From Orientation Day to the Red Carpet: 7 Celebrities Who Went to College

From Orientation Day to the Red Carpet: 7 Celebrities Who Went to College

More than 2.3 million students graduate from college every year. If you’re on the fence about going to college, you may be wondering where a college degree will lead you to. Do you think it can lead you to fame?

If you have a favorite celebrity, there’s a chance they have a college degree. Not all stars were born into the celebrity life — they studied their craft or even went to college as a plan B.

Some even decided to go back to school after they achieved celebrity status. Even celebrities think a good education is important. Here are 7 celebrities who went to college.

7 Celebrities Who Went to College: The Rich and Famous Also Appreciate an Education

After you receive fame and fortune, who needs college, right? These celebrities prove this myth wrong. Don’t be surprised if you see these celebs in the Honor Society Museum.

Hopefully, these 7 celebrities inspire you to study for your exam!

1. Alec Baldwin

Actor and comedian Alec Baldwin didn’t walk into the set of 30 Rock out of nowhere. Baldwin had a successful career in TV, film, and even Broadway before.

But before he was an actor, he was a student. Baldwin attended George Washington University and majored in political science.

He didn’t want to be an actor; actually, he wanted to be a lawyer.

During his education, he rediscovered his love of acting and decided to try pursuing a career as an actor.

He left George Washing University and transferred to New York University, pursuing a degree in Fine Arts and enrolled in their acting program.

Baldwin quickly landed a role on a TV soap opera. He decided to take a break from his education. His acting career flourished and he never went back to school.

2. Adam Sandler

The silly actor who’s renowned for films such as Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, and 50 First Dates was a serious student before hitting the big screen. Like Baldwin, Sandler attended New York University and was a Fine Arts student.

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But Sandler had another goal in mind — comedy. Throughout his college career, Sandler performed stand-up routines at different clubs around the campus. He was also performing in comedy clubs, even as young as 17.

Sandler graduated college in 1988 and started working full-time toward his comedy career, which led him to work on Saturday Night Live in 1990.

3. Art Garfunkel

We all know Art Garfunkel as the singer who played alongside Paul Simon in the Grammy-winning music act Simon & Garfunkel. But before he was a world-renowned folk-rock singer, he was a student.

Ever since Garfunkel was four years old, he was in love with music. He met Simon while in school and they first formed a band called Tom and Jerry.

However, they parted briefly and decided to go to college. Garfunkel attended Columbia University and studied Art History while staying involved with a fraternity. Garfunkel even went in to achieve a Master’s in Mathematics.

While in school, Garfunkel continued to sing and record music.

He became involved with the folk scene that was gaining popularity. He later merged with Simon again and became the famous duo who released popular songs such as “The Sound of Silence” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

We all know the Governator as the Austrian-born celebrity who achieved success in bodybuilding, acting, and even politics. But many don’t know The Terminator star as a student.

Before we can discuss his education, it’s important to know how Schwarzenegger appeared in the U.S. in the first place. After gaining success as a bodybuilder in Europe, he competed in a bodybuilding competition in the U.S.

He didn’t win, but he gained the attention of trainers. He was invited to train in the U.S.

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From here, he won multiple competitions and started a career in acting where he landed prestigious roles such as The Terminator.

It was around this time that he attended the University of Wisconsin and has a B.A. in Business and International Economics.

5. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood achieved a dream that not many achieve — she gained an incredible career as a singer because of her winning spot on the hit TV show, American Idol.

Before she started selling platinum records, she was a small-town girl from Oklahoma.

She attended college at Northeastern State University where she studied Mass Communications (with an emphasis in Journalism). She was also an active member in the sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma.

Her love of singing and performing didn’t stop — in college, she ran multiple country music productions. Before graduating, she auditioned for American Idol and earned the respect of judge Simon Cowell.

6. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is not only known for her career as an actress and a model, but her career also started very early.

She started modeling as an infant when she was 11 months old and modeled for major brands such as Ivory Soap. She started modeling more, appearing in Vogue Magazine and Calvin Klein ads when she was only a teenager.

But her early success didn’t keep her away from college. After she graduated high school, she studied at Princeton University and earned a degree in French Literature.

7. Chevy Chase

We may all know him as the funny dad in the National Lampoon films. But Chase had no intention of becoming an actor.

He attended college at Bard College and received a degree in English. He worked many odd jobs and even pursued other interests such as music (he played drums for Steely Dan for a minute).

It was when he landed a gig at National Lampoon Radio Show when he discovered his comedic talents.

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These are many celebrities who went to college and they have incredible life stories. Who knew Chevy Chase had no plans on being an actor and Adam Sandler was once performing at comedy clubs while in college?

Want to know more about your favorite actors, musicians, and models? Continue reading our blog!

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