Best sites to Watch Anime – Free and Paid

Best sites to Watch Anime

Anime went from being just a genre to becoming a cultural expression beyond Japan. Each story generates an indescribable emotional connection with the people who see them. It is no longer about actors and fame but about appreciating the script’s quality, the photography, and the stories. That makes it an authentic art. So, today we will talk about the best sites to watch Anime.

For this reason, we will help you get the best pages and websites to watch and download your favorite Anime. It doesn’t matter if you are a consecrated otaku or only want to watch Anime occasionally. You always want to be on a safe platform with a diversity of genres, which does not waste a lot of time searching. Look out here, the 8 best sites to Watch Anime, and get your favorite anime.

8 Best sites to Watch Anime

This page is very diverse in terms of genres and an adequate balance between old and new Anime. It has more than 40 thousand episodes with content from movies and series. The loading of the interface is relatively fast, and it has a search engine at the beginning to find specific elements without so many detours.

You can use the page for free, but you will expose to publicity at the start of each episode. If this does not bother you too much, it is a good option for you since you will find what you need at the first shot.

You can search your Anime from the first letter of the alphabet or through a general search. When you explore, it will activate the option to predict and autocomplete the phrase. That will help you know what you are looking for is in the page’s repertoire.

Once the search done, it will return all the results. Right there, it will tell you what the matches are with the name, the number of chapters, and the genre. The only detail is that you will have to click the video to know the language and quality. Another advantage is that it does not ask for captcha and does not redirect you to other web pages, so it will not waste time.

This page is entirely free and is specialized Anime. It is the ideal page to “feel out” what is new since it sends you great recommendations initially. The thumbnails to the video show you a flash on the production so, at once, you can see if it catches you.

In one part, it shows you the recommended Anime, according to the score given itself. In another, it shows you what the current trends are, according to the most recent releases and the critics. Finally, it has a top 10 of the best of each week, where you can get an idea of ​​the community’s recent movement.

There are 27 genres to choose from, and most are new productions. The search engine also throws you the matches as you type the phrase. The description of each video is quite specific. It is a complete dossier on the video‘s technical information, what it is about, and if it finishes. Likewise, you can add it to favorites, put it on hold or continuously monitor any premiere related to the Anime.

It seems incredible that, with so much information, the page is still aesthetically pleasing and does not get stuck when searching. Besides, its tag systems will make your search more accessible in every way.


Do not be fooled by its minimalist appearance. This page has a vast repertoire of Anime and doramas that will surprise you. On the home page, you have the most-watched Anime, with a number – in the lower left – that denotes the community’s score. So, if at that moment you don’t know what to see, you can use that score to choose something to hang out with.

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Like most pages, it has a comprehensive search option through the bar, and it throws you the matches “hot” without even completing the phrase. But you can also do the search using the filters of category, genre, year of release, or the first letter of the name. It can combine these filters for a better experience.

Also, it has a tab called “broadcast,” where the most recent releases are published. And the publications are very up-to-date. It has a chats section (discord) to create your avatar and start sharing with the community. Another advantage is that it has a “mirror server” that works as a backup for all the uploaded content.


AnimeYT interface

Its interface is high-speed, and you have the option of registering or browsing as a guest. With the first option, free, you can enjoy all the privileges to follow the series you like the most.

The best advantage is that you get a pop-up window with the Anime description when you place the pointer over each video image.

It has a bit of publicity, and the links go down from time to time, but they are repaired in the same week since the page is maintained daily. You have a section where they detail the most recent and closest release dates.


As a disadvantage, the website launches advertising in the form of tabs. That is not pop-up, intrusive, or something that happens a lot, but it can still be a bit annoying. However, it is worth it for the amount of content they have. 

From the outset, its colorful interface, in the best Asian style, will impress you. However, organizing the content will give you more of the impression of being on a social network or blog. The suggestions take up almost the entire page, and the description is in English. However, this page has exclusive content that you will not get on other pages.

Its aesthetic focuses more on publication dates, content description and less on the usual categories. So it is a more recommended page for when you are looking for something specific. It will take a while to get its hang, but you won’t want to change once you understand the sitemap.

If you are demanding to dub, this page is one of the best in that regard. It has unreleased dubbing for some series and high-quality sound. Finally, you have a chat for “geeks” to share theories, criticisms, and opinions.


This page has excellent compatibility with all platforms and countries, so it will hardly throw an error on your Android phone. You can view videos with subtitles, dubbed and translated.

It does not matter if you are looking for old or new Anime. It is most likely there, be it Yuri, Shounen, Fantasy, Isekai, Action, etc.

Its appearance is more than an anime store and could be understood by anyone when entering your home. On the left side, it has no complications; on the left side is a list of suggested Anime and, on the right side, the boxes with the latest Anime released. The search engine completes the phrase just by starting to write and shows you a box with the coincidences’ images so that there is no doubt about it.

If you like to search one by one, you can also do it by accessing its directory. There are 137 tabs with 24 productions each. It also has chat and live channels with the possibility of commenting with instant messaging. The latter is innovative because it allows the community to a group, not by themes – as is customary – but by live programming.


It is one of the oldest sites with a vast accumulated repertoire. There you will find from Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and Samurai X to newer series. Its input interface is undoubtedly old-fashioned, but its content is worth it, with over a thousand productions to its credit.

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He publishes the series and movies that are hot in Japan and keeps his followers well informed about the releases, the companies, and the voice actors. In return, it has advertising on its page to finance its project, so, from time to time, one will appear.

It focused on the light anime genre, so it is perfect for people starting in this world. They do not want to see such a long series but have an exciting plot, with rapid development and, additionally, an image of high quality.

You have the option to download content, and it also broadcasts and duplicates various content.


Where to watch Anime online? – Best sites to watch anime

There are many pages dedicated to mounting Anime. However, some offer greater or lesser advantages. There are several factors that we have to evaluate: the ordering of the information, diversity of genres, the speed of the interface, the stability of its servers to avoid content drops, the ability to interact with users, the quality of the audio, and the videos, the availability of languages ​​and, of course, that you find what you are looking for.

For this reason, we will not only tell you which are the best pages, but we will also explain their potential, advantages, and disadvantages. This way, you can stop going around the internet to find out which one works well.


FAQ of best sites to watch anime

  1. What is the best app to watch Anime for free?

Crunchyroll, the best app to watch Anime on your Android

The application comes with an extensive library that includes the best titles from the past and present, and also, the streaming service is speedy. It has a spotless interface, and its catalog order by genre, popularity, and release date.


  1. How many are the Naruto sagas?

Since last Friday, April 5, all nine seasons of Naruto have been available on Netflix. The original Anime divide into Naruto and its continuation: Naruto Shippuden. However, the company has chosen to group the story into a single title, with 26 episodes.


  1. Where can I watch Crunchyroll?

As comrade Ryuyin says, for now, on SmartTV, it is only available if you have an Android, iOS, or Roku operating system. You can also enjoy Crunchyroll on the big screen thanks to the game console application or through Chromecast.

  1. How can you remove the ads from the Crunchyroll app?

Now, you can use AdBlock to block the ads. It sounds mean, but the ads are from the same Crunchyroll promoting other series. I recommend using the Opera browser that has a built-in AdBlock.


  1. Where can I watch Anime on a Smart TV?

If you have bought a Google Chromecast, you can install the Animeflv application on your smartphone or tablet. With Android and from there send its channels to be played on the screen of a smart TV. Do not forget that it is necessary to connect to the same Wi-Fi network for the transmission to occur.


Conclusion of best sites to watch Anime

It doesn’t matter what your favorite option is to watch Anime. We hope that all these websites to watch Anime are very useful to you. And we are trying to give you some suggestions. In case you have had some difficulties finding good websites to watch your favorite Anime.

Suppose you want to enjoy and have a good time enjoying your favorite anime series and movies. At the same time, delving into the Japanese world. Access any of the web pages listed in this post. Thanks to these alternatives, you will be able to discover for yourself. These sites are the best to watch Anime. You will not regret using them!

Japanese anime is excellent; people of all ages love to watch it. Viewers are mesmerized by the story being told in its 2D version and magical voice. Also, these sites will help you if you are interested in Japanese culture. From here, you can find the site of your choice.

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