Climbing to the Top: The Many Benefits of Aluminum Ladders

aluminum ladders

In the construction industry, certain items are mandatory to have, like ladders. With many designs and materials made by manufacturers, its difficult to make the right choice. So here’s a tip, choose the aluminum ladders.

Why? Because they have numerous benefits compared to its competitors. While timber and fiberglass ladders also have their strengths, aluminum surpasses them. Making them effective and efficient.

So if you are in the market to purchase or rent a ladder. You should definitely consider aluminum ladders. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why.

Benefits of Aluminum Ladders

In such a competitive world, only the best products succeed. In terms of structure, affordability, weight, and other factors. Manufacturers must know how they can satisfy their customers.

Aluminum ladders have presented some of the most significant benefits there are. Read further and learn about their top seven features.

1. Affordable

During the manufacturing process of aluminum ladders, the costs are substantially lower than other materials like timber and fiberglass. Plus, aluminum is a different metal. Being non- ferrous like steel and iron, it doesn’t require special coatings.

Hence, with fewer processes to go through and lower overhead costs, customers can now enjoy lower price tags. The best part about its affordability is that it doesn’t compromise on the quality. Its production remains authentic and genuine to the sturdiness of the alloy material.

2. Weather Resistant

Under different work environments, there may be limited space for storage. This means that items like ladders and wheelbarrows can be left outside. Here’s where the advantage comes in.

Aluminum ladders are rust free, even with prolonged exposure to wet or damp areas. While most metals rust with exposure to water or moisture, aluminum reacts differently. When it comes into contact with water, it oxidizes forming aluminum oxide.

This new coating, adds a layer of protection on the metal like a seal. Leaving it automatically stainless. This is especially good for times when you lease or rent scaffolding. You won’t have to worry about it losing its look or rigidity because of rust.

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If you work under hot areas, the oxidized layer has non-toxic properties. This proves them to be the safest option so far compared to the other types of ladders.

3. Light in Weight

There’s nothing as difficult as manual labor. And not house chores or gardening, but hard construction labor. Where workers constantly carry ladders back and forth, up and down. How tiring is that?

With aluminum ladders, the weight is substantially reduced. The metal is lighter and easier to carry around compared to timber ladders. For hectic construction projects, this would be the best choice of ladders.

4. Sturdy and Durable

Most buyer guides will advise customers to check on the longevity of the product. For a ladder to be long lasting, it has to withstand weight, pressure, the weather, and other unfavorable conditions.

For aluminum ladders, they shine through all these qualities. Their production process is thorough, meaning it can withstand heavy weights and pressure. It’s rust-free and certainly doesn’t crack.

As for fiberglass ladders, they’re very like to crack and eventually give in to the weight exerted, over some time. Timber ladders are profoundly affected by weather, which leaves aluminum the winning product.

That’s why these materials are widely used for installations including:

● Aerospace
● Architectural
● Chemical
● Commercial
● Energy and petroleum
● Industrial
● Manufacturing and many more

Their durability gives them the added advantage of versatility and safety from hazards. Making them the most suitable extension ladders. Learn more about their installations.

5. Maintenance Free

Like any other metal, maintenance is close to none. The manufacturer makes its design and structure in such a way that you don’t require constant repairs. They have manufactured the aluminum metal to be durable and reliable.

Timber ladders, however, require constant varnishing for durability. Their processing requires polishing, shaving, and reshaping to keep it stable for the job.

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Although regular inspection of such products is required, the deal of purchase for aluminum ladders is one time off.

6. Flame Resistant

Ever wondered why firefighters use aluminum ladders? Working under hot temperatures, humid environments and under fire, these ladders provide flame resistance for any condition.

Under such heat exposure, fiberglass ladders are more prone to crack and break. As for timber ladders, they would deteriorate from moisture. Plus, they catch fire quickly, posing a risk to the workers.

This, therefore, leaves aluminum as the most suitable choice for working areas close to hot temperatures.

Either way, it’s important to note that while they don’t catch fire easily, exposure to heat over an extended period will cause the ladders to become hot. Put that into consideration before you purchase these ladders for stairs.

7. Great Weight Distribution

Your working environment could require heavyweights of cargo to be transported, carried, or passed using these ladders. As so, you will need to look for one that supports weight evenly and entirely.

Aluminum ladders can do that for you. They have high strength due to the alloy manufacturing process. This then makes them evidently stronger than any other materials.

Don’t get it twisted; fiberglass has its features. But they lie under step ladders. For extension ladders, however, aluminum shines through with their ability to distribute weight across the ladder, allowing for stronger resistance to breaking.

The tensile strength exhibited by aluminum is over 30,000 pounds per square inch. Manufacturers can double up the strength by a rolling process. This means that its ability to carry weight is significantly higher than any other.

Evidence backs this information by its weight to strength ratio. Aluminum is the highest of all three. Making it the ultimate choice for you.

Choose Aluminum Ladders

Every one of these ladders is a winner. From fiberglass to timber and the aluminum ladders. But what stands out for these aluminum type is that they are pocket-friendly, less dense, non-toxic, weatherproof and flame resistant. With all these benefits, it’s undeniable what choice you should go for.

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