7 Clever Tips to Ace Your Exams

7 Clever Tips to Ace Your Exams

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Exams season is definitely a hard time for just about any student out there. It is stressful, frustrating, and it often feels like you’ve entered a circle of incomplete assignments and tasks. However, some practice in getting ready for your exams definitely goes a long way!

The most important thing about studying is that you have to make sure that you are studying properly in the first place. Most of us tend to make mistakes when studying and then blame it on the material or the lack of time when it was us to blame, to begin with!

So, if you need some help setting your studying techniques straight, you’ve come to the right place!

One thing that you have to understand is that not all of us can study the same way and at the same pace. Some of us are visual learners, some prefer listening to the material rather than seeing it, some are in the need of a tutor, etc.

However, we’ve prepared a list of the seven most clever things to do while preparing for the next exam that can help just about any type of student. As long as you make sure to put them to good use, you’ll be getting straight A’s in no time!

1.Give online tutoring a shot

The most common reason why students tend to get bad grades in their exams is the fact that they did not understand the material in class in the first place! This often leads to the misinterpretation of the subject, which can never be a good thing, right?

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Well, if this is the case with you, the best thing to do at this point is to consider online tutoring. This way, you’ll have someone who understands the material in depth focusing on sharing this knowledge with you and only you! What better way to ace your exams than to have a private tutor that will help you understand anything you find unclear?

2. Make some cheat sheets

Regardless of whether your teacher will allow you to bring cheat cards to the exams, you should still make them (not for the purpose of cheating, of course!).

The thing about cheat sheets is that they make us think in a different manner – you have to put the most important data onto a small piece of paper, which will make you think strategically about the material you have to remember!

3. Study before going to bed

Lots of people tend to study when they’re energized, but this often means that they will do their studying in the morning or in the afternoon. However, recent studies have shown that this may not be the best idea after all!

Studying and revising the material when you are tired can actually prove to be more productive than doing so when you are well-rested. So the best thing to do is to read some of the more demanding chapters right before you go to bed, and let your brain do the rest!

4. Create quizzes

Something that helped me get through college is making quizzes while studying. The best way to do so is to start reading the chapter, mark some of the sentences that you think could come up in your exam, and then write them down as questions.

After having read the chapter, start answering the questions without revisiting the material. The chances are that you won’t get a lot of them right, but the next time you read the same chapter, you’ll know which parts require more attention than the others!

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5. Partner up with a colleague or a friend

Some things are just better in two – and studying is one of them. However, a common mistake students tend to make is to go to a study group without having read the material first. This often results in just hanging out with your friends and not studying at all!

So, before meeting your friends or colleagues, make sure that you have prepared some of the material and that you at least know what you don’t know! The chances are that you can help them with a part of the material and that they will do the same in return!

7 Clever Tips to Ace Your Exams

Source: Pixabay

6. Reward yourself

Small rewards can really change things for the better when studying. Decide on your reward before you start studying. It could be anything from watching an episode of your favorite show, going out for a walk, to simply indulging in some sweets!

So, reward yourself anytime you finish the chapter or the section of your material because it is guaranteed to make studying more pleasant!

7. Record yourself reading the material out loud

We’ve mentioned that there are different types of learners, so if you fall into the group of auditory learners, this is definitely the way to go! Go through the material several times and then record yourself reading it.

This way, you can play the material and start studying wherever you are, be it on your way to the gym or while walking your dog!

These seven clever tips will definitely help you ace your exams and leave the stress behind. After all, learning should be fun in the first place, shouldn’t it? Well, once you put our tips to good use, it definitely will be! Happy exams, everyone!

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