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Most selling book in the world at highest Prices

There are things in the world which can never be determined by the price. Book is among them. It is not possible to measure the monetary value of a book. There are several books of history, rare in nature or important events written in such books. And because of these reasons, the book lovers did not care about the money to get ownership of those books. In today’s writings, I will discuss the 5 Most selling book in the world at the highest Prices.

Most selling book in the world at the highest Prices:

1. Codex Lester:

Price: $ 30.8 million (current market value: $ 49.8 million)

Codex Lester is one of the 30 notebooks written by Leonardo de Vinci, one of the outstanding talents in both science and human history. This codex is considered as the most valuable notebook in Vichy. In the 72-page notebook written in between 1506-1510, The Vinci has focused on the relation between the sun, the moon and the earth, along with tidal and scientific interpretations of various events.

The codex has been written in Vinci’s famous mirror-image style, that is, the notebook can be read-only in front mirror.
After the death of Vinchi, the notebook was handed over to the famous sculptor Michelangelo’s student Giovanni Della Porta. After that, Lester’s first Earl Thomas Coke was bought the notebook in 1719 and names this book after his name Codex Lester. In 1980, the famous collector Armand Hammer purchased the book for a fee of $ 5.1 million from Leicester Estate, and Dr Pedatee got a responsibility to translate it into English.

The book was praised in Christie’s auction in 1994, and since then, Bill Gates owns the book for $ 30.8 million. But he did not keep the book in his bookcase alone; many museums in the world have contacted the authorities to arrange its exhibition. The digital print of the book can be found on the British Library website.

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2. Magna Carta

Price: $ 21.3 million (current market value: $ 24.6 million)

On June 15, 1215, on an island near Windsor, King John of England forced Barons to sign Magnetartite and thus began a new horizon. As a result, the king himself became subject to the law, and in 49th of this written agreement, the king accepted the rights of Barons. However, several times MagnaCarata was declared illegal; the kings were caught in a battle with the barons and Magnetartta was again recognized.

The ‘Magna Carta’ document, which was sold at auction in 2007 for $ 21.3 million, is considered as a copy of the original Magnarart. This is one of the many copies of Magnacarte issued by King Edward First There are many more Magnarkata spread out in Britain’s library, most of which have resulted in rates of the stomach, the rest may have been burnt in the fire, some have become wholly wasted and overwhelmed by time.

In 1984, Parat Foundation owner Ross Parrot purchased this 15×17 inch book sheepskin made from Britain’s Brudenell family for $ 1.5 million. After 23 years, this precious parchment 800 years old is sold for 14 times the profit!

3. Saint Chabert Gospel:

Price: $ 14.3 million (current market price: $ 14.9)

How much can be spent for the book 1,300 years ago? The British Library has spent 14 million US dollars on buying the oldest and most intact ‘Saint Chabert Gospel’ book.

After watching the book, curator Clare Bre, who was responsible for the medieval manuscripts of the British Library, commented,
“This book, which is wrapped in red with red-coloured engraving in the lovely Anglo-Saxon genre, does not seem Its created 1,300 years ago; Rather, it appears that this is the seventeenth creation century. And it looks like it was written yesterday! ”

Saint-Cuthbert was one of the main priests of seventh-century Britain. This Saint has played a significant role in converting medieval British paganism into Christianity. This precious book is kept in Coffin after Saint Cuthbert died in the late 7th century. Later, when Vikings attacked England, they took the coffin along with them. When the church was opened in the name of St. Cuthbert, in 1104, the gospels were discovered when his coffin was opened.

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In the seventeenth century, the book was transferred to the Belgian priesthood. After that, we were having lived there for 250 years British Library bought this book with a cost of 14.3 million US dollars.

4. Bay Psalm Book:

Price: $ 14.2 million (current market price: $ 14.6 million)
Passes the Atlantic, the British formed their colonies in Massachusetts. It was normal for them to spread their religion on the ‘New World’. In view of this, the church was built in Massachusetts Bay Colony. Thinking about what can be done to reach the church’s prayer song, then they have discovered Gutenberg’s printing machine. In 1640, the first-ever book written in America. The book filled with the prayer song of the church is called the Bay Psalm Book.

Only 11 copies of the book are still in the world, one of which is a David Rubenstein, a US businessman, bought from Boston’s Old South Church for $ 14.2 million.

5. Rothschild Prayer book:

Price: $ 13.4 million (current market value: $ 19.3 million)
Another valuable book in the history of the world, “The Rothschild Prayer book” was created in the city of Bruges in Belgium, probably for a respectable family in Europe. Built-in between 1500-1520, this book is one of the most valuable books of ‘Book of Hours’, which are mainly medieval Christian religious books.

Along with the famous painters’ pictures, prayer, prayer songs and religious advice have been found here. Each page lining with Gold, filled with leather, made of animal skin and full of miniature photos in this masterpiece.

Although made in 1500, its first came into notice during World War II, when the Nazis occupied Austria, this book owned by Nathaniel Rothschild was plundered. Later, in 1942, the book was recovered from a salt mine and was kept in the National Museum of Austria. When the book was auctioned in 2014, Kerry Stokes, an Australian businessman, bought the book for $ 13.4 million. So, It is currently preserved in the National Museum of Australia. So, now you know all about Most selling book in the world at highest Prices.

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