20 Most Popular Female Video Game Characters That You Cannot Forget

most popular female video game characters

Playing a particular game and getting to know your favorite characters is the main goal of every gamer. It happens when we want to take out a picture of all time most popular female video game characters that still exist among us. 

Female characters and their existence never let us get bored of them, and thanks to their makers who gave us such amazing characters. They have many unique things that make them different and special from each other. However, talking about each one of them is difficult. So, we made your wish come true by narrowing down the huge crowd of in-game female characters into a popular one.

20 Famous Female Video Game Characters 


Kasumi is a name enough to recall who she is. One of the most popular female video game characters from “Dead or Alive.” She was introduced to the world of games with the first installment in 1996. From then on, Kasumi made her unique presence among other powerful in-game series characters. All thanks to game developers who made her the iconic face of the game.

Moreover, she represents the game title as well, along with other main characters such as Nyotengu, Marie Rose, Honoka, and Ayane. 

kasumi from doa
Image Credit: Koei Wiki

Dead or Alive is a fighting game, so you will notice her beating other opponents throughout the series. This reflects her strong personality and powerful attacks, but she also has a pure soul, a soft attitude, a cute face, and an attractive body. All these kinds of sweet and feminine gestures can make you fool even before you think.

Mai Shiranui

Have you ever played the Fatal Fury series? If yes, then you already noticed that there is a character who beats opponents through her ninja fighting style. Mai Shiranui was first introduced during the Fatal Fury 2 release. The game’s second installment was launched in 1992; since then, she has been burying her opponents.

Shiranui has so many factors you will notice in her personality, which changes with time, but few things remain the same. Such as her fighting spirit, her feelings for Andy Bogard, her supportive nature, her voluptuous body, and her cute attitude toward friends. These are some important points you always notice in her.

best female video game characters
Image Credit: Nintendo Life

Mai is one of those female characters from SNK who got so much love from video game players. It is a big achievement for her to make her own place in the crowd of male-dominated games. We can expect this much from her since she is the first female character from SNK.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda is one of the most popular female video game characters who was introduced in “The Legend of Zelda.” The game was launched in 1986; since then, she is ruling the world of Zelda as a crowned head of Hyrule.

The game story starts with Zelda, who is searching for Link to save the real heroes of Zelda, who were sealed somewhere. Now, she and Link have to find a way to save them as soon as possible. 

From the first installment to the latest installment, Zelda is one of those characters who received major upgrades throughout the journey. Since then she also got more screen presence when she was introduced in 1986. 

princess zelda
Image Credit: Aish.com

Besides that, she was designed to represent an intelligent girl who has become a scholar and received unbelievable powers during her journey.


If you are a veteran player from League of Legends, then you already know who Ahri is. She was introduced when the game was launched in 2009. Ahri is a part of the main heroes from the world of Legends and has a special place in the idol group. As a member of an idol group along with Evelyn, Kai, and Akali, she performs a special task as a game guide.

Ahri from league of legends
Image Credit: League of Legends

Ahri is quite a powerful character who can kill opponents and devour their souls in a second. Her strength is unmatchable on the battlefield, especially when she is not aware of her full strength. There is no doubt about why she is so popular as one of the female video game characters from League of Legends. 

Sarah Kerrigan

Sarah Kerrigan is an in-game character from Star Craft. The game was launched in 1998; since then, she has developed her attitude with every new installment. It is not wrong if we say that Start Craft has a dark and deep story of changing certain characters from one creature to another. She is a perfect example of that, who was a good human and always followed the rules and regulations, and suddenly changed into an evil creature. Now she is hungry for blood and wants to kill everyone because her blood is boiling with hatred. 

Kerrigan began her career as a psychic inhabitant who joined the special force and eventually turned into a spirit. After her becoming a spirit, a special force begins to use her psychic abilities for its own purpose. Her special abilities make her one of the special female video game characters among the other legendary characters.

unforgettable female video game characters
Image Credit: Wallpaper Abyss – Alpha Coders

Sarah changes her life form from one to another creature throughout the in-game events. From a normal human to Xel’Naga (one of the forms of gods), she gets multiple experiences and powers that make her almost unbeatable. 

Ada Wong

A female character from the game is filled with zombies and special creatures (Nomus) who are almost unbeatable until you play strategically. Wong was introduced during the second installment of Resident Evil. Since 1998, she has never lost her charm, even though she is a secret character from the series. 

As an agent, she performs multiple tasks and becomes a part of some unexpected missions. During her mission, she reveals her true nature, which is kind of mysterious. However, Ada has maintained her grasp on in-game plots, which is a good thing. 

ada wong
Image Credit: The Loadout

Her ulterior motives and killing personality make her one of the best female video game characters that you cannot forget for a long time.


Have you ever played Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection? If yes, then you have already noticed that Bandai Namco introduced a new character in their fifth installment. Although Tekken has come with many awesome characters who are unforgettable, one of them is Lili. She was introduced as a cute character who has a grasp of fighting style. Even though she belongs to Rochefort Enterprises, but never admires herself for becoming a corporate slave.

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Lili is one of those female video game characters who like to make her own path by fighting strong opponents. You can easily feel her frustration through her fists and kicks because of her father.

lili from tekken 5
Image Credit: Wallpaper Flare

However, she was designed to mix the beauty and the beast in a single person so you can feel the pressure in the air. Also, her move sets are more logical than randomly throwing punches. So, you have a hard time against her. There is no doubt if we consider her with popular Tekken female fighters such as Nina Williams, Zafina, Ling Xiaoyu, Asuka Kazama, Julia Chang, and Alisa Bosconovitch. 


Ciri is one of the primary characters from the third installment of The Witcher. She was introduced as a balanced character since she is an aristocrat and a witcher. These kinds of professional features make her quite a useful character.

Usually, a weak female character takes time to develop or leave herself behind in the dust of the air. However, Ciri is a different one who chooses a difficult path and develops fast throughout the in-game journey.

strongest female video game characters
Image Credit: The Daily Dot

Ciri uses her psychic powers to teleport from one place to another and also shows her swordsmanship during her battles. Such kind of fighting abilities makes her one of the strongest female video game characters from The Witcher series.


Overwatch is not that old game, but it got popular with time and all thanks to its amazing story and wide range of female characters. One of them is D.Va, who was introduced during the first installment and is still dominating the other female characters.

D.Va is considered one of the best female video game characters from Overwatch. There is no doubt in her abilities as a mecha-pilot. But her personality makes her a more awesome character than other characters from the series. 

d.va from overwatch
Image Credit: SVG

Moreover, her personality gives one up on her e-sport skills and mecha body suit, which helps to shoot opponents with less damage input.

Ivy Valentine

Having an in-game character with the most attractive personality, seductive body, killer fighting style, and a weapon to destroy the opponents’ motives. Ivy has been a complete package of all these features since she was introduced to the world of games.

Valentine is quite famous among gamers, thanks to her dominating personality which lets her overpower any fighter’s attacks. She usually attacks her opponents with her special sword + whip weapon. Also, uses her words wisely to break the opponents’ confidence in their strength.

ivy valentine
Image Credit: MoeGamer

She is a fighting character who attracts male as well as female players through her Valentine’s traditional fighting style. This unique and original fighting style makes her one of the toughest female video game characters.

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine is one of those female video game characters which is designed to represent the game as the iconic character. She was first introduced during the first installment of Resident Evil. Since then, she has received a huge fan base and has become one of the popular in-game characters.

During the Spencer Mansion incident, she fought against Nomus and was barely able to survive. After that, she went somewhere to prepare to fight again in Resident Evil 3. From then on, Jill never stopped to amaze us. Rather she becomes a more dangerous and attractive character who fights till the end of the world.

beautiful female video game characters
Image Credit: Resident Evil Wiki – Fandom

Her fighting style is more like a personal agent who uses guns and bullets to beat the crap out of zombies. And these kinds of important features make her the most remarkable in-game character in the history of games.

Claire Redfield

Another character from the second installment of Resident Evil became popular after overshadowing her brother’s charm. Generally, Claire was designed to support her brother, Chris Redfield. But her abilities as a strategist make her more relevant than him.

Her fighting style looks similar to Jill Valentine’s at first, but she has her own fighting style. This kind of reason lets her stand as one of the main heroes of Resident Evil. 

claire redfield
Image Credit: Pocket Tactics

Unlike Jill Valentine, Claire never gets lost in the plot. She always manages to come back at the end of the day with more dangerous tactics and more powerful weapons.


Have you ever watched the movie “City Hunter”? You have noticed that in a climax fight scene, Jackie Chan transformed into a female game character. That female character is famous for her reverse spinning attack, “Spinning Bird Kick.” Not only that, she is one of the most-played female characters in the history of video games. So, you can expect this from her popularity. 

Chun-Li has existed in the world of gaming since the second installment of Street Fighter. In 1991, when she was released, she never expected to become a popular in-game character. However, she maintained her unique presence through her masculine legs with a beautiful feminine body. Her attacks hit hard when she gets serious, so you cannot take her as a weak character.

chun li
Image Credit: Xbox

Like Tekken, Street Fighter has many female characters who become famous in no time, and one of them is a female police officer, Chun-Li. She is also the one and the only character who comes with a reverse spinning kick at that time. However, she is more popular for her balanced stats of attacks and defense. So, you can have fun when you play with her.

Princess Peach

We all love Mario, and the fun theme songs that play in the background are still recognizable. We cannot forget the aura “Super Mario Bros.” created for gamers during the 80-90s. However, the game becomes more funny and exciting when a beautiful girl arrives. That beautiful girl is none other than “Princess Peach.” As a main target of the evil monster, King Koopa (Bowser), Princess Peach had the least in-game screening since she arrived in 1985. Despite that, she received so much love from gamers around the world.

cute female video game characters
Image Credit: Nintendo Life

According to the storyline, Princess Peach is a crowned head of Mushroom Kingdom, who got her throne as a next-generation female princess after replacing Pauline. Pauline is a previously crowned head and always gives a hard time to Princess Peach. So, you can see a cold war between two princesses. But the fun fact is that Pauline has even less appearance since Princess Peach arrived.

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A new game series that comes in no time with amazing in-game characters is Bioshock Infinite. Well, it has many characters to remember, but the place of Elizabeth in the hearts of gamers cannot be replaced easily. She was introduced during the installment of Bioshock Infinite. Her role in the game is the same as Princess Peach but a bit different. She is not a princess but a puritan who runs a show in Columbia.

Elizabeth is one of those female video game characters who have two different physical personalities. From the inside, she is a beast, and from the outside, she is a beautiful lady who likes to play her tactics. Her internal physical personality opens up dimensional gates to alter the space-time sequences. These kinds of special abilities make her one of the most powerful female video game characters, among others. 

elizabeth from bioshock
Image Credit: Venture Beat

Other than that, she has a beautiful body to attract the eyes of gamers towards her. It kind of looks cool, especially for a character who has a less but most important role. Also, she is quite a demanding character to play along with other in-game characters.


A titular and iconic face from the series “Bayonetta” was introduced during the first installment of the game in 2009. Bayonetta is a solid female character who has devil powers which she received through her deed with demons. She belongs to “Umbra,” which is one of the strongest witches’ academies who do deeds with powerful demons to outcast other celestial powers.

Bayonetta is a unique character from the series which uses her hair to attack opponents and shield herself from celestial powers. As a sorcerer, she must use some fireballs or something like that, but she uses her hair to blend black magic to break the opponent’s shield. This way, she can deal a large amount of damage. 

Image Credit: GamesHub

Apart from her monstrous powers, Bayonetta has a beautiful and attractive body which you can see when she indulges in fights with her opponents.

Tifa Lockhart

One of the well-known female video game characters who has been loved by gamers since day one of her official release in 1997. Lockhart is the iconic face from the seventh installment of Final Fantasy, who has all kinds of fan base. As an in-game character, she received so much love thanks to her unbelievable abilities, such as Omnistrike, which helps to kill opponents with one strike.

sexy female video game characters
Image Credit: IGN

Tifa is a bartender who likes to save the world from evil powers that are destroying the human soul. You will see her most of the time in action during her appearance in the storyline. Her portrayal during story mode is enough to tell about her attractive body and simple personality. However, she becomes an ultimate woman during her battles. She gets a strong will like demons to lend powerful strikes on opponents. In short, Tifa is a complete mixture of beauty and beast who never lets a single chance show her charm.


The game “Nier: Automata” is full of high-end mecha and advanced human weapons and also has special fighting androids. These androids are designed to demolish evil robots and other evil monsters alongside them. This task is incomplete without a female android, “2B”, who is capable of cutting through powerful metal bodies. She uses her weapons to cut into the robot and open its internal body to slice it with a single strike.

2B from nier automata
Image Credit: The Economic Times

Moreover, she is not limited to fighting mechas but is also designed to human emotions, especially when it comes to her romantic feelings. 2B shows no interest in her feminine figure until she realizes the human emotions which are in-built inside her body. However, as the story goes, she develops her personality and understands her emotions. This helps to make her not only a strict android but also a lovely woman who wants to live a peaceful life.

Lara Croft

One of the most popular female video game characters is known for her professional as well as personal status. Lara Croft was introduced to the world of gaming in 1996. She has become the main character of the game “Tomb Raider.” Since day one of her releases, she has been performing her task as an archaeologist who kills the opponents through her knowledge of archaeology. 

lara croft
Image Credit: Digital Spy

Croft is generally designed to outcast attractive female characters. So, in her initial days, her body frame was like a strict woman who followed her passion. However, the game maker decided to change her personality and body frame because she is a main picture girl. Now, she is much better with her over-the-top feminine figure and attractive personality. Apart from that, she also enhanced her fighting style to kill opponents in less time.

Samus Aran

Samus Aran is a name enough to represent the strong female characters in the world of video games. She was introduced in 1986, Metroid gaming series, and since then, she never lets herself get lost in the dust of old games. 

Samus is one of the primary female characters who made her own path in the land of powerful video game characters. She is an intergalactic bounty hunter who hunts the aliens from other galaxies. By using her advanced technology weapons and armor, she can kill all kinds of aliens in the meantime. 

top female video game characters
Image Credit: GTA5-Mods.com

Even though she looks more like a fighter-type woman from RPG games, she also uses her intelligence to figure out the difficult situation. Other than that, she can fight flexibly with the opponent, thanks to her gymnastic skills.


Gamers always have so many options when it comes to in-game characters. But some of them have lost their charm with time. Now, we do not find them playable characters at all. However, most of them are still ruling the games. So, we tried to gather all the famous female video game characters in one picture frame. You can look at their beautiful journey and get a word of game knowledge through our post.

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