Aquaguard, guarding your source of impure water with purity.


Human beings rely on may things to live, but main and the most important thing which they rely on is on water. Water is the ultimate need for every single living soul. But, this source of living is also now becoming more and more impure to drink. The entire world consists of almost 4% of the total water, only this much amount of water we have and that too is impure to drink.  Due to this, many people suffer from various deadly disease. Majority of the population is suffering from such water problems. And for this, there should be a solution.

By being the liberator of all our problems, Aquaguard Ro water purifiers bring different types of products to resolve our drinking water issue. Aquaguard RO water purifier is well renowned in the water industry. It has been in the market since a very long time, and since the date of its incorporation, it is still leading as one of India’s most significant selling product.

How to deal with the queries regarding Aquaguard products?

Aquaguard complaint number is also there as it deals with both the domestic as well the commercial RO sales and services and can help you to serve your queries and doubts. Furthermore, along with this, there are many branches of the aquaguard as well as aquaguard toll free number is also there where you can get the products and even track your delivery status. Aquaguard is considered as the ultimate water purifier company, due to its variety and A- one quality of products.

Entitlements of Aquaguard products

With the Aquagaurd leading the water purifier industry with its variety of products, the Aquaguard is resulting positively. It has various benefits, because if it is considered as the most popular product. It contains a 5-stage purification process of technology.

  • In the first stage of water, purification begins with the sediment filter, which is present in the aquaguardro filter that strains all the macroscopic dust and impurities in the inlet of water.
  • In the second stage of purification technology, the water then flows to a carbon filter that traps the more excellent contaminants, chemical substances, organic compounds, and other odor-causing substances.
  • In the third process the reverse osmosis (RO) chamber the subjects present in the water to a high pressure within a membrane to remove most of the TDS and other heavy metals which helps in making the water fit for drinking.
  • In the fourth stage of purification technology in the aquaguardro, the ultraviolet treatment unit helps the water to get rid of the powerful ultraviolet rays to kill off all microorganisms.
  • Lastly, in the final stage, the water is passed through a taste enhancer to improve its taste along with purity, which is the specialty of the Aquaguard.
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Benefits of availing Aquaguard products.

Aquaguard has enormous benefits as it is advanced with the latest technologies. Below is the list of specific benefits which it brings with it-

  • Advanced Alert System- With its intelligent Advance Alert System, the water purifier provides alerts to the user to the end of the life cycle of the cartridge.
  • Ninety percent TDS Reduction- Aquaguard uses RO to lower the dissolved solid particles in the water source, with almost 90% reduction in TDS.
  • NextGen LED Display- With its smart display, Aquaguard shows all the processes of the purifier such as the purification, water level indication, and even a service alert.
  • Purification and Storage Capacity- The product Aquaguardro contains the capacity of purifying 12litre of water at a rate of per hour and storing almost 7 litres of water in its tank.

Best Source for Health conditions.

Aquaguard’s RO is the market leader in water purification and utilizes its patented multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control to remove the impurities like the bacteria & viruses to deliver 100% pure & natural mineral-rich water.

It is considered as the famous Healthcare brand in India and believes that Purity is the most significant source of a healthy life.

Eureka Forbes aka Aquaguard has received the apical level of certifications for its products by renowned labs of the world. Each of their products is a result of extensive research, and it also delivers cutting-edge technology. Aquaguard’s product follows not only national standards of purifier but also International standards, and it serves as a yardstick for the water purification industry. With a wide range of Healthcare products such as the Water Purifiers, the Air Purifiers, etc., they ensure that your family gets a disease-free and healthy life.

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They have also initiated in bringing the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to India along with the UV (Ultra Violet). With the vision of making everyone healthy by providing purified water and with the technological expertise they have, they came up with innovative solutions, the brand has gradually become the largest manufacturer of water purifiers, in India and a common name in every household.

Along with that, they have the best customer services. For instance, the customer care number of aquaguard has proven to be very beneficial for people all over the world. Apart from that they also have an aquaguardtollfree number from this you can also get details for your products.

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