What does HMU mean? Meaning, Explanation, and Uses

what does hmu mean

Do you know what does hmu mean? HMU stands for Hit Me Up. This acronym is widely used on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others apps. It is commonly used in comments and private messages on social networking websites, for instance on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Most of the people use this acronym for telling somebody to talk with him or her later. It means they are asking that the person who hit them up. When they are making any arrangement or doing a discussion.

what does hmu mean

HMU Meaning in Text

Your answer to the question, what does hmu means lies here. Currently, the instant messaging and social networks prevailed the communication system of the world. People love to chat with their loved ones, family, and friends. They are used many abbreviations and slangs each day. The mostly used slangs involve HMU. You can also see the HMU hashtags on numerous social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more. New generation consists of various latest slangs every day. Hence it is quite demanding to keep yourself updated with the new acronym and slangs.

For example, if any individual messages to his or her friend and allow him to know that he will be soon at home, after that his or her friend answer with Okay hmu. It means that the person is asking the other to hit him up when he arrived home so that he can make the further arrangements or hangouts.

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The acronyms Hit Me Up, or HMU is used frequently, in reality, not like the various other acronyms and slang expressions, for instance, HMM, RTFM, or LMAO. For example, if two fellows are doing a party and one is about to leave, then one person can tell the other HMU before making the next plan.

Explanation and uses of HMU:

HMU mean in tex acronym is extremely renowned and used by the new generation. Anyone who is not familiar with these types of the abbreviation and slangs language might find these slangs demanding for him. In most of the cases, Hit Me Up, or HMU is used for requesting anyone to text or calls him or her later. Sometimes, most of the people use this acronym in Direct Message or DM such as when you are free for planning a party’ means that text me or call me when you are available for the party.

People mostly use or Hit Me Up on all the social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. When two people are sending personal messages for communication.

When people think what does hmu mean, it is quite simple to understand that individuals use this acronym when they want to stay in contact with each other.

Example 1:

1st person: I will come back home in October

2nd Person: Sure HMU when you are back.

Example 2:

Hey! I am alone .

It means I am alone and have nothing to do at home so come and let’s do anything.

Conclusively, your query, what does hmu mean has become clear. Now even, you can also use this acronym or slang.

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