The Updated Digital Marketing Guide to Prepare You for 2020

The Updated Digital Marketing Guide to Prepare You for 2020

Creating brand awareness and increasing customer engagement is important to doing business. In fact, customers are happy when a business offers a personalized experience. By doing so, it makes it easy for customers to shop from your business and not from your competitors.

Live videos, mobile ads and voice search were the emerging trends in the 2018 digital marketing guide. They improved brand awareness, engagement, and consumer interaction.

Come 2019, mobile will account for 72% of digital ad spending. Problem is, while 85% of mobile advertisers imagine they are providing a positive experience, only 47% of mobile users agree.

Want to know what 2020 holds for digital marketing.

Read our updated digital marketing guide to prepare you for 2020.

Bigger Role of AI in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

AI is growing at a meteoric rate. It’s also revolutionizing every industry. Since 2000, investment in AI startups has grown 6 times.

As such, the number of startups has grown by 14 times.

Experts forecast that the AI market will reach $60 billion by 2025. As part of your digital marketing guide, AI will help you to automate and personalize communication. How? It enables predictive analytics which allows businesses to offer better experiences for customers.

It will also help in improving targeted marketing which translates to a higher ROI.

Geofencing and Beacon Technology

In 2013, Apple installed iBeacons in 254 Apple Store Locations. This technology works by sending Bluetooth low energy signals to nearby mobile devices. As such, it improved shopping for Apple customers.

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Today, we have geofencing. This technology works by creating a virtual boundary around your business location. Geofencing uses GPS, Bluetooth technology and other location services. When your customers approach your store, they will receive notifications.

This will help you optimize your digital marketing funnel.

Voice Assistant Devices and Smart Speakers

A smart speaker is a wireless device with an integrated virtual assistant. It is designed to offer interactive and hands-free actions. To activate the smart speaker, all one has to speak is a hot word.

These smart speakers use Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi and other technologies to extend usage. Although smart speakers help to control home automation devices, they have a huge potential in marketing.

With smart speakers, businesses can reach their target customers with personalized content.

Growth of Micro-Influencers

Over the first few years, influencer marketing has seen explosive growth. The reason for this is that people are eager to trust those of high influence when it comes to shopping. Businesses have realized that influencer marketing can increase sales and revenue.

Micro influencers are influencers with 5000 to 50,000 followers. While this seems to be a small audience, it has a higher engagement rate compared to celebrity influencers. The reason for this is that people value their authenticity.

Apart from boosting engagement, it’s cost effective too.

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Brand Storytelling

What you need to know is that brand storytelling is not about your business but your customers. Today, established brands are using stories to transform their brand and presence. For instance, Apple uses brand storytelling to build a connection with the customers.

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The reason why stories are a powerful tool is that people respond to their descriptive power. Want to tell unique stories? Make it simple, explain the problem, and offer solutions to solve it.

Creating the Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for 2020

There are more strategies you can include in your 2020 digital marketing guide. For instance, using customers as brand ambassadors, and making audiences part of your brand stories. To achieve early success, start planning today.

Please, feel free to take a look at other SEO posts and be informed.

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