Things to Do When your Laptop Hangs

When your Laptop Hangs

Even though technology has made significant advancements in our life, the after-effects are not exactly perfect. With our devices being used on a daily basis, it is common for them to malfunction now and then. Whether it is your phone, tablet, or laptop, when a device freezes or hangs, it can be aggravating for the user. As you continue to struggle with your computer freezing randomly, you will want to understand why it is happening and how it can be fixed. From error messages to blue screen hangs, laptops undergo a lot of issues if not appropriately maintained during their lifetime. But you do not have to be an IT expert to get to the root of your laptop’s problem and can assess its operating system easily to fix the issues at hand. This blog will tell you about things to Do When your Laptop Hangs.

Although laptops are well constructed and have quick processors, they experience significant wear and tear in a short period. It will cost you considerable time and money to fix and will halt your productivity as well. So, how do you address the ailments of your laptop when it hangs arbitrarily? And what can you do to have it fixed by yourself at home?


Whether you want to rent a laptop or thinking of purchasing a new one, you might want to slow down. Take a look at why your old computer is going through certain problems by following the given steps: 

Give It a Minute to Catch Up

If you are in the middle of intensive multitasking, your laptop will not be able to handle the load directly. Sometimes, the system will start to hang for a few moments, and this might lead to the assumption that the device is ruined forever. Even if you are convinced that your laptop is locked and stuck permanently, use your better judgment and let the computer catch up. It works a lot of the time, and each random occurrence can be alleviated by allowing your laptop to take some time to resume work.

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 Check if Your Mouse is Working 

You also need to ensure that the mouse attached to your laptop is working properly. It may have run out of battery life or gotten disconnected without your knowledge. It can often give an illusion that your computer is frozen when it merely needs to be reconnected to the mouse. 


If your laptop overheats, it can cause many operating freezes and hangs. Your laptop has sensitive functionalities inside the system, and it needs to be maintained accordingly. If the fan ball of your device is undergoing issues, you might hear a hissing sound that tells you the laptop is overheating. The device cannot usually withstand high temperatures for long periods, and this can hinder the working of your laptop significantly. Thus, make sure that the vents of the computer are not blocked. You should also keep the device in a cool environment when in use. 


If you think that your laptop is actually frozen, you might want to consider a hard reset. You can assess if this is a good idea, depending on the situation at hand, and then make a decision. Simply press the power button and hold it down until the laptop turns off completely. Wait for a few seconds and then turn the device on to boot it up again.

If the hanging took place while you were in the middle of work, you would be able to recover it when the system starts up again. You can recover files like MS word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and excel files.

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Free Up Disk Space 

Sometimes, when your C drive is running out of space, your laptop will undergo many freezes and lockdowns. It is the storage area where all the files of your system are kept, so it may be a time to do a quick cleanup. 

Ensure that you relocate the data present in the C drive and free up disk space. You can even delete anything you are not using or will not use again to make sure you have well enough space so that your laptop does not suffer any interruptions.

Software Error

System freezes often take place where third party software disturbs the functions of your laptop’s applications. You might be performing actions that the operating system does not comprehend and causes it to hang up and freeze. You can take this in your own hands and troubleshoot by updating third party software in the device to avoid further disruptions. 

Call a Professional 

If none of these tips seem to work, the best thing to do is call in a professional. You can contact the manufacturer of the laptop and see if you can get a replacement under your warranty. Or, if it is expired, simply take the computer to a reliable repair shop and let them diagnose the issue. 


As you can see from our advice, there is a lot you can do when a computer hangs. From restarting your system to taking professional advice from an expert, you can assess your options and then make a decent decision as to what you need to do.

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