Track my lost Smartphone

How to track my lost Smartphone, wallet, laptop by using top 8

Sometimes we can’t remember where we left our mobile, wallet or laptop. It becomes a serious problem sometimes and gives us a hard time to find such devices. We often encounter an insufferable problem due…

Google map tips and tricks

Google map tips and tricks :Top 21 Google Maps

In various purposes, we use Google map, including measure distance to getting direction. We frequently use this handy app, and it has a few unique feathers. Many of us probably don’t know about these features….

Virtual Reality

The future of Virtual Reality Technology 2017

Virtual Reality Technology is widely used in smartphones Nowadays. The dedicated device “Oculus” for Virtual Reality has struggled in competition with smartphones. With combine of virtual Reality Headset and smartphone gives a fantastic “virtual reality technology” feature,…

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amazon delivery

Amazon delivery- Processing system of Amazon delivery project

We all know about E-commerce site Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest and most trusted online store. One is the general account or general subscription.Amazon delivery So, The regular account holder gives Amazon its product…


How to reset forgotten password: windows, Linux and Android operating

 Forgot your password? Don’t you know how to reset a forgotten password? There is no reason to worry because it is possible to bypass or reset any operating system password. One minute! “If I can…

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list of best companies to work for

22 top organization list of best companies to work for.

Glassdoor – A website who reviews many companies, they have made a list of best companies to work for where you will get all the answers. Glass door has reviewed nearly half a million companies this…

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red room dark web

Red room dark web: What is it ? Who-why use the red room!

Today I will tell you about bred red room dark web. In the beginning, those who still do not know what Red room deep web/Dark Web is, find them here. According to Wikipedia (Red Room…

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Blue Whale Challenge

Beware of Blue Whale Challenge: Shares Terrifying Details!

The Blue Whale Challenge is the blue whale. Although it is a blue whale, in the present world it is a terrifying Blue Whale Challenge. Recently, the Dark Web is a tragic challenging game to…

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using technology

10 wrong ideas to waste your time in using technology

Today we are writing about the use of tools that we often think or do. The friends have often heard that the battery is spent on the battery and then charging the battery is good.using…

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3d nand flash memory technology: Future flash drive technology

Each day of Modern Life is involved in computing. The computing means dealing with many types of data every day. Data storage technology has made many improvements in several years. There are no moving parts…

Delete Online Account

How to delete online accounts permanently from Internet?

The Internet has filled with Cyber Crime, Unknown random cyber attack, Online Malware and Millions of fake viral news. The Internet has filled with Cyber Crime, Unknown random cyber attack, infected in ransomware Virus, Online…

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