8 Incredible Benefits of 3D Printing That You Should Know

benefits of 3d printing

According to Forbes, research carried out in Europe, U.S.A and Asia showed that 51% of business enterprises actively use 3D printing technology in their production. The businesses use 3D printing to produce industrial goods consumer goods, health, & medical products, among other products.

During the manufacturing stage, it is important for manufacturers to consider the perfect materials and processes to use in finishing their designs. If you still do not understand how beneficial 3D printing is, keep reading to learn of the incredible benefits of 3D printing.

3D printing offers more benefits over traditional production techniques in the fields of business, engineering, and medicine. Many companies have already embraced 3D printing, while some have plans to try out the printing technique.

Here are 8 incredible benefits of 3D printing you should know of.

1. One of the Top Benefits of 3D Is That It’s Cheaper

During production, the amount of labor used determines the total amount of money used in the overall production of a prototype. The traditional methods of prototyping, which include production runs along with injection mold, remain costly. They need a large number of people to operate the machines.

These machine operators do not come at a small price, and manufacturers spend too much money on paying them. In the end, as a manufacturer using the traditional printing method, you have to pay for labor. In addition, you have to use expensive equipment.

3D printing allows you to work with as little as one individual.

2. Faster Production

The entire process of looking for qualified people to operate traditional printing machines takes time. That means that if you are working on your first prototype, you may not manage to have it at your desired time. The time wastage involved frustrates everyone from the CEO to the clients.

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The traditional printers are also not as fast as the 3D printers are.

If you used 3D printing, you will spend only a few hours to build a prototype. If you build one in the evening, you can have it in the morning. 3D printing takes less time because, once the design is ready, you can change it to a readable file for the printer, and then have the printer print the design.

You will not need any intervention from anyone.

3. Better Quality

Sometimes using the traditional methods of manufacturing can result in the creation of poor designs. With poor designs, the prototype will end being of poor quality. The traditional printing method does not allow you to assemble a prototype step by step as is with 3D printing.

Mass manufacturing comes with many faults, one of it being the production of poor quality products. You definitely want to create a prototype, which is 100% good quality because that will not only benefit you but will also benefit the final consumer. No consumer is willing to pay for a product that is of low quality.

To understand in-depth just how much the quality of your products will improve when you embrace 3D printing learn more here. Anubis 3D, a 3D printing company, is committed to quality, innovation, and problem-solving.

Anubis’ team of highly qualified designers and engineers consistently create the best designs and solutions for major 3D printing projects for jigs, fixtures, and EOATs.

4. Easily Customize Designs

The traditional manufacturing method is known for producing millions of similar copies of a product.  Additionally, manufacturers do not have the chance to alter the products much.

It is hard to make different products, of unique design using the traditional printing method.

3D printers provide you with the chance to easily customize your items and create products of different designs. That is possible with 3D printers because of the reduced upfront costs, and the fact that you rely on very few workers.

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5. Touchable Design and Product Testing

With 3D printing, you can physically test a prototype instead of simply having to view it on a screen and virtually scrutinize it. There is no better feeling than being able to feel a prototype and physically look into its strong and weak areas, scrutinizing it to the fullest.

3D printing gives you an opportunity to alter the design when you discover a flaw.

6. Control Risk

Manufacturers know the importance of verifying designs before spending their money on buying expensive molding tools. With 3D printing, manufacturers have the opportunity to verify product prototypes before starting the production of the designs, which can end up being a big disappointment.

Before you invest in expensive tools, you can test prototypes, and redesign products if you need to, thanks to 3D printing methodology.

7. Use Raw Materials

Traditional printing methods require product designers to practice keenness when choosing the type of materials to use. The mass production associated with the traditional printing method does not allow you to mix raw materials because of the cost.

With 3D printing, you can use raw materials such as paper, glass, ceramics, silver plus many more.

8. Produces Less Waste

Injection molding together with CNC cutting produces too much waste. Both these processes involve removing materials from solid chunks. This process produces a lot of waste materials.

3D printing does not involve the use of materials, not needed in the creation of prototype parts. The materials used in 3D printing can also be easily re-used.

The good news is that the re-using process is straightforward. In the end, additive manufacturing produces less waste and helps a company save a comfortable amount of money.

The Benefits of 3D Printing Are Endless, and You Can Only Expect the Technology to Grow More Popular

3D printing promises you speed, quality, and affordability; three of the most important things business need and desire. The benefits of 3D printing are too incredible to ignore.

Use this guide to understand all the ways that your business can benefit from 3D printing.

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