Benefits of artificial intelligence in the Future world

Artificial intelligence can be defined as an artificial way of observing, thinking, analyzing and finally deduction of problems and facts. Now there are two types of thinking processes in the modern world I.e Natural & Artificial. The natural thinking processes are done with the help of the human brain which is readily present to conclude issues and deduct logic about any issue occurring in our daily life while artificial intelligence is the same process acquired with the help of machines. One may recall artificial intelligence as an autonomous machine performing it’s daily tasks and resolving problems on its own. In this article, we learn what is the Benefits of artificial intelligence in the future world.

History of Artificial intelligence

The idea of artificial intelligence was first presented by a computer scientist john MacCarthy in Darthmouth conference in 1956. John Maccarthy belonged to the United States of  America. His idea was duly appreciated among the society of computer scientists all over the world and they immediately started researching the term to observe the future of artificial intelligence in computer sciences.

The experiments got intense after the development of a mathematical problem-solving algorithm by two scientists Newell and Simon. John MacCarthy keeps experimenting upon his idea of Artificial intelligence and created a new machine language (LISP). So we can remember John as the founder of Artificial Intelligence.

Humanoid Robot

As the research upon artificial intelligence proceeded, scientists moved toward working upon the ideas of autonomous machines and in 1972 Japan being on working upon the idea created the first Humanoid robot Wabot-1 who was fully functional upon artificial intelligence.

benefits of artificial intelligence

Beyond limits

Weak and strong artificial intelligence (Types)

Weak intelligence is specifically designed to perform particular tasks such as virtual personal assistants and Siri (Apple). They provide a native approach towards the problem they are designed for and do not control general intelligence cases.

Strong Intelligence is the general intelligence of a machine to cope with almost all problems occurring within it. You can also define strong intelligence as the cognitive ability of a machine to work like a human brain and solve the problems which are not native to the algorithms. For example, different bugs being raised in a machine are controlled by security protocols (Artificial intelligence) and are immediately terminated upon notice.

Uses of Artificial intelligence (AI)

Nowadays artificial intelligence has become part of our routine lives. There are several machines that we use in our daily life and don’t know what processes the acquire to complete their tasks.

These autonomous machines and applications help us completing the tasks within the shortest time span and more accurately .there are a number of applications who work on artificial intelligence for examples face recognition, virtual reality, image processing, photo, and video manipulation, diagnosis, data management, computer writing, personal finance assistance, algorithms, medical diagnosis, remote infrared sensing, electronic trading, electronic finance funding, Diagnosis. Hence we are surrounded by enormous autonomous artificially intelligent machines that perform our daily routine tasks and save our time and money.

benefits of artificial intelligence
A new world with new possibilities

Benefits of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been integrated into our lives by developers to make to more efficient, easy, quick sort, better there are various benefits of artificial intelligence .some of them are listed  below

•   The Google Home Assistant now a day is the best example of Artificial intelligence which deliberately observes, listens, deduce and provides output in real-time. It feels like having world knowledge at your doorstep.

•   Artificial intelligence <ai> helps to solve daily time-consuming tasks and minimize the workload .e,g  Compilers, Modulators, Washing machines, sewing machines, surface integration .visual enhancement.

•  It (<.AI) helps to reduce the errors to perform intensively difficult tasks as compared to the human brain which has a greater rate of errors as compared to autonomous machines.

•  The power of [AI] to perform tasks without being compromised by surrounding hostile environments and do it more accurately without being injured as compared to humans where there is always a chance of being exposed in hostile situations.

• With the help of this cutting edge {<AI>} technology, the information can be handled more accurately and precisely without any counter of error.

•  At many stages, {AI} has proven to provide a more accurate solution than the human brain just like Deep Blue became the first computer to defeat Danny Kasparov (Chess champion) in chess within the calculated moves in (<1997>).

Decision taker

• It (AI>) is purely based on rational decisions because they are designed to work upon logic without being interrupted by the pain of emotions that could compromise the ability to make decisions in any kind of hostile environment.

• Its features can serve medically by providing the best medical care and its side effects for any specific disease. Though scientists are constantly working upon the idea of bringing robotic surgeries and neural implants through artificial intelligence it will be available in the near future.

•  Machines integrated with AI don’t compromise upon workload just think you are in the library and you have to memorize all books word by word, A human brain would definitely compromise in such condition but a machine (Artificially intelligent ) wouldn’t compromise and will complete the task in shorter time as compared to any natural machines(Human brain)

• Artificially intelligent machines have lead humans to explore space. Human nature has always a thing for exploring new realities so scientists came up with the idea to develop space ships that could explore space so scientists developed a rocket Vostok 2KA and USSR launched it in space orbit in April 1961. That was the very first successful human approach towards the new realities beyond earth orbit.


Just like advantages, there are also many harmful and irreversible effects of artificial intelligence in the material world. Some of the main disadvantages of artificial intelligence ar following

•  Artificially intelligent (<ai>) robotic devices are very costly and we need lots of money and resources to rebuild devices once they start showing failure, broken and are needed to be repaired.

• There is a question about ethics of this advanced technology (<AI>) is being arisen in the communities of science affairs that weather the artificially intelligent mobile devices who observe, think and provide results like natural brains are ethical or not and is it putting any strains on the natural order of creation.

•  You can store large terabytes (external) of data into the artificially intelligent machines but they may not respond accordingly at the time of accessing that data if they are exposed to any kind of trojan(msop) horse and malware<bug>. Despite the fact that Human memory can intake a limited amount of data, it is always readily available to be accessed.

•  Artificially intelligent machines can perform only tasks they are designed to perform and are logically coded to perform and they can not exceed the limits or their programmatic memory to perform and outside tasks. While human brains are readily available to solve any task that arises and perform it with 70-79% accuracy.

•  The artificially intelligent machines are not efficient when it comes to emotions and hence are failed in certain fields and can deliver harmful results. For example, if a robot is designed to eliminate the threat if it feels surrounding environment to be more hostile than average than it will not take a second to think about it because it is not designed to think and will start shooting without having the fact that the environed can change due to many reasons .while humans have the ability to observe and deduce results likes these in real-time with so much precision.

Insider Trading

• Many firms are buying this cutting edge technology(AI.LK) that performs limited tasks more accurately, precisely and in no time so all this is leading toward severe unemployment which could have drastic effects in near future and once again could lead to communism.

• Mobiles :<android> have solutions to every problem related to tech and are readily available to provide information upon anything with the help on internet which is a good thing but it also decreases the mental ability to take actions and research on it own for example if a man has to wake up at 7: 00 AM and sets the alarm in the phone or watch His brain would observe this tasks and will definitely fail to help him in absence of that tech because our natural brains are created to observe and get along with surrounding environment and the brains does what it sees.

• Since artificially intelligent(<AI.x) machines are emotionless, they could have adverse effects and can cause mass destruction once put into the wrong hands.

• Now the greatest fear of human society is to think about the future of (<AI>) robots as they can perform tasks more efficiently than humans and superseding them to some extinct so what happens if a glitch occurs and they start enslaving us instead of helping us perform our tasks.

Market Comparison

As the use of artificial intelligence started growing many firms step forward to take part in it by buying such applications which will help them in their business more efficiently and accurately. Artificial intelligence is readily helping the marketers to determine the right span of campaigns for their customers on media and helping them to sort a number of best ideas to gain more attention for their product for an optimized evaluation. So by acquiring artificial intelligence into media marketing, you can get more customers in a short time span instead of wasting your time going door to door to sell a single pen when you can sell thousands of them sitting at your desk with artificial intelligence applications.

Comparison to Human Intelligence

Besides adverse effects, artificial intelligence is also superseding the human intelligence in almost all scenarios .for example if we assign a task to a person and put a deadline to it and let’s say he completes the task within first 30 minutes of the deadline, an artificially intelligent machine brain will perform the same task in almost 10 minutes but with 99% accuracy saving lot of time to review the case.

The power of artificial intelligence to analyze the environments is much greater than a normal human brain.

When it comes to logics of a problem, Human is suspected to provide more errors than machines. Also, the cognitive ability of AI machines provides a plus point to them over the natural brain.

With artificial intelligence, you can get a large number of data to be compiled in a very short time span. If you assign the same task to humans it will take them many days to acquire the outcome.

While traveling human brain starts observing and memorizing data into its storage in real-time but not all the memory is purely preserved but with the help of AI likes Cameras and phones you can save all this information in real-time and without any chance of losing a single pixel of nature except some rear tragic cases of malware or any trojan hitting the machine.

In the early days, the Ai developers developed algorithms that could perform only limited tasks with proper perception but now they are experimenting to make more autonomous machines that would reduce the human effort to a minimum and will provide them ease and leisure in their daily tasks.

Out Come

As they say, Technology itself is not a bad thing at all but abuse of technology actually is a lot more dangerous. Similarly, use of artificial intelligence in daily life is too smart and very helpful as it helps us reduce the errors and time and performs tasks with more efficiency but if we are trying to implement machines too much over us than we have to be prepared for their effects on us and on human health.

When we perform tasks with our body involved in physical exercise of it we feel much healthy. But as you see today there are too many machines like cars, mobiles, dispensers, bikes, translators, modulators which are reducing human effort. Making them limited to their desks so if we study history you’ll observe fewer diseases in human societies regarding to fatigue, muscle contraction, eyesight, blood sugar level, tenderness as you see nowadays. So use machines that are good but do not abuse them.

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