How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Write an Argumentative Essay

The essay is a popular type of writing in college, both in American ones and not USA universities, because it shows perfectly how good students can express their opinions, do conclusions and prove it by facts. Essays can be on different topics but all of them should be clearly structured, logical, and argumentative. Why so? Because without arguments your opinion in the academic sense means nothing.

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What Essay Can Count as Argumentative

The argumentative essay is the paper where the writer describes own opinion about some problem and tries to convince the reader to accept it as the right one. The important feature of this writing is the specific facts that can prove the author`s words. 

Such papers can be on different topics, mostly in fields of politics, science, or technology. The writer’s goal in this assignment is not to express a necessarily right opinion, but demonstrate that he or she is able to argue it. So you can’t just write “believe me, my opinion is not a lie”.

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  1. Consider your topic as the answer you need to answer or the problem you need to solve. Describe it to encourage the reader to want to know the answer. And then answer briefly at once.
  2. Tell about alternatives to your answers. And explain, why you choose your point and disagree with other options. In this case, it can be even your subjective opinion.
  3. Find arguments to prove your answer. For example, some scientists have discovered it. Or there were similar precedents. Or you have personal experience with this problem. Pay big attention to such requirement as your arguments must be trustworthy. If you write about scientific facts, tell reader full names of scientists and dates when the event happened. Also leave in bibliography link to article, dissertation, or other printed offline or online source.
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What Structure Must Be for Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay must have the same structure as the common one. Usually, there are three parts.

  1. Introduction. You should write about the topic and your understanding issue here.
  2. Main part. It may include one or more paragraphs. You should write about your opinion and provide all arguments only here.
  3. Conclusion. You can`t write new information here. But you should clearly and briefly summarize all arguments. Also, in this part, just like in the intro, you can appeal to the reader’s emotions.

What Arguments Can You Use and How

When you need to find arguments for the thesis like “sky is blue”, you can limit yourself just with one fact. “Look and see”. But if you write an essay on a much more controversial topic, you should rely on multiple and different proofs. To understand, how good argumentative essay should look like, you can buy an example at For your money, you will get a well-written paper and a list of the sources. You can safely use it as recommended ones.

Setting an argument in the paper, use these techniques:

  1. Classical description. First, you tell about the thesis and then about the argument. It is extremely important to describe it well, your reader should fully understand it to accept and also not to doubt in its truth.
  2. Opposing description. This is a method when you prove the truth of some thesis by a rebuttal of the truth of its contrary. Like, he is a man because he is not a woman. But be careful with this technique. Because if something isn’t red, it does not automatically become blue. Do not forget about logic.
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Writing an argumentative essay actually is not so hard as it seems. We all have our opinions, you just need to analyze, why do you think this way and not the other. If you still have trouble with argumentation, contact the team. They are always ready to help you with your work.

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