Thinking of you meme: Top memes choosing for myself  in 2020

Thinking of you meme

Introduction : 

Let us talk about thinking of you meme. I am not usually interested in memes, but I have a habit of thinking about strange things related to me. Thinking of you meme is one of them. As memes are kind of a weird thing to me, I started to think about it. I thought of comparing myself as meme material. I want to know how it feels to compare myself with a meme character. Thinking of you meme is a unique attempt to justify our thinking capacity. We have never heard the perfect definition of meme. I am going to try this. A meme is a phase or a situation that is connected to our life or connected to the things which relate to us, projected by pictures or short videos.  

History of memes Part 1

Modern society always thinks that all social media influencing items like memes are invented in the 21st century. But memes are not from modern or digital society. Its origin is “The Selfish gene. ” Richard Dawkins wrote this book in 1976. So we can see that the first thought of memes has come from this book. This book was written to generate ideas, to show a meaningful story or a lesson through pictures. The concept of an internet meme came from Mike Godwin in June 1993. He proposed first for an internet meme. In 2013 Dawkins characterized the first internet meme of history.

Internet memes may stay at the same or change themselves over time, by chance or through parody and many more exciting things. Internet memes spread themselves worldwide within a few days, and it is very shocking to hear. The pop-culture reference helped a lot of internet memes to gain popularity worldwide. The sudden success and growth had a significant impact on the research and the whole industry. 

History of memes Part 2

The people used to love these things a lot. There is a reason behind it. People could connect them with the meme topic or the profound lesson. Both funny and severe memes had a significant impact on society then. 

The meme society had to see many ups and downs on the way to their success. In 2015 they could see a bright face because of the social media platform. Youtube helped it a lot. People used to post short videos on these social platforms. The duration of those videos were 15 to 30 seconds. These videos had touched the sky. Meme society made a massive success through it. Time flies, and memes get more and more success. Nowadays, the meme is a prevalent thing for us. Many people make their livelihood by creating memes and short videos.   

Meme Materials : 

Memes unite the funny bones of the digital world. It represents the funny side of people in front of a social platform. The meme is not just for making a funny video or picture. There are certain things to remember for making a meme. For making a meme, first, we need to select a perfect template because the template is one of the most essential things for making a meme. If we are making a funny meme, we need to select a popular movie scene or some famous scenes which are already renowned for their humorous side. And then let us talk about the writing for the meme. We need a good sense of humor for writing. We have to generate the most fun side of ours to write it.

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 Then come to the short video memes. First of all, we need to select a perfect short video for making a meme video. These kinds of memes are made to teach a good lesson to some specific varieties of people. Meme characters are always unique, so I thought of an idea on thinking of you meme. Thinking of you meme means to replace me with the meme character.

Memes choosing for me : 

I have selected a few memes for thinking of you meme. So, I mean to compare myself with them. I will keep myself in their position on the meme. Let’s talk about them : 

You are a wizard Harry : 

I am personally a big fan of the Harry Potter movie series. That’s why I am going to talk about them. So these. lines are from the first movie of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. “When Hagrid comes to take Harry to Hogwarts, Harry didn’t know that he was a wizard and he was shocked to hear that. He finally gets an explanation for the strange ongoing events that occur while he is inside Dursley’s home. So let me put myself in Harry’s place. If I was in the business of Harry, I would have been so shocked, and also, on the other hand, I would have been so happy to be a wizard. Every Potterhead always dreams of going Hogwarts, of being a wizard. 

These four words gained much popularity on the internet. Spontaneously Harry Potter is a famous movie series; that’s why this scene and dialogue have become famous. This is the first example of thinking of your meme. 

The football memes : 

Among the football memes, some are more and more famous through social platforms. I am a big fan of Messi, but most of the time, he is trolled for many things. First, he is searched for missing penalty goals. He missed 25 or 26 penalties in his whole career. That’s not too much, but some of the misses were horrible that he shouldn’t have forgotten. So that’s the reason for trolling him. But if I put myself in those memes, I would have felt very bad. I Couldn’t have to bear those demotivated speeches and videos. But Messi tries to overcome those memes and try to improve his skills. So that’s the feeling of thinking of you meme.

Sometimes I see Messi vs. Ronaldo memes. In these memes, the fans notify their idol more significant than the other one. I love these because when the meme-makers represent Messi in a more excellent way, I love to put myself in that. That’s why I love thinking of you meme. 

The Rock Driving : 

The rock driving is a multi-pane exploitable image series based on several screen-captured images from the 2009 family adventure film “Race to the Witch mountain. ” The meme started with the film scene, where Jack asks Sara a question while driving. On this, she responds with a shocking revelation that makes Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, turns his head with a weird facial reaction. Usually, Dwayne is always seen as a tough and heavy man with his strong statement. But this time, his expressions were different. And this thing made the scene special, and the meme stars took it and made it a famous meme. If I put myself there, it would have been a different situation for me. I would have felt awkward—the third category of thinking of your meme.

Perfectly Balanced : 

“Perfectly balanced” is a scene from the movie Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos said this quote to a young Gamora. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos Showed a knife to a young Gamora and showed her a perfect balance. If I was in that situation, I would have also done that. Thanos showed the girl this just diverted her mind as it was a war there. Thanos did no wrong to her. This scene earned much popularity. And it got many views on youtube as well as on many social media platforms. 

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About this quote, many memes have been created. Some of them are serious, and some of them are funny. But I always have fun seeing them, and I sometimes feel very funny placing myself on thinking of you meme.

One Night Before Exam : 

The name describes the whole matter. I don’t think that I need to tell it more. Let’s talk about it. It is a prevalent thing among all the students all over the world. The exam is always the worst nightmare for all students. We still think weird stuff like “Thinking of you meme,” and when the exam is near, we get stuck. Students don’t study all over the year, but one night before the exam, they get to remember about their exam, and then the real hassle starts. All of them start their study the night before the exam.

I don’t need to replace myself on the meme because the whole case is mine. I always do the same. These are the memes that are connected to our daily life activities. In the memes, they show that a guy is roaming around the whole year or sleeping before, but the night before the exam, they all start to study hard. That’s the harsh reality of the student’s life. 

When The Class Is Over :  

So the name is quite different from others. I will describe it. There is always a bookworm student among us in our schools and colleges. Usually, the students don’t like some boring lectures and the classes, and all the students wait till the level is over. They all eagerly wait to finish the course. When the style is about to finish, all the students get excited except the bookworm guy. And then the bell rang, all the students became happy. At that point, the bookworm guy would ask a question to the teacher, and the teacher starts to teach the whole thing again.

That bookworm student had no question during the class hour, but he asked a question at the peak hour. If I want to replace myself in this situation, I feel like hitting that guy badly. And this thing has happened to a lot of people. In the memes, the scene is like this, a guy is going to ask a question to the teacher, and all the backbenchers get angry at him. That’s the reason I think that the topic thinking of you meme is a good one to discuss. 


Question -1: What is a meme? 

Answer:  A meme is a phase or a situation that is connected to our life or connected to the things which relate to us, projected by pictures or short videos. 

Question-2: What is the most important thing to make a meme? 

Answer: The most important thing for making a meme is selection. The selection of the template and writing. A good sense of humor is an important thing for making a meme. And we need to research various things like I am thinking about “Thinking of you meme. ” 

Question-3: When was the modern meme first used?  

Answer: Modern meme was first used in 2013 by Dawkins.

Question-4: What is the reason for thinking of you meme? 

Answer:  I think this is a unique way of thinking. I am replacing myself with the character of the meme. However, I can put myself in a different situation. I can test myself through it. 

Conclusion : 

Moreover, Memes are one of the most important parts of our life. So, There is a reason behind it. Some people think that memes are only for fun or mockery. But they don’t want to realize the deep message inside it. We can test ourselves through memes. The meme is a phase of feeling, or we can say it reflects our character that how we are, how we think. Through this, we can test our thinking capacity. If we replace ourselves in the place of the character of the meme, we can see how we react in different situations. We can see how our brain works in various situations. This could be a life lesson for all of us. Moreover, memes always give us joy, make us laugh, and sometimes teach a lesson. That’s all about thinking of you meme.


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