9 of the Best Small Business Phone Systems

9 of the Best Small Business Phone Systems

Having a phone system that works well is vital for small business success.

Phone systems manage businesses and provide a service to make customer support easier. Employees can collaborate with each other and use the apps that phone systems provide to get involved with work while on the road.

There are many phone systems to choose from, all providing their own plans and benefits. They vary depending on the business size, but they all have the same purpose.

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RingCentral is a phone service that provides many features and different plans. The cloud hosts the service, so there’s no need to worry about any installation. The most important factor is a business’ bandwidth to communicate without drops.

This service allows telephones to connect to ethernet ports and make calls, and the system can be monitored online. The online system allows admins to set up configurations and assigns phone numbers.

It also allows employees to link their cell phones with their business lines, granting them access to make business calls while on the go. Conference calls are also a feature within the system, supporting up to 1000 people at once.


Vonex offers one of the best business phone systems with a cloud-based service that can support many devices. The service operates through the internet and has an uptime of 99.99%.

Vonex offers an affordable, secure, and reliable service by providing a phone system that all employees can use, both at home and at work.


Ooma is the best small business phone system. They provide an affordable service that is easy to set up and offers benefits that are valuable to small businesses.

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Ooma’s service relies on a router that increases the quality of audio, and it can support up to 4 landline phones. They provide their own “Linx” devices should you need to wirelessly connect your landlines.

Some of the benefits of Ooma are conference calls up to 10 people, unlimited phone calls, a mode that only accepts calls during business hours, and company phone numbers.


Vonage is a well-known phone company that provides its own office phone systems. They actually offer two different services to compensate for various company sizes, the Business Cloud and Enterprise.

The Business Cloud targets smaller businesses, offering a plethora of tools that are useful in startup companies, such as audio conferences, and access to Amazon Chime for video conferences up to 100 people.

Vonage Enterprise is designed for large companies, providing conferences that can have up to 300 people, a contact center to manage communication with customers, and cloud-based apps.


Cisco is one of the few companies to offer a phone system that doesn’t rely on the cloud, which is a phone system that is designed for small businesses. They still do, however, offer a cloud-based system geared towards larger businesses.

Their non-cloud phone system allows individual users to host their own phone conferences for up to 24 people and provides applications to allow for collaboration and management.


Mitel is a service that offers phone systems that focus on calling and collaboration. They provide multiple tools designed for phone calls, such as auto answering, blocking, and advanced call screening.

They include video and call conferencing within their systems, but the max number of people depend on which plan you have. They also offer a contact center service to better monitor customer supports.


Nextiva is a cloud-based phone system that is designed to be used across several locations. They only require that phones be hooked up to Ethernet ports, and their system will find each phone and join them into the network.

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Like most cloud-based phone systems, they offer an online portal that can be used to administrate the business. Assigning number, limiting employee access to features, and automatic answering are all included within the service.

Nextiva also provides a mobile app that lets employees connect with each other and operate their business lines. They offer three different plans with varying prices depending on the number of employees.


8×8 offers phone systems for small businesses and only require a router to get started. Your own phones can be used with their service, but they also sell phones that are ready to be connected to their system without any problems.

8×8 is great for businesses that would like to elevate their communications. They provide a ton of services that improve calling such as directories, audio calls up to 15 people, video calls up to 100 people, and ring groups.

They also offer an app to access company tools from mobiles devices. 8×8 has 17 data centers across the world to ensure that their services can be accessed from anywhere.


Jive is another service that focuses on phone calls. Their cloud-based phone systems feature tools that can improve a customer’s call experience, such as on-hold music, auto answering, and voicemails that send as emails.

Jive offers several plans that lesses in price-per-user the more employees you have within your company. Jive uses 11 data centers, with 7 in the USA, to keep their services running

Invest in Small Business Phone Systems to Improve Communications

Small business phone systems are designed to help businesses cover an area of their business that’s usually difficult to manage. Phone systems provide useful tools that take care of call management and employee interaction.

Look into some phone systems if you’d like your small business to excel.

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