What is the process of training a leader? Marc Anthony Hurr’s tips that will show you the way 


As Marc Anthony Hurr has taught us, training leaders is not an easy or definitive task, it is a process and a path that must be worked on day by day. Today’s leaders will train tomorrow’s leaders, which is why optimal training is necessary.

Nobody arrives at a place knowing things, the people you receive may have previous knowledge or have no clue. At this point you should know how to train each of them. Starting with soft skills such as: management skills, public speaking and personality. By knowing these points, you will know how to guide them.

One of the main challenges faced when training leaders is the disposition, the learning capacity, the response time, even the temperament. It must be remembered that each person learns differently, which is why Marc Anthony Hurr recommends personality tests. This way you will know the personality and the way to provide the necessary training to each one.

Learn about the 3 stages of leadership training

  1. The leader’s learning

New leaders must be aware of the personal commitment that being at the head of a group will represent, which must be prepared not only to fulfill their tasks, but also to be autonomous and cooperative with their environment and the people under their charge.

With a minimum of training, the person must be able to perform their tasks in a good way, which will be given greater freedom to perform, always answering to a supervisor.

This is not with the intention of limiting his freedom, but to review and help him in the tasks that present the greatest difficulty, so that he can achieve work autonomy.

  1. The leader’s performance
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When others are taught to be leaders, there are those who do not feel capable of providing complete training. Let’s remember that we will never know everything, we are always learning, even when we teach. This action can provide us with new points of view as additional information that contributes to the formation of the leader and his subordinates.

The leader when trying to teach others will be confronted with his abilities and his defects. The resistance is based on selfishness and the prejudices that one has, either by oneself or those that have taken hold over time. Be very aware of positive and negative attitudes when training new leaders.

The lessons that are transmitted to others will be the actions that the new leaders will have when carrying out their work. When instructing other leaders, you must offer the best version of yourself, transmitting the best virtues and limiting the adoption of your defects.

  1. Training leaders

Marc Anthony Hurr affirms that, at this point, the leader will be able to teach others in the best way, remembering that the leader is not perfect and that the path of knowledge is worked day by day. Training other leaders will make the learning take place in both directions, with humility and empathy you can always learn no matter how capable the leader is.





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