Smart kitchen hacks for smart kitchen users

Smart kitchen hacks

Having a smart kitchen is a whole different level of happiness. But working smarter in a smart kitchen is beyond the level of happiness. You cannot stick to the old and traditional ways of working when everything around you is getting smarter day by day. Having smarter appliances but working traditional sounds odd. To become smarter according to your smart kitchen, you need to polish your skills and get into the habit of working smarter. Keep scrolling until the end to know all the tips and smart kitchen hacks related to smart working techniques. This blog is all about Smart kitchen hacks for smart kitchen users.

Pan or a pot for boiling pasta?

How many times you decided to boil pasta and it gets stick over each other. Don’t you ever think why are you putting too much water for just boiling pasta? Boiling pasta in a pan and a pot is a completely different experience. If you boil pasta in a pot, you will require more water and your pasta will get sticky due to less space they get. 

On the other hand, using a pan have different advantages like your pasta will get enough space to easily cook and it will take lesser time to cook. As the pasts will get a good space and proper steam, it will ultimately boil easily and quickly. Another thing is you don’t need to fill the whole pan just like you do in the pot, it can be done easily with a small amount of water.

Cleaning the iron pan

The toughest thing to do in a kitchen is the iron pan or other utensils after cooking that is why people are running towards non-stick cookware. But, some food does not cook the way it does in the iron cookware. That is why people are still using iron utensils.

Use salt water to clean the tight food spots on your iron utensils. Boil some salt and water in the pan or pot and clean the pan with that water later to clean it properly. It will help clean off the heaviest marks and food stains from the utensils that you are trying to wash away for a very long time.

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Slicing pepper the smarter way

Now you must be wondering is there also a smart technique to slice a pepper also? Definitely, yes then. While slicing pepper, all you need to do is to take care of the seeds and that is the art you need to learn. Slice pepper from the sides leaving the center area, and cut it down from everywhere. 

Now you can easily dice them in whatever shape you want without even worrying about the seeds. This way you can easily chop the pepper without affecting the shape of the pepper.

Steaming eggs

Have you ever heard of steaming eggs? Steaming eggs is another great trick which you will love once you learn it. Take a pot filled with water that carries a steamer stand. Now put the water for boiling and put the eggs into the steamer once the water starts heating. Put the lid over once the steam starts to come out of the pot. 

Put the eggs into the cold water as soon as the eggs get steamed. Now you will see the magic. Once you put them into cold water, you will see that the shell will be automatically removed from the egg. You don’t have to peel out the eggs, it will be done automatically.

Storing brown sugar with a slice of bread

If you are also fed up with seeing your brown sugar lose its freshness and softness then you will gonna love this trick. While storing brown sugar in a container, make sure to keep a slice of bread along with it to keep the bread fresh and smooth. 

Another trick you can use to soften your brown sugar is you can also microwave it with a wet towel at the time of using it. Put a wet towel covering the bowl of brown sugar and put it into the microwave. You will get the same fresh and soft sugar just like you bought on day one.

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Rubbing olive oil into the knife

While chopping garlic, all of you have experienced that it gets stick to the knife as you keep on chopping them. To get rid of this situation as it gets very annoying to get sticky, a simple trick will be going to help a lot. Just put some olive oil in your hand and rub it over the knife and it will stop sticking now. Now you can chop freely without any hindrance.

Buying smart appliances

To become a smart cook, you need to have smart appliances in your kitchen. There are several smart appliances like microwave, refrigerator, Rotimatic roti-maker, blender, etc which is ruling the smart kitchen market. 

Rotimatic is currently on the top of the smart kitchen industry due to the efficiency level and services it provides.  Now you don’t have to rely on a house-help or need to stand for hours for making Rotis. The Rotimatic reviews are very good that it has created a buzz in the market. Everyone wants to have this machine in their kitchen now.

Melting butter the smarter way

There are a lot of ways of melting the butter but this one is the most unique and best way which will help you melt it the right way and the right consistency. Take the heated glass and put it over the piece of butter for about three minutes. The butter will automatically melt with the help of the steam and you will get it done without any efforts.

Peeling cloves

Take a container and put the garlic cloves into the container and shake the container vigorously. After shaking them for some time, you will see that the cloves and the peels are separated. This is the best trick to peel out garlic without getting your hands on to it. Now you will not have to bear the smell of garlic in your hands for weeks.


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