionally has plenty of similar highlights from the different applications in this rundown, identical to emoticon, GIFs, and subjects.

TouchPal Keyboard app is one of the Best Keyboard apps on Android. It got many updates throughout the years and stays in any event to some degree applicable today. At present, Touchpal Keyboard app flaunts a pack of customization and composing choices.

That incorporates more than 5,000 subjects, more than 300 emoticon, and exclusively adaptable Keyboard themes. It’s additionally one of only an easy and simple keyboard app with a T9 keyboard layout.

It’s as yet battling a bit with its cloud expectation, something that SwiftKey and Gboard, for the most part, appear to improve. In any case, it remains a durable alternative in an application showcase without such a large number of new console choices out there.

FancyKey Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: FancyKey Keyboard Labs
PlayStore Rating: 4.5/5

9. FancyKey Keyboard – Cool Fonts, Emoji, GIF, Sticker

FancyFey is one of the flashier Android keyboards. It concentrates much more on customization choices, topics, and stuff that way. The FancyFey keyboard app includes more than 50 Themes, 70 text styles, and 3,200 emoticons and emojis.

You ought to have the option to the thought of some inventive blends with those. The natural sort settings are unsuitable, however, spur of the moment. You get some auto-right, and auto-proposal includes alongside signal composing and backing for 50 dialects.

Some Google Play audits gripe about the periodic bug or issue. In any case, it appeared to function admirably amid our testing. If it doesn’t work for you, well, we have nine different choices recorded.

Grammarly Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: Grammarly, Inc.
PlayStore Rating: 4.1/5

10. Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly is one of the fresher Android keyboards. It began life as a Chrome expansion, and it redressed your language structure as you composed. The Android console variant intends to do something very similar.

It checks your language structure and spelling just as accentuation. It’s fresher, so it’s especially still being developed. We anticipate that more highlights should accompany future updates.

On top of superior language support, you’ll get gesture typing, the ability to set up a PC-style keyboard layout, keyboard resizing and re-positioning, themes, emoji, various layouts, and the all-important number row.

Despite everything, you get a spotless looking Keyboard that redresses language structure botches meanwhile. We additionally like how it clarifies your redresses if you need it to so you gain from it also. The keyboard is entirely free as far as we can tell.

Multiling O Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: Honso
PlayStore Rating: 4.1/5

get it on google play

11. Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji

Multiling O Keyboard is the one stop shop if you need various dialects. This console application underpins more than 200 dialects at the season of this composition, which is more than basically every other Android Keyboard app.

Over unrivaled language support, you’ll get signal composing, the capacity to set up a PC-style Keyboard design, console resizing and re-situating, subjects, emoticon, different formats, and the immensely significant number line.

It’s a ground-breaking alternative for you multi-etymologists out there. An ever-increasing number of consoles bolster an ever increasing number of dialects. In any case, no one does it very just as Multiling.

Typany Emoji Keyboard

Category: Personalization / Productivity
File Type: APK
Publisher: Sogou Inc.
PlayStore Rating: 4.2/5

12. Typany Emoji Keyboard-DIY Message & Photo Keyboard

Typani is one of the more up to date Android Keyboard app. It doesn’t have a huge amount of highlights. However, it has a tremendous amount of blaze. It brags tons of subjects, stickers, emoticon, and that’s just the beginning.

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There is likewise support for more than 90 dialects. A portion of different highlights incorporate word forecast, auto-rectification, and different console designs. It’s a compelling alternative by and large.

Maybe the best part that it’s everything altogether free with no in-application buys. It’s a showy Keyboard app without a doubt whether it’s not excessively useful.

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Are Third-Party Android Keyboards Safe?

Almost half of the time that you spend on your cell phone, its presentation is secured with the electronic keyboard. Whether you are composing a message or leading a search, you need this computerized keyboard to type in the fundamental data sources.

Individuals install 3rd party keyboard applications to modify the look and feel of the keyboard. They also have the simplicity of composing and to have diverse language alternatives as well. The fierceness of GIFs, stickers, exciting themes, and so on also has made them mainstream.

In this way, today, we’ll concentrate on the security part of 3rd party mobile keyboard apps. Peruse on to know whether Third-party keyboard applications are protected to utilize.

What Are The Risks Associated With Keyboard Apps?

It would not be a misrepresentation to state that individuals are dependent on downloading applications for each next reason. While doing this, one may very well skirt searching for safe keyboard app for Android or iOS and might finish up settling on the security.

Today, you utilize the keyboard app to enter the login accreditations for all your person to person communication and versatile financial sites. In this way, a risky console Keyboard application fills the need of somebody continually investigating your shoulder into your screen.

This consistent screen of the on-screen things will accidentally prompt an information spill. And, in the application proprietors get a moment access to each and everything that you type on your Smartphone.

Aside from this, a portion of these keyboard applications additionally requests an entrance to the amplifier, camera or the rundown of contacts on your telephone.

Giving undeniable access to this information can demonstrate to be risky since a steady stream of knowledge can go without much of a stretch stream right to the designer with your authorization. So read the terms, before you click on ‘Permit’ or ‘I Agree’ or download any application.

Are All Of Them Unsafe? Which Keyboard Application Should You Install?

No. Not all applications represent a risk to your information security. We don’t recommend that you should expel every one of these applications from your mobile phone while considering measures for iOS or Android console application security.

Some of them are great. The prominent applications that you can introduce securely on your gadget incorporate SwiftKey, GBoard, and Fleksy.

There are other safe applications as well, and you can be the judge to the security of these applications via cautiously experiencing the rundown of authorizations that they require while introducing them on day 1.

Tips to Install a Safe 3rd Party Keyboard Application

Here are a couple of steps that you can take to ensure that the keyboard app that you introduce is sheltered.

  • Install applications from well-known application engineers like Google, Microsoft, and so forth. iOS and Android application improvement of these dependable MNCs merit trusting.
  • Look for applications with a proofreader’s decision comment (on Google Play Store). These applications are attempted and tried by the Google Play experts for security.
  • Check for consents while introducing the app. If you find that the application expects access to components, for example, your receiver, camera, or gets in touch with, it probably won’t be sheltered entirely to introduce them in any case.
  • Do speedy Google looks for the outsider console application that you like and find if you go over negative surveys? It is basic notwithstanding for the most common applications to have a couple of negative reviews all over.
  • In any case, it is prudent not to introduce an app, where you find that its negative audits exceed the positive surveys or where each next examination that you read speaks negatives, particularly about information security viewpoint.

Versatile application engineers the world over are working nonstop to create more secure applications for their clients. Indeed, the most prevalent portable application improvement rehearses request that the engineers devote about 25% of the advancement time essentially into testing the application.

Thus, rather than totally abstaining yourself from utilizing these engaging applications, you ought to receive approaches to pick a protected application. A little research to guarantee being protected isn’t awful quickly. Along these lines, embrace a rigorous methodology while downloading such apps.

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