Why You Need to Invest in High-Quality Lights

lighting Canberra

If you want to get to know the history of Australia, visit Canberra. Aside from being Australia’s capital city, Canberra is home to galleries, museums, and memorials. Tourism in Canberra hit an all-time high rate last year. According to the report shared by Tourism Research Australia published in Canberra Times, around 5.9 million visitors visited the city as of June of 2019. We will explain about types of lighting.

Outdoor lighting designs and other concepts of lighting in Canberra are tools used to improve the city’s tourism endeavors. Every year, a festival known as Enlighten Festival, a yearly cultural and art celebration wherein they light up the city’s national attractions after dark. The lights used for this event are all premium-quality, bringing joy and warmth to all spectators. This annual event should not be your only reason to invest in high-quality lighting. Even in residential and small commercial spaces, premium-quality lighting is of vital significance. If you are not sold on this idea, check out the reasons provided below. 

Premium-quality lighting can help you save on electricity 

Your choice of light can save you money. On average, a household dedicates approximately 5% of the total energy consumption to lighting. This means that if you switch to energy-efficient lighting, you can quickly cut your electricity bills. Traditional incandescent lights, for example, use a substantial amount of energy to give off light. Fortunately, these lights will not manufacture in future. In these lights, 90% of the used energy is released as heat. This means that you lose 90% of your money, too. The good news is newer lighting options provide light levels and colours that are not only functional but also efficient and cost-saving. 

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Durable lights can add aesthetic value to your property

Strap pendant and Boral pendant lights, for example, are more aesthetically pleasing compared to an ordinarily LED bulb. A strung wall light and Nexus wall light are more pleasant to look at than a CFL light bulb or fluorescent light. If you have specialised lights installed in your house’s strategic places, you significantly increase your property’s resale value. Plus, you can feel that you are truly enjoying your time at home with these pretty lights. 

Make a statement with your home lighting fixtures 

Aside from making your home more pleasant, unique lighting fixtures help you create a unique space that can leave a striking impact on any onlooker. In a regular household, a fluorescent lamp lighting in the kitchen is more than enough. While there is nothing wrong with sticking with mere functionality, it would not hurt if you jazz up your home space. 

When you upgrade your kitchen lighting fixtures, you can add two more lighting options aside from the general kitchen illumination. You can introduce some accent lighting and task lighting to transform your kitchen into an exceptional art. While the general kitchen lighting provides overall illumination, the task lighting will provide illumination for detailed kitchen tasks. On the other hand, your accent lighting in Canberra will take care of the glass-from cabinet illumination and set the mood. So, you got the idea about types of lighting.

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